MCAT Basics (from MedSchoolCoach)
MCAT Basics (from MedSchoolCoach)
Sam Smith details MCAT exam topics. Each podcast covers several MCAT sections with lessons based on review material put out by the AAMC, such as practice tests and question banks. Sam also interviews MCAT tutors and experts who share tips on how premed students can raise their score to get into medical school.
BONUS: The Osteopathic Experience with Luke Maxfield, DO
Dr. Luke Maxfield joins The MCAT Basics Podcast to discuss his experience in Osteopathic medicine. He graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and is currently a dermatology resident.  Dr. Maxfield talks about the differences and similarities between an MD (allopathic medicine) and a DO (osteopathic medicine), why someone should choose a DO program, the implications of the USMLE Step 1 exam going pass/fail, and more!  
Oct 26
37 min
Highlight #14 Reaction Rate Order
This MCAT Basics podcast is a short clip from the "Kinetics and Solubility" podcast. Enjoy! Please email me if you have any comments or concerns:
Oct 16
10 min
Fat and Protein Metabolism
This MCAT podcast covers fat and protein metabolism. First, I cover fat metabolism including lipolysis, beta oxidation, and fatty acid synthesis. Then, I discuss protein and amino acid metabolism. [01:32] Fatty Acid Catabolism [08:02] Lipolysis [10:12] Beta Oxidation [21:34] Fatty Acid Synthesis [26:34] Protein Catabolism [32:49] Protein Anabolism Ketogenic and glucogenic amino acid diagram Please email me if you have comments or concerns:   Enjoy!
Oct 4
38 min
Social Norms & Deviance
This MCAT podcast covers social norms and deviance. I discuss the types of formal and informal norms, different theories for why deviance occurs, as well as types of collective deviance.   [02:09] Defining Social Norms & Deviance [04:32] Formal Versus Informal Norms [04:49] Informal Norms: Folkways, Mores & Taboos [09:50] How Informal Norms Intersect with the Law [12:39] Anomie [14:51] Theories & Perspectives on Deviance [27:24] Collective Behavior & Collective Deviance   For any comments and/or concerns please email me: Thanks for listening! Code: PODCAST5 Facebook live stream:
Sep 21
33 min
Highlight #13 - The Mitochondria
This is a short clip from the Cell Organelles podcast. Enjoy!  
Sep 18
6 min
Population Genetics
This MCAT podcast covers population genetics. I discuss genotypes and phenotypes, inheritance patterns, and the Hardy-Weinberg equation. In addition, I talk about the four ways that a population’s genetics can change over time i.e. natural selection, mutation, genetic drift and gene flow. [01:09] The Difference Between Population Genetics and Molecular Genetics [01:54] Defining Genotypes and Phenotypes [06:24] The Six Inheritance Patterns [13:27] The Hardy-Weinberg Equation [26:17] Natural Selection [32:22] Mutation [36:47] Genetic Drift [40:04] Gene Flow   For any comments and/or concerns please email me: Thanks for listening! Code: PODCAST5 Facebook live stream:
Sep 7
46 min
Bonus Episode: Evidence Based Study Methods with Chase DiMarco
Chase and Sam discuss various study tips, habits, and evidence-based methods to help students succeed on the MCAT and in medical school. [01:03] How To Memorize A Million Things [02:26] The Spacing Effect and Rehearsal Effect [06:02] Overcoming the “Forgetting Curve” [08:03] Elaborative Interrogation [10:06] Anki: Using Pre-Existing Study Materials verses Creating Your Own [13:08] Memory Palace and Visual Mnemonics [18:29] Memorizing Mistakes and Avoiding Passive Memory Techniques [20:30] The effects of sleep, exercise and diet on learning [23:35] Evidence Based Study Techniques in Education Chase DiMarco is an MD-PhD candidate he hosts several podcasts and has written a book called, Read This Before Medical School.  The Medical Mnemonist Podcast The 1-Minute Preceptor Podcast Read This Before Medical School Sign up for a Free Coaching session with Chase DiMarco Join the Med Mnemonist Mastermind FB Group For comments and concerns please email me: Thanks for listening! Code: PODCAST5
Aug 31
31 min
Common Hormone Axes
This MCAT Basics podcast covers three common hormone axes. I break down the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis, and the renin angiotensin-aldosterone System (RAAS) axis. I explain the anatomy of the regions, organs, and hormones involved, and detail the physiology within each axis. [01:27] Defining a Hormone Axis [02:18] The HPA Axis [02:33] The Anatomy of the Hypothalamus [03:46] The Anatomy of the Pituitary Gland [05:16] The Anatomy of the Adrenal Glands [06:50] The Physiology of the HPA Axis [16:06] The HPG Axis [16:38] The Anatomy of the Gonads [19:21] The Physiology of the HPG Axis [26:27] The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Please email me if you have any comments or concerns: Thanks for listening!
Aug 24
36 min
Bonus Episode: Dr. Shannon Sovndal Interview
Dr. Shannon Sovndal, an emergency medicine specialist, discusses his medical journey, career experiences and advice for pre-med and medical students. [0:36] Dr. Sovndal’s Background and Accomplishments [01:18] Recurring Patients in an ER [02:25] The Influence of Personality on Choosing Emergency Medicine [04:18] Dr. Sovndal’s Journey into Medicine [11:21] Economics & Emergency Medicine [14:34] Burnout & Work-Life Balance [19:23] A Week in the Life of Dr Sovndal Are you a younger physician, pre-med student or medical student looking for more advice on navigating your career, emotionally, mentally and financially? Do take a look at the resources below: Fragile: Beauty in Chaos, Grace in Tragedy and the Hope That Lives in Between by Dr. Shannon Sovndal Match on a Fire: Medicine and More Podcast with Dr Shannon Sovndal Dr Shannon Sovndal’s Website EMCrit Podcast   Please email me if you have any comments or concerns:   Thanks for listening!
Aug 10
27 min
Highlight#12 - Stereoisomers
This MCAT Basics podcast is a short segment from the "Isomers" podcast. Please email me if you have any comments or concerns:   Thanks for listening!
Aug 7
16 min
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