Mind on Recovery
Mind on Recovery
A.D. Mack
Podcast host "Zo" along with featured guests, share insightful info on mental health issues, breaking down the many stigmas still attached to them, primarily addiction, using textbook definitions and their own experiences. “All in all, we attempt to tackle these sometimes heavy subjects in addition to the current news and pop culture cycle with none other than levity and some good ole' fashion laughs.”
On the Season 2 Finale, I channel my inner Brene Brown and tackle the silent but deadly emotion that is Shame, while clearing out a few skeletons of my own to forge a new path forward!  Season 3 details included in episode :)
Jun 13, 2021
53 min
Sex 'N Recovery
Just in time for PRIDE Month, My guest star/friend Sammier and I dive right into our experiences managing our ever evolving sexuality thru the new lens of Recovery.  Also, work emails (sigh).
May 30, 2021
48 min
Growing up in Dysfunction & Al-Anon (feat. Ms. Deneice)
Ms. Deneice drops by this week to help shed light on the AA sub group ‘Al-anon’ as well as share how we’re trying to break the cycle on intergenerational traumas.  Also, a Healthcare Worker's dream vacation?
May 9, 2021
39 min
Grief (feat. POMI)
For this week’s guest star, we had the one and only POMI stop by to discuss Episode 4’s topic of Grief and how we got thru it, not necessarily over it.  Also, vaccine news for the rainbow coalition?
Apr 25, 2021
34 min
Spirituality (feat. Naeemah)
This week Naeemah joins us to discuss Spirituality and the different routes we took to get it, or in some cases, get it back.  Also...burial, cremation or compost?
Apr 11, 2021
44 min
Meditation (feat. Fred DeBose)
This week we get help from Fred in peeling back the layers of Meditation and how one can reap its benefits in some of the most mundane ways.  Also, avocado toast or nah?
Mar 28, 2021
42 min
Race, Identity and Mental Health ft. Dr. Natalye Pearson
In our Season 2 opener: I chat with Dr. Natalye Pearson about the all too important component of knowing one's self in a world telling you what you're suppose to be, how things can go terribly left if one doesn't know themself and how some societies have built their foundations on erasing identities all together.
Mar 14, 2021
59 min
In the long-awaited season finale, Zo along with guest Fred DeBose tackle "triggers" and the difference between them and just being highly uncomfortable.  Also, another win for the cannabis activists.
Feb 7, 2021
57 min
After postponing last week's episode, Zo does a quick check-in, touching base on the importance and different nuances of self care.
Nov 16, 2020
23 min
Dual-Diagnosis (feat. Fred DeBose)
This week, Zo welcomes back our series opener guest star Mr. Fred DeBose as they breakdown the term “Dual Diagnosis” a.k.a. co-occurring disorders.  Also, warding off dementia with...friends?
Oct 29, 2020
42 min
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