Mentor Nation with John Abbas
Mentor Nation with John Abbas
John Abbas
At Mentor Nation, John Abbas interviews people who are doing very interesting things, building successful businesses, or have accomplished incredible feats and gets them to mentor you in a practical and useful interview. If the guest were to give a keynote speech to a large audience giving their best lessons, strategies and wisdom, what they would share is the goal of my interview and what I will deliver to the audience week after week.
S2E14 - Becoming a Master of Networking and Relationships with Richard Botto
In this episode I interview Richard Botto. Richard is the founder of Stage 32, the world’s largest online platform connecting and educating film, TV & digital creatives and executives worldwide.  With almost a million active users, They have helped thousands of up and coming creatives network and break into the film and television industry. What’s so fascinating is how Richard built this company from scratch having no contacts in Hollywood. His ability to network and build quality relationships with influential people was key in his success and that’s what we talk about today.  Regardless of what you do, your relationships are one of the key indicators to your success and Richard shares some incredible wisdom on how he does it and how you can to.  This is a wonderful interview and I am excited for you to listen. Enjoy! Connect with Richard: Instagram: @rbwalksintoabar Connect with Mentor Nation: Instagram: @mentornationpodcast Youtube Channel:
Sep 11
44 min
S2E13 - WThe Skills and Traits Most Likely to Define Success with Elan Divon
In this episode I interview Elan Divon. Elan is a best selling author and the founder of Divon Academy, which helps people around the world master 3 crucial topics that are the greatest predictors of success in life… mindset, emotional intelligence, and stress management.
Aug 31
37 min
S2E12 - Unlock the Sales Game with Ari Galper
In this episode I interview Ari Galper. Ari is a best selling author and is the #1 authority in the world on trust based selling. His book unlock the sales game became a huge hit around the globe and he speaks on some of the biggest stages that exist today.
Aug 21
36 min
S2E11 - The Future of Food Sustainability with TJ Galiardi
In this episode I interview TJ Galiardi, TJ went from being an all star veteran pro Hockey player to an incredibly successful food sustainability entrepreneur. He played 10 season for teams such as the Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets before retiring and discovering his passion for food sustainability.
Aug 11
39 min
S2E10 - Beat Stage 4 Cancer twice, then climbed Mt. Everest with one lung
In one of my most inspirational episodes ever, I interview Sean Swarner. Sean is a best selling author and coach and has one of the most unbelievable stories of overcoming the odds that I have ever heard.
Jul 29
41 min
S2E09 - The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life with Dr. Allen Lycka
In one of my favorite talks ever, I interview Dr. Allen Lycka. Dr. Lycka was one of the most successful cosmetic doctors in the world. He was a pioneer during the development and use of Botox and the liposuction procedures that millions use today.
Jul 20
36 min
S2E08 - A convo with my old apartment neighbors who became millionaires in 3 years with Austin Peckham
In this episode I interview Austin Peckham. Austin was my neighbor when we lived in an apartment complex just a few years ago. He was doing freelance video work after teaching himself to use a camera on youtube and his wife was studying for her real estate license.
Jul 10
42 min
S2E07 - Creating a Successful Beverage Company from Scratch with Jessica and Phillip Miller
In this episode I interview Jessica and Phillip Miller. They are the founders of which is a highly successful beverage company which consists of a gluten free line of wine based cocktails that taste incredible and start at 10.5% alcohol content.
Jun 23
45 min
S2E06 - Building World Class Relationships with Bill O'Herron
In this episode I interview Bill O’Herron. Bill is a corporate executive, Therapist and Author of the book Waking Up Marriage and he has spent 15 years of counseling clients on how to better understand themselves and deepen their relationships.
Jun 11
44 min
S2E05 - Broken to Brilliant: Hitting your Potential with Gary Buckmann
Gary Buckmann was a world champion gymnast in his prime when an accident left him paralyzed with a broken neck. Doctors said he would never walk again. Unable to accept this diagnosis, He used his mind to heal his body and even more shocking, he came back from his injury to have his best gymnastics year ever before going on to work with many olympic gold medalists as their mindset coach.
Jun 1
39 min
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