menSwear by a Woman
menSwear by a Woman
menSwear by a Woman
EP128: The Jazz Master's Of Menswear Ft Paul Simons of John Simons
31 minutes Posted Nov 27, 2023 at 11:32 pm.
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Show notes
Today's episode talks to the jazz master's of menswear Paul Simons, who has been running the legendary menswear store John Simons. The son of John Simons, who's been in the menswear business from 1955. Paul has been running John Simons very successfully. His understanding about menswear and how jazz plays part is huge knowledge that you won't get from any educational information about menswear. Why are they master's? Well, you just need to chat with him to get the knowledge that was passed to him from a father to a son. To be in menswear you have to know what John Simons has done for the British Menswear and how classic and one the most well known talked about in all menswear media John Simons will always be the Jazz Master's of menswear. Join me in this conversation with Paul, who talks about his step into his own world of John Simons, one the most amazing menswear stores around UK, and how his become one of the master's himself. You can find Paul here at John Simons