MedMaster Show (Nursing Podcast: Pharmacology and Medications for Nurses and Nursing Students) by (NRSNG)
MedMaster Show (Nursing Podcast: Pharmacology and Medications for Nurses and Nursing Students) by (NRSNG)
Jon Haws RN: Critical Care Nurse & NCLEX Educator
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If you’re going to have a podcast to help nursing students learn medication, at least learn how to properly pronounce the names. And quit with the “uhhhh” and “like uhhh”.
Great Content!
Love this podcast! Really helps me keep my meds in order lol the only thing I can say bad about it so far is, it’s a little monotone... definitely could be a little more enthusiastic or something to increase memory. But I love that I can just listen to it on the go!
Great review
I loved these medmaster podcasts. I was able to listen anywhere and refresh my knowledge about medications. However, I realized that some med podcasts do not include all of the important nursing considerations. Very great podcast!
A great resource!
I have followed NRSNG since I was in nursing school, all of the podcasts are informative. I have my RN but still review and increase my knowledge every time I listen. Love John Haws and his crew at NRSNG!
Patti the RN
Life raft for an RN student
I found NRSNG a couple years ago when acceptance to nursing school seemed a million miles away. Now I'm here 🙏🙏 and boy, Jon Haws, RN had it right! My school is ranked #3 in my state and yet I feel lost on so many days. Why? Because there's so much to do and learn, so much material and really we are being taught and graded by experts who can't help but point out what we don't know. It's their job. But many times we don't even know where to go for the info until we get the wrong answer. It's an absolutes insane experience. I can't tell you how much it helps to have one more recourse which is concise and searchable. The topics covered are so vast that if I know I need work on a topic I search and find it. I've felt that Potassium was my Achilles heel since Physio but now I can listen to a podcast on repeat and well, I already feel more confident. Thank you!!! Oh and I ordered the Lab Values and Nursing Mnemonics books on Amazon. So grateful.
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NRSNG is exactly what the "doctor" ordered!
Thank you so much for creating these podcasts, your hard work is appreciated! The NRSNG program is a tremendous gift for all future nurses, it's exactly what the "doctor" ordered! I can't wait to see you on the other side and call you my colleague. ~ FUTURE RN
Great, informative and supportive!
As a nurse away from the bedside for a long time, I returned 2 years ago to a busy Med-Surg unit. I felt like a like a new graduate again and wanted to ramp up to competence and confidence. This free and generous podcast is achieving the goal of helping nurses at all stages in their careers. I think nurses are like warriors and only other nurses truly understand the many challenges we face in the fox hole together. I love the act of nursing and after doing many healthcare related careers still find bedside nursing to be the most meaningful but also the most stressful and challenging, especially while being short staffed so often. Thanks for the support this podcast offers!
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Jon Haws is the best!
I'm a new nursing student and everywhere I look for the "best nursing student resources" his products come up. He explains things in common-sense terms and so much of his info is FREE. You will learn from this!
Great for everyone!!!
Im a recent grad waiting to take my NCLEX.... I listen to a couple podcasts a day on my runs! So awesome to be learning and refreshing my memory while Im running! Talk about multi tasking!!!! Download now people!!!
Best Podcast!!!
Great Quick Refresher!
I have been away from bedside nursing for a time. This podcast has been a great refresher. He explains meds in a way that both makes sense and is easily remembered!
Roberts RN BSN
John Haas teaches us about these meds in an informative and entertaining way. Thank you very much, and please keep it up.