Mending Brokenness with Sheirra Haines
Mending Brokenness with Sheirra Haines
Sheirra Haines
Mending Brokenness presents Author and Soul Coach, Sheirra Haines. Listen as she takes you on a self-discovering healing journey while uncovering the matters of your heart. - Are you ready to own your story and move from pain to power? - The wound may not have been your fault but the healing is your responsibility. I found love when I found Jesus. Psalm 147:3
You Are an Overcomer
In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness month. I invite you to listen to you are an overcomer. You're not a victim, you're more than a survivor. God created you to overcome. Do the work so that you won't attract those types of relationships. Mending Brokenness 💙
Oct 4, 2022
14 min
Enter into this year with a pure heart
Jan 1, 2022
13 min
It's time to heal
Hey! It's your girl Sheirra Haines. Heal sis is back in rotation as we get ready for a fresh episode on 5/21. Tune in at 6pm for a new episode of Mending Brokenness. I'm so excited about the things in my heart that I will be sharing with you. I'm believing God for restoration, healing, freedom and deliverance. What are you believing God for?
May 14, 2021
20 min
What's your relationship like with God?
We must learn to live deeper than the shallowness of our own minds, wills, and feelings. Tune-in and uncover the matters of your heart. Acknowledge your relationship with God as you unpack and uncover those things hidden inside your heart. Psalm 51
Feb 12, 2021
32 min
Owning where you are
When you choose not to accept your truth you don't leave room for God to move in your life.
Jan 16, 2021
37 min
Hope in the midst of affliction
Be encouraged in these times. Rather than looking at affliction as a curse look at it as a blessing that builds our endurance and strengthens our faith. Be still and know....
Jan 8, 2021
16 min
I'll Follow
I will trust in the Lord
Oct 23, 2020
32 min
What am I free from? Free from the power of sin!, Free from manipulation and control!, Free from fear of what others think of you!, Free from comparing yourself with everybody else!, Free from competition with others!, Free from selfishness!, Free from legalism!, Free to be an individual!, Free to be you! Free, Free, Free!!!
Oct 16, 2020
24 min
The power in saying NO
When you start to choose yourself you will find yourself having to say no to everyone else. When you say no to them you are saying YES to you. Choose you sis!
Oct 9, 2020
24 min
Choose YOU
There is so much power in making the decision to choose yourself. When you choose you you're really choosing God's plans for your life.
Oct 2, 2020
22 min
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