menSwear by a Woman
menSwear by a Woman
menSwear by a Woman
A series of podcasts exploring Women in menSwear. I will be talking to guests from all aspects of the industry; Women starting their own brands, designers, freelancers, tailors and other professions that make up the industry I will also be sharing my own experiences within the industry as well as hearing about other’s journeys. The highs and lows everything in between from Diversity, Equality, Creativity, Struggles, love for what we do, are Women changing and challenging menswear or is it still a male dominated universe? Is there a seat for Women at the table? Let’s find out...Sarmilla
EP128: The Jazz Master's Of Menswear Ft Paul Simons of John Simons
Today's episode talks to the jazz master's of menswear Paul Simons, who has been running the legendary menswear store John Simons. The son of John Simons, who's been in the menswear business from 1955. Paul has been running John Simons very successfully. His understanding about menswear and how jazz plays part is huge knowledge that you won't get from any educational information about menswear. Why are they master's? Well, you just need to chat with him to get the knowledge that was passed to him from a father to a son. To be in menswear you have to know what John Simons has done for the British Menswear and how classic and one the most well known talked about in all menswear media John Simons will always be the Jazz Master's of menswear. Join me in this conversation with Paul, who talks about his step into his own world of John Simons, one the most amazing menswear stores around UK, and how his become one of the master's himself. You can find Paul here at John Simons
Nov 27
31 min
EP127: The Stylish Crook of Menswear, Dirk The Crook Ft Dirk Willem Fourie
Today's episode is all the way in Australia, Melbourne, with Dirk Willem Fourie, who goes by the name "Dirk The Crook." Dirk has been collecting and wearing suits from the 1940s and doing it so well that you actually forget that you're in 2023! Join Dirk and myself in a conversation about how it all began and how his styles influenced many of us himself in looking this immaculate way of the 1940s and, most of all, why as a Crook! You can find Dirk here
Nov 20
44 min
EP126: The Forefront of Men's Tailoring Ft Andrew M Ramroop Owner of Maurice Sedwell
Today's episode is with Andrew M Ramroop OBE, owner of Maurice Sedwell No 9-10 Savile Row. It's a fascinating story how it all began with Andrew. Not allowed to stay in the front or come through the front of shops in Savile Row because the colour of your skin! Andrew was determined to change all of this, and so he did, and by his perseverance, huge determination he has achieved all and beyond. Join me in a conversation about how Andrew began his journey and how nothing was going to stop him anyway to achieve what he always set out to do. One the most amazing challenging story you would hear from a tailoring house in Savile Row. You can find Andrew here
Nov 13
49 min
EP125: The Newsletter Sprezza Making a Impact in Menswear ft Clayton Chambers
There are a lot of newsletters that the majority of us get once we sign up, but Sprezza is a very different newsletter that we should be getting if you're in a menswear world. Today's episode explores all about Sprezza and the founder Clayton Chambers based in America. Menswear has become a huge part of him as his understanding and knowledge of brands has grown with as well as his newsletter. Sprezza has become an insight into not just developing a newsletter but actually understanding about menswear. Join Clayton and myself on conversation about how it all began and the future of newsletters in menswear. You can find Sprezza here
Nov 6
26 min
EP124: The Past, Present, & The Future of Menswear ft Ian Batten
Ian Batten is no stranger in this trade he didn't begin his journey recently but began his journey sometime ago. Today's episode is a conversation about the past how the trade was, then we came towards the present time and how things have changed and the future seems to be uncertain with it all or is it, but somehow, what's very certain is there is alot of talented artisans and artists in design but how do we open the doors back again to make the world realise that we still have the most creative people here. Join Ian and myself on an episode that travels through the good and the bad the joy and the truth of menswear. You can find Ian Batten here
Oct 31
1 hr 6 min
The Mini•Pod Ep2: Autumn Has Finally Arrived
It's finally here, Autumn and Winter around the corner! After a very mild autumn as the clocks back tomorrow and the frosty mornings are here. The dark nights cold air its arrival has lots of us excited about what kind of menswear products this season. Well, I have seen some of the most exciting fabrics colours that men are embracing this season. From your bright colours to your classic wools, Tweeds, flannels heavy jacquard knits , details shirts more on towards your workwear and then of course quilted jackets to trousers. How classics to functional menswear all mix with each other. Navy Pinstripe has made a comeback! Yeap its here too! Silhouettes simple, to functional there's alot happening in this season and it's a very fun overall as there is more taste of menSwear then ever. Enjoy this season cause there is alot to see and enjoy in the world of menswear! ;))
Oct 28
11 min
EP123: Nigel Cabourn Authentic Menswear ft Nigel Cabourn
Well, I never thought it would or could happen, but it has! Nigel Cabourn has arrived on menswear by a Woman Podcast! A very down to earth menswear designer, an inventor, someone I've been admiring for a longtime I.e uni days. The conversation is about how he began, when, and how he actually started authentic menswear. Join me in the conversation with Nigel and myself on one of the most uplifting delightful amazing episodes. You can find Nigel Cabourn here
Oct 23
41 min
EP122: The Kings & Queens of India and British Tailoring ft Peter Bance
Today's episode is with Peter Bance, who's a historian, art, and antique collector. Peter also is known for bringing us about the life of the last king of India in the region of punjab, the last emperor Maharaja Duleep Singh. Peter's knowledge about the Maharaja Duleep Singh is unbelievable. We also explore about the queens of India such as Maharani Gayatri Devi and Princess Indira Devi of Kapurthala. How they all were so head of their time in adapting the British Tailoring. The wealth of these individual kings and queens was on a different level. Princess Indira Devi of Kapurthala was once in Vogue in 1930s . Maharani Gayatri Devi was known for her elegant style and was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Join me in a step back to history that no other menswear books have mentioned about these Kings & Queen's Of India and British Tailoring houses as we known them as the heritage brands of menswear today. You can find Peter Bance here
Oct 16
47 min
EP121: The Shirts ft Jake Wigham, founder of Jake's London
One of the most important pieces in a man's wardrobe has to be a shirt! Wearing a crisp, made very well, you could tell a lot about that person who's wearing it. Today's episode explores all about shirts with the founder of Jake's, Jake Wigham. Jake has mastered his craft in making the most amazing made to order Shirts and using very good fabrics and the quality of his shirts are at the very high end as each shirt is handmade by himself and Albert. Join us in a conversation about how he began his business the ups and downs of having his own brand most of all the joy he gets on doing his own shirt business and how to appreciate that employer who is in your business , it very hard to come across a boss like Jake. You can find Jake's here
Oct 9
47 min
The Mini•Pod Ep1: Chiltern Street for Menswear
There aren't many that carry menswear brands in one Street part from Savile Row, Jeremy St, and then Lamb's Conduit Place, but here comes Chiltern Street. One of the best menswear streets has the most amazing menswear brands. Let me know your thoughts, either DM on Instagram or leave a message on Spotify. Hope to hear from you. You can find more about the brands and about Chiltern Street on menSwear by A Woman Podcast website.
Oct 7
9 min
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