Mental Health Monthly's Podcast
Mental Health Monthly's Podcast
Dr. Dwight Norman Jr., PsyD
Join the Mental Health Monthly podcast hosted by Dwight Norman Jr., Psy.D., where we provide education on mental health diagnosis, treatment, services and resources. We deliver insight on the variety of aspects that psychology play a role in. Throughout this journey you will have the opportunity to hear from expert guest that will give enriching information than can be used in your day to day lifestyle. Thanks for tuning in and let’s get started!
Life as a Mental Health Professional w/ Dr. Sanchez
As a clinical psychologist there are many different areas of the field that one may participate in. Dr. Sanchez’ life as a clinician has taken her down many different paths. Let’s talk with her to see what career aspect have assisted her in becoming the career woman that she is today.  
Jan 17, 2021
42 min
Let's talk about build skills to better manage you mental health. Relationship coach Roman Mironov talks career choice
Let talk about positive self-talk and how this skill can help you manage you mental health concern such as depression and anxiety symptoms. Roman Mironov talks about his career as a relationship coach, going through live turbulence, and moving from one country to another and building a thriving mental health practice strictly online based service. Contact Roman for a no-fee relationship breakthrough session through his website: https://romanmironov.comOr connect with Roman through social media:YouTube channel:
Oct 11, 2020
29 min
Let's talk about Naturopathy, Yoga, and Mindfulness with Sharee James ND
Welcome back to Mental Health Monthly ~ High Quality Psychology... Let us introduce our guest for this episode on Naturopathy, Yoga, Mindfulness and of course psychology. Sharee James ND is a licensed naturopath and yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor with a special interest in holistic approaches to anxiety and depression. She works with clients 1:1 online, blogs regularly at Ashima Living [] and has been a featured wellness expert on popular sites such as MindBodyGreen, Personal Growth, Yoga Life, Tiny Buddha, Positively Positive and more. You can grab her  free guide on holistic nutrition for anxiety at
Jul 27, 2020
37 min
Let's talk about depressive symptoms and ways to better manage with Dan McPherson
Discussion on depression, symptoms, more specifically suicide, coping, and building a higher quality of life. We have special guest that shares his journey with mental health management and his journey in the corporate world along with his true passion to help others. Mr. Dan McPherson, International Speaker, Business and Personal Development Coach, and CEO of Leaders Must Lead, is on a mission to help Creatives and Entrepreneurs create and grow profit and understand that Dreams ARE Real. With more than 25 years' experience in corporate roles leading teams of up to 2000 and responsible for more than $150M in revenue, Dan is a recognized expert in leadership, sales, and business strategy. Through his Dreams ARE Real Podcast, Leaders Must Learn Mastermind, Foundations of Success Training, and powerful 1-1 coaching, Dan helps entrepreneurs around the world from musicians and artists to chiropractors, coaches, retailers, and beyond experience success and accomplish their goals. Have a listen to a talk full of insight and gems. 
Jun 27, 2020
47 min
Ryan Stanley Lifelong Entrepreneur & Certified Professional Coach & Author. Let's talk!!!
Welcome to Mental Health Monthly. Our talk during this episode is with Author, Entrepreneur, and Certified Professional Coach, Ryan Stanley. We discussed life as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). What a CPC does and how to become one. What is the importance of ownership? Many businesses fail in the first 5 year. What is the secret to building and managing a successful business? Let’s find out! A panic button in the form of a book is Ryan’s new book. Help yourself get past daily stressor with the on the go, take it with you anywhere, relieve in word format. Find out more about Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful: A First Aid Kit for the Emotional Bumps, Scrapes, and Bruises of Life and listen now.
Jun 19, 2020
46 min
Maggie Mullen LCSW & Author ~ DBT Skills Workbook for Psychosis
How do you become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)? What schooling do I need? What type of job can I get and how much will it pay me? Do you want to write a book but do not know how? You are in the right place... We talked to Maggie Mullen LCSW and Author of The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Psychosis. We answer all the questions you might have surrounding the world of social work. In addition, they share their experience in publishing their first book. Tap that button to listen and enjoy!   
May 30, 2020
40 min
Classroom changes with Ms. Elizabeth Cruz ~ Becoming a Teacher
How will next school year look for you and your children? Lets dive in a bit deeper with a discussion with a well respected elementary school teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Cruz. We talk about the career path to teaching today's youth along with what the future of our education system will look like after Covid-19 global pandemic. How does psychology relate to academia you ask??? Have a listen to find out what all the talk is about!!!
May 24, 2020
43 min
Couples Therapy with Dr. Sarah Schewitz at Couples Learn
Welcome to the Mental Health Monthly podcast. I am you host Dr. Dwight Norman Jr. I am a clinical psychologist licensed to practice in the state of California. Once a month I will provide stimulating conversation surrounding mental health diagnosis, treatment, and resources. This weeks interview is with Dr. Sarah Schewitz, PsyD. We talk about how to keep your relationship happy and positive using  communication, attachment, and love. Want tip on ways to help manage your romantic relationship?  
May 1, 2020
40 min
Mental Health Monthly ~ Sociology ~ HR Services ~ Rebecca Duyo
Welcome to the Mental Health Monthly podcast. I am you host Dr. Dwight Norman Jr. I am a clinical psychologist licensed to practice in the state of California. Once a month I will provide stimulating conversation surrounding mental health diagnosis, treatment, and resources. This weeks interview is with Rebecca Duyo. She talks about a career in Human Resources and her live religious path.  We talk about psychology and how it relates to a Sociology major working in the HR field. 
Apr 17, 2020
31 min