Mentor Nation with John Abbas
Mentor Nation with John Abbas
John Abbas
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Abbas, host of the Mentor Nation with John Abbas podcast, highlight all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Bill Faeth STR ( Informative & Inspiring)
John Abbas’ interview with Bill Faeth blew my mind! I gain so much valuable information about short term rental and left the interview with inspiration to build an STR business of my own! From cohosting in properties of your own and all of the details that matter oh so much, when it comes to squeezing every dollar out of the short term rental properties, this podcast teaches it all! Thank you John and Bill for sharing your knowledge 🙌🏼
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Uplifting and Inspiring
John brings out the best in his guests! I find his podcasts uplifting and inspiring! Tune in!
Greg OB Tax Episode 👌👌👌
Wow this episode was great! Learned a lot!!! I’m definitely leaving money on the table.. thanks!!!
Excellent interview
I learned so much about real estate pre-strategy. Powerful yet simple.
Nash Chick & Waff
Perfect for Entrepreneurs
John is the man! Efficient episodes with a LOT of value on different business topics
Greg CPA
I receive value from every single episode.
josh lollis
Bit-sized Keynotes, Big Value!
Valuable information with a great list of guest speakers. Highly recommend!
Real Estate Investor
Take it to the bank
When you want to grow quick, MENTORs are the fastest way! What better way than listening to many TOP mentors that John speaks with, including the value he himself offers. Like John says, mentors will change your life! Where else can you go to learn from multiple industry leaders who are giving you their all! Info you can use and TAKE TO TVE BANK! Buckle in, listen and be prepared to lEarn.
The Andrew Tucker
Incredible value
I’ve been mentored by John Abbas, and I can say that he is one of the best trainers out there. The fact that he is collaborating with some incredible entrepreneurs that all have great knowledge in their industries is truly a gift to all of us. I’ve binged listened many episodes and have gotten something great out of each one. A lot of concepts are new that I haven’t heard anywhere else. Thanks for putting out great content!
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kristen gerzewski
Great Podcast
Love connecting and hearing business people as the ones here in Mentor Nation helps me get an edge in my business. Thank you for the Podcast
Ton of Value
Great podcast interviewing your everyday entrepreneurs! Can’t wait to see what other guests are coming in the future.
Top Quality!
John does an amazing job of providing top quality people and topics! Thank you, John, for taking your time to create such a consistently upbeat and informative podcast!
SubmUrgency Scott
Amazing content!
Absolutely love the value this podcast brings!! I’m a young entrepreneur and I learn something new every episode !!
John is one great interviewer, and really pulls out some great tactile information with all of his guests. The guests that he has out are incredibly diverse but John has really woven a great blanket of commonality with everyone.
SB Moses
Imagine being able to go learn from some of the best University‘s in the world, that would cost you 100s of thousands of dollars, or even paying some of the most successful people in the world to mentor you would cost 1000s a hour. That’s why I love this podcast! You get to learn from some of the top people who mastered their craft. Who have gone through all the trails and tribulations so you don’t have to! This right here is priceless! One of the most exciting things about this podcast is John Abbas. A true entrepreneur who went though it all and made it to the top not just someone with a idea. He is now bringing a success university to our phones and I couldn’t be more thankful! This is a must listen!
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George Papamatheakis
Keys To Success
I find this podcast very practical and full of step by step success principles. Helped me think outside the box.
Best 30 Minutes Ever!
I enjoyed this episode! So many nuggets for iconic marketing was taught! I learned that marketing that brings impact through experiences helps me be different! Wow! I love it!!
John’s podcast so far has been everything close to magnificent. Highly recommended for the high performers, entrepreneurs and go-getters. He will leave you with practical insight on how to get yourself to the next level, the best version of you. Can’t wait to see what else you produce! Congratulations on starting your podcast, can’t wait to hear more!!
Great Mentor
John Abbas has a ton of experience when it comes to entrepreneurship. I’ve listened to his story about starting from the bottom. Mentors who have been out in the field and have encountered failures but overcame them are usually the best ones to listen to!
Deserves to be deleted
Great and valuable info for today's entrepreneur
I have known John for years and witnessed several of his successes in business and life. I look forward to his podcast each week. Thanks for all you do John!
Top Rated!
I’ve gained such great insight from John. And this podcast is top notch when it comes to delivering the nuggets that truly transform your mind and knowledge. Having John and his podcast of mentors at my fingertips has been a priceless tool in personal development.
elena lynch
Great Podcast
Very useful information for any individual that is trying to venture out on there own or needing successful tips for moving their business forward!!
An Important listen!
The insights in this show are fantastic! A must listen for anyone needing advice from leading entrepreneurs!
Jon Vroman FRD
Great podcast!
Motivates me in the morning before work. John Abbas is an awesome interviewer. Watch out Rogan!
Real entrepreneur giving value
In the age of fake online gurus and wantraprenuers this guy actually provides real value in the podcast. “Trust but verify” John owns multiple businesses and after checking them out I see he actually walks the walks. I am looking forward to more episodes. He breaks down each episode to actionable steps I can use.
Olives umami)
Awesome show
Love the show! Invaluable information. John has such an amazing personality you will not be disappointed!
Great Insight
As always John delivers yet another inspirational, insightful, informational session. Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn!
Knowledge is Power
Excellent podcast from a true mentor. John is really brilliant and I look forward to listening to the many awesome mentors on his podcast. Keep it coming sir!
A much needed platform with exceptional guests and content. Each episode hits it out of the ballpark! So motivating!!
I love it!!
I love it! Great material John, you are outstanding. Keep it going this is priceless!
Love this App it's the best!
Love this Podcast!
John is such a amazing mentor, friend and overall human being. Always pouring out, mentoring and teaching at his best! This is such a great gift to the world having his podcast! Learning from the best of the best!
Blessed Nectaria
What an inspirational person John is. Truly wants to bless others with the knowledge and success that he has created for himself and others. If you want to be inspired and motivated this is the pod cast for you.
Mike Mcanally
Just listen!
The wealth of knowledge from this man and his guests is PRICELESS. John is an outstanding person who has worked hard to get to where he is now and gives back no BS, productive, and valuable business advice from digital to sales.
What a great asset
John has created such a great platform for people to share their stories of success. I listen on my way to the office and it gets me pumped to crush my day. Thumbs up for sure!
A fan from Missouri!
Timely and needed!
This podcast is perfectly timed for those who want to master something FAST. If you learn the secrets of tapping into mentors (or becoming one!) it can radically change your business ... and your life. Love this podcast!
Business Leadership Entrepreneurship at its best
John brings first class business mastery to the table in this podcast. entrepreneurs and business leaders interested in scaling their companies need to tap into this show. its one of the best places to learn business building tips regardless of your craft, whether you’re a traditional business, entrepreneur, info marketer, network marketer, sales rep, or CEO. i’d pick this over Tim Ferriss Tribe of Mentors any day.
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Can't wait for this!
I'm excited to see all of the very influential people that John will have on his podcast. I've already subscribed.
Congrats. Great material! Keep it coming Momentum King!
S m o o t h
So Awesome!!
Looking forward to follow along! John is such a great and successful entrepreneur and I cannot wait to learn more from him!
Malena Torres
Mentor of mentors! 💪🏻
John is such an inspiration, always enjoyed listening his Facebook lives! So happy to see him launching his own podcast (it’s about that time)! Super excited to be part of this journey!
Jakub Piotrowski
Phenomenal Podcast!
Packed full of great content! Thanks for the value you bring in each episode. I’ve learned so much already. Pure Gold!
Frankie Bones37
5-Star Rating
I am incredibly impressed with the level of guests and interviews thus far!!!!! All the nuggets of insight and focus on bettering the audience/delivering the best content is outstanding! Cannot wait for the new episodes to be released, truly awe inspired by the journeys, insights & advice from these leading entrepreneurs!!! Thank you for sharing this content!!
Cat Languido
Amazing podcast
The Mentor Nation podcast is so entertaining and motivational check this out it’s so good!!!
Wow!! So Awesome!!
Mentor of mentors! Leader of leaders!! Looking forward to following the interviews. I know each one will over deliver! Looking forward to what’s to come.
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