Medic Mindset
Medic Mindset
Ginger Locke
Ginger Locke is a paramedic and professor of EMS students in the US. She has long been fascinated with the inner-workings of medics' minds. In this podcast, she interviews medics face-to-face, in long, intimate format. She thoughtfully asks her guests to open up about their mindset, routines, mistakes, thought-processes, and lessons hard-learned. She is on twitter @gingerlockeatx and show notes from each episode can be found at
Pump the brakes.
How do we let each other know that a fellow medic has died? The guest in this episode, Christa Stedman, is a Public Information Officer (PIO) for Austin-Travis County EMS. Together, we sort through her thought-process about delivering tragic news.
Oct 25
32 min
Thinking: Bradycardia
So thrilled to have Dr. Heidi Abraham as a guest in The Thinking Series. She discusses causes of bradycardia and the mindset needed to approach patients who are bradycardic.
Aug 3
48 min
In The Water
Dr. Jason Pickett from the Austin-Travis County Office of the Medical Director podcast takes over Medic Mindset. He discusses fear and leadership in the context of COVID-19. Follow Medic Mindset on: twitter, facebook, instagram.
May 25
10 min
Get on the train.
Shownotes at In reference to how he collaborates with 911-callers to put order to chaos: "It's like trying to jump on a moving train. You're not trying to stop the train or divert it, because the train has gotta go where the train's gotta go. You are just trying to get on it. And if you can get on the train... If you can get in... If you can insert yourself with them... then you can start exercising your influence on the controls."
Apr 19
1 hr
Medic Mindfulness
Ginger had the honor of sitting down with one of the EMS greats, Mike Taigman. He was in Austin for ESO's Wave 2020 conference. ESO was generous enough to allow Medic Mindset the opportunity to record Mike's session called, "Managing Stress Like A Boss" and gave them a space during a very busy conference to record an interview.
Mar 16
34 min
Mixtape: Ridealongs
The Mixtape Series features 3 anonymous paramedics who answer the same question. In this episode, Ginger asks, "What do you remember about your first ridealong?" Take a listen to their responses and see how some themes repeat. for show notes @gingerlockeatx and @medicmindset on twitter
Feb 2
1 hr 20 min
Thinking: Shortness of Breath
Dr. Jason Pickett and Ginger discuss the topic of Shortness of Breath. They discuss the assessment, differential diagnosis and therapeutic interventions related to the chief complaint. They work their way down the respiratory tree, thinking aloud as they go. Throw in a couple of case studies and you've got some delicious brain-nuggets for paramedic students everywhere. Full show notes at
Dec 27, 2019
59 min
In this microsode, listeners hear one of the questions Ginger Locke asked of a panel of 4 Texas EMS Medical Directors at the Texas EMS Conference. Panelists included: Drs. Heidi Abraham, Jeff Jarvis, Taylor Ratcliff, and Jason Pickett. If you’d like to hear the full panel discussion, you can find that at FlightBridgeEd’s EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast. Shownotes 
Nov 28, 2019
7 min
The Second Baby
This episode felt like some of the first episodes of Medic Mindset. I had a few things on my mind that I wanted to ask him but we also just let the conversation ebb and flow wherever it pleased for an hour. The purpose in sitting down together was to discuss his performance in the EMS World clinical challenge but we ended up talking about all kinds of things like career longevity and advice he would give new medics. His name is Andrew Azelton and he has been in EMS for 18 years and you will hopefully hear what I heard in his voice. He was engaged and happy to talk shop and he seemed just generally peaceful and happy in his work and life. I left the conversation with more energy than when we started and I hope he will have that effect on you as well.  Shownotes at Follow Medic Mindset on Twitter Facebook Instagram
Nov 3, 2019
52 min
Zoom out with Humor
Ginger talks to Dr. Ben Abo. He is a paramedic and EMS physician. He’s been on the Ted stage. He’s the medical director for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Venom response teams. He’s a fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. He’s saved a stranger who collapsed on train tracks. He’s an international man of mystery and in this episode, we will talk about none of that. Instead, Ginger reached out to him because she wanted to make an episode about the use of humor in emergency medicine. Ever since the first day she saw a picture of him in scrubs in the ER talking on a banana phone, she knew he would be the one to teach us what I need to know about when, where and how to use humor in medicine.
Oct 4, 2019
44 min
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