Mentor Nation with John Abbas
Mentor Nation with John Abbas
John Abbas
S1E21 - Traveling the world for a living with Jarryd Salem
48 minutes Posted Feb 24, 2020 at 5:46 am.
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Show notes

In today’s episode I interview Jarryd Salem who is the founder of Nomadasaurus. Jarryd and his wife Alesha have been traveling the world nonstop for 12 years and have been and seen the most beautiful places on all 7 continents. They now run one of the largest travel blogs in the world and to everyone watching, their life seems like a fairy tale. In this interview, Jarryd shares the realistic side to traveling for a living. We talk about their favorite places, what its like traveling all the time, the ups and downs of not having a single place to call home and how they started making REAL money after years of just doing odd jobs to fund their next adventure. This was an incredible episode and I must admit you might daydream a little after listening. Links: Instagram @nomadasaurus