Media-eval: A Medieval Pop Culture Podcast
Media-eval: A Medieval Pop Culture Podcast
Media-eval: A Medieval Pop Culture Podcast
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Witty historical fun!
I heard about this podcast through the Thank You, Five podcast and I LOVE IT! As a huge history fan myself I love getting to hear a funny intelligent woman analyze history and fiction.
Great idea, mediocre execution
Production is absolutely horrible. Wish they would invest in better equipment.
PhD-Level Knowledge in an Entertaining Package
Love the show! Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and provides historical context in a way that is charming and makes me want to hear more. Sarah has an easy rapport with every guest regardless of their personality or take on the movie of the week. Check it out if you like history, medieval or fantasy movies, or a real smart lady being charming as hell.
Very educational
Have you ever wondered how accurate medieval times was? I hadn’t, because before I listened to this podcast I knew that medieval times held themselves to the highest standards of historical accuracy that was reasonably feasible. So imagine my surprise when a actual REAL doctor of medieval history shattered my world view and exposed that restaurant for the pretender it is! This podcast is great and the host and guest hosts are always great, even the Irish guy! I personally can’t wait for the episode about prima noctra and how true it is!
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Two of my favorite things- history and (mostly) bad movies!
Okay, not *every* movie covered here is a bad movie (and some of the bad ones are firmly in the good-bad camp), but enough are that this show really hits the spot if you enjoy bad movie discussion podcasts. Add in enthusiastic and authoritative discussion of real medieval history, and you have a podcast that is equal parts fun and informative. Highly recommended!
Could be so much better
I really wanted to like this show, but there are a few things stopping me. The hosts get sidetracked and go down tangents too easily, they are not on the same volume level & there is just took much detail in their movie plot recaps. I hope things improve and I'll be back!
love it!
I came to hear other people’s opinions on BBC Merlin, stayed for the hilarious commentary and medieval knowledge! Great hosts, can’t wait for more! I’ve never considered myself interested in medieval history, but these two might change my mind.
Great show, charming hosts, it’s wonderful to hear discussions of medieval life from people who are not awful.
Great premise, a lot of promise!!
LOVE this pod. Really cool concept mixed with authoritative knowledge and humor 😅. It’s fun to remember these fun old and more recent movies too and it’s great to learn something too, keep up the good work.
Drew from Denver
Hey I like both these people
Love, Ivan
Braveheart a Blast!
Listened to the first effort of Sarah and Ollie on Media-eval with their take (or perhaps takedown is a better word) on Braveheart. Got a good summary of the movie itself, which I haven’t seen for years, and learned a lot about the context and the liberties taken in making the movie. Very good chemistry between the hosts, and simply a delight to listen to. Looking forward to the next offering!
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Armchair medievalist
Charming and Smart
Sarah and Ollie are a delight to listen to—fun, clever, and really know their stuff. It’s like eavesdropping on an interesting conversation between smart pals. Can’t wait to hear more!
Good Pun Name
In a world filled with movie podcasts... It’s amazing to see people find a new approach. It’s incredibly smart and a genuine nice time!