Me Time with Jordan
Me Time with Jordan
Jordan York
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I’ve always liked the idea of therapy, but I’ve never felt comfortable talking to someone face to face about my feelings. So why not bypass that with a podcast? My name is Jordan York, and this is Me Time. The topics will vary, sometimes I’ll talk about a movie that I want to recommend, sometimes I’ll talk to my friends, but for the most part it’s about sharing some life experiences. You’re never going through it alone, there is always someone who feels the same way you do, and I hope with this podcast you will find what you are looking for....perspective. Support this podcast:
Welcome Back
Welcome to the first new Me Time of 2021. Today we talk about the worst month of my life, the passing of my grandfather, the riots at the capitol and how I want to keep Kanye out of office. It’s been a while so come spend some Me Time with Jordan. --- Support this podcast:
Jan 16, 2021
55 min
Jordan’s Take On Black Lives Matter
This is a special episode dedicated to the black lives matter movement. I talk about my upbringing as a mixed kid raised by old white women, my experience with racism, and my thoughts on the state of the world at this point and our future. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 10, 2020
44 min
Season Finale with Chris Crandall
It’s the season finale of Me Time, and we go out with a bang! Come listen as we talk to my friend Chris about our friendship, how we met though a love of filmmaking, the projects we are working on, and he gives us insight into his latest festival attempt! --- Support this podcast:
May 16, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Me Time with Kelsey
It’s an episode with a focus on social distancing. Join me and Kelsey as we sit 6ft apart from each other and discuss mental health, how isolation has been affecting us, and how she has been able to pick up the pieces after a tough year. --- Support this podcast:
Apr 10, 2020
52 min
Live show! Quarantine week 2!
Another episode recorded live! Video found on the Me Time Facebook! --- Support this podcast:
Apr 8, 2020
36 min
Me Time in Quarantine Live!
The first live podcast and no one shows up! Figures. Anywho, we talk about life in quarantine, Jordan expresses his views on Social Distancing, and we talk about his hot and steamy 2 week relationship and why it was doomed from launch --- Support this podcast:
Mar 31, 2020
35 min
Happy Birthday
We delve deep into my brain on this one dawg! Listen with interest as I recap the events of my birthday festivities, as well as talk about my depression and the prospect of turning my life around at the ripe old age of 24! --- Support this podcast:
Feb 29, 2020
56 min
Me Time with Brittney
Today we get political....kinda....also Star Wars --- Support this podcast:
Feb 14, 2020
46 min
Me Time with Miss X Pt. 2
Part 2 of my interview with the mysterious Miss X --- Support this podcast:
Feb 7, 2020
30 min
Me Time with Miss X Pt. 1
Here’s an interesting episode indeed. Anonymous guest Miss X stops by to talk all things sex and relationships. Another 2 parter session coming at you, so strap in for this one! --- Support this podcast:
Jan 31, 2020
32 min
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