Rob Carter
MemoryLeak is a weekly show which features interviews with game developers from all disciplines. It aims to provide a holistic view of game development through firsthand accounts.
Se 1, Ep 5: Soren Johnson - Mohawk Games
Few people understand strategy game design and development like Soren Johnson. After starting in the industry as a programmer on Civilization 3 at Firaxis, Soren went on to lead the design of Civilization 4. Later he went on to EA Maxis to work on Spore, and Zynga East to develop a free-to -play strategy game of his own design. Most recently Soren founded Mohawk Games – A small studio composed of industry veterans. Mohawk just recently released their first title, Offworld Trading Company, on Steam Early Access. In this interview Soren and I discuss strategy game design, Soren's varied career, and more.
Apr 15, 2015
1 hr 24 min
Se 1, Ep 4: Brian Fargo - inXile Entertainment
Brian Fargo has done it all. He’s created his own games, designed classic titles, and run a publishing company - Interplay Productions. Now Brian is in a unique place. As the president of inXile Entertainment Brian has launched two very successful crowdfunding campaigns and is looking to divorce the company from publishing deals which he feels are restrictive and often unfair. Brian and I talk extensively about game publishing, his time as the CEO of Interplay, and the current state of inXile Entertainment.
Apr 1, 2015
57 min