Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal Schaffer
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal Schaffer
Neal Schaffer
As Your Digital Marketing Coach, I am on a mission to provide you marketing professionals, agencies, entrepreneurs, and business owners expert advice, both from myself as well as my expert guests, on how to leverage Digital First Marketing to grow your business, one episode at a time, This podcast will include advice on a broad range of topics all with the commonality of being related to digital marketing and having actionable takeaways for your business. Topics discussed will include digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), blogging, podcasting, YouTube, video marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, as well as how to maximize digital marketing ROI from social media on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.
Why the Future of Content Marketing Isn't What You Think [Georgios Chasiotis Interview]
A lot of us in digital marketing tend to treat content marketing like a digital machine. Create this content and expect these results. Unfortunately, this leads to creating a lot of very average content that everyone else is publishing on the Internet, adding to the noise and not driving any impactful outcome for your business.Georgios Chasiotis, Managing Director of the B2B SaaS content marketing agency Minuttia, wants to change that. By looking at the current trends in content marketing based on his expansive client work, he wants to give you his advice on:Why "copycat content" isn't going to get you the results that you needWhat type of content you need to create based on your company's lifecycle stageWhy you need to focus on creating a library instead of a publication and how to do thatReady to significantly improve your content marketing for 2022 and beyond? Then listen in!!!Connect with Georgios ChasiotisMinuttia: Chasiotis on LinkedIn: Info on Neal Schaffer and This Podcast:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Nov 18
36 min
What Does a Successful B2B Digital Marketing Program Look Like?  [Andrew Smith Interview]
Leapfrogging (pun intended as you will see shortly) off of my previous episode #234 speaking about the virtues of being a marketing generalist, here is a case in point: If you want to become a marketing leader, you need to have all of your digital marketing bases covered.What bases need to be covered? And what does a comprehensive digital marketing program look like?I am honored to have my friend and Digital First Mastermind Community Andrew Smith on as my guest today offering us an x-ray view of the digital marketing program that he is running as the Senior Marketing Manager for Leap, the leading all-in-one home improvement contractor sales software.Leap sells to other businesses so the program being described is a B2B digital marketing program, a treat for you B2B marketers. But even if you are a B2C or nonprofit marketer, the lessons learned from Andrew's experience are 100% applicable to your situation.Key Highlights[00:57] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Andrew Smith[03:55] Andrew's B2B Digital Marketing Background[04:44] What is Leap And What Does It Do?[07:27] Where To Begin Digital Marketing Strategy?[10:14] Deciding on How Much to Invest In Each AR Activities[13:32] Criteria To Look At When Deciding About Changes In Budget[15:18]  Targets Set For Marketing By The Management[17:31] Verticals Based On Data[24:44] Andrew's Advice For Marketers In Marketing Technology[29:22] Upcoming Leap Features[32:44] Connect with AndrewNotable QuotesIt's being at least in front of those people and keeping them at least engaged to the degree that they don't tell you to go away that then when they're ready to pull that trigger, you're still front of mind enough that they are aware of you to do that.Being able, to know that what you do is going to produce a certain amount is a good place to be rather than sort of doing something and not knowing what's going to happen.It's more about the quality of that content, rather, the budget to reach those people since we have that covered. So there's really no category that we're not in, but it's creating the content for the vertical that's more important, I think.Start out small, prove a little prove a proof of concept, right? If you're doing you know, advertising or content marketing, or email or any of the channels that you're not currently in that you need some budget for that and try something you know, small or free.The other flip side of being in a company where the culture is very collaborative and productive, so that you know, what you need in marketing, from the product or from sales or from customer success, you have those people in those relationships that are willing to help you achieve what you want to do, as well as for the benefit of the company.Connect with Andrew SmithLeap: https://leaptodigital.comAndrew Smith on LinkedIn: Info on Neal Schaffer and This Podcast:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Nov 15
37 min
Should You Niche Down or Become a Generalist with Your Digital Marketing? My Answer Might Surprise You!
"The riches are in the niches.""You gotta niche down."You've heard these over the years, including on this podcast. And I don't disagree with the advice if you want to gain visibility in a noisy market.However, if you are a marketer or a marketing entrepreneur, just owning one niche might not be the ideal solution to your strategy and most likely not for your customers.Listen in as I share my own experience and advice and make the case for becoming more of a digital and social media marketing generalist.Key Highlights[02:27] Why It's Dangerous To Stick To A Niche?[02:50] How I Began Blogging[05:51] Wanting to Be A "Doctor of Social Media"[06:57] Offering Additional Value Beyond Niche[9:10] The Time I Went Generalist[10:34] Launching My Fractional CMO Service[12:29] Going Back to the Role of Generalist[13:06] Why You Need to Have a Broader Knowledge[15:31] My Work As A Fractional CMO[18:15] SummaryNotable QuotesIn other words, if you go to a doctor, you don't tell the doctor what you have, you tell the doctor your symptoms, and they propose something for it, that you might have this, you might have that, let's take some X rays, let's hear some medicine.If I want to pursue best practices, in my job, in my work in my career in my life, I have to provide the best thing that businesses need.Social networks don't exist in a vacuum. Social media does not exist in a vacuum. It's all part of digital marketing, which is all part of marketing.if your business obviously has something that is competitive in one specific niche area, it makes sense to go for it.Customers don't just use the tool to use a tool, they use a tool to solve a problem. Businesses don't look for people who seek out people with a niche, because they have a need for that niche. They have a problem that they want to solve.Niche gives you visibility. But it doesn't always solve all the problems that people that have an interest in a niche have. In order to become a generalist, you need to have niche knowledge. But it's not just one niche at the end of the day. It's a combination of niches.This really defines the current work that I do as a fractional CMO. Because it goes beyond just one niche, one category, it goes down to the problems that companies have, and the potential solutions for them. Using the entire toolkit of tools and channels that Digital Marketing provides.I do believe if you're not known for anything, the niche, without a doubt gives you that visibility. But as you niche, I want you to be thinking about the broader picture of the role of the generalists. And I don't want you to be afraid to go outside of your niche to gain other expertise, which I believe you will need, regardless of what niche you decide for what industry.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn More about This Podcast:
Nov 11
19 min
Best Practices in Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for Your Business [Kyle Kostechka Interview]
What does the term "affiliate marketing" conjure up in your mind?For those of you who have read The Age of Influence, you should remember that I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the earliest forms of influencer marketing. Not only does affiliate marketing provide many of the benefits that you can receive from influencer marketing, but it can also directly impact your sales, SEO, word-of-mouth, and other digital marketing metrics.To clarify what exactly affiliate marketing is and what are the best practices for utilizing it in your business, I am honored to have Kyle Kostechka as my special guest. Kyle is Business Development Director for the oldest and leading affiliate marketing company, Clickbank, and spends his days consulting with both brands and affiliates.I hope this episode is an eye-opening one that helps you take advantage of what affiliate marketing can do for your company.Key Highlights[02:47] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Kyle Kostechka[06:31] Who Is Clickbank?[15:50] ClickBank's Features[16:57] How Much Does ClickBank Costs?[21:22] How Does ClickBank Get Traction and Get Affiliate Sign Up?[22:52] The Mistakes People Do in Affiliate Marketing[27:30] Tip from Kyle[30:33] ClickBank Success Stories[33:57] The Best Practice to Follow to Be Successful[37:10] One Mistake That Companies Make With Affiliate Marketing[41:54] Connect With KyleNotable QuotesYou have to be really cognizant about in speak a language that's going to be attractive to them and make sense of them. That's how a lot of these deals start is you just have to go out, be bold, and say hi to somebody.One of the biggest things to remember with affiliates, especially when you're in a b2b, it's the trust is what you're paying for with those commissions.So if you find some and they are affiliates, that is an immensely valuable way of getting into that very niche conversation that otherwise would be very difficult to do. Remember that relationships are key. What I mean by that is a lot of affiliate marketing, the deal just doesn't always happen perfectly the first time, it takes some time to massage and get to where it needs to go.So even if it takes time, and that patience, if you build the relationships along the way, you know, it almost becomes a switch that you could flip on for traffic and revenue. Don't lose sight of the importance of those relationships in this community because it will pay dividends not only in the short term but definitely in the long term.Connect with Kyle KostechkaAffiliated: Clickbank's Official Affiliate Marketing Podcast: https://clickbank.comMore Info on Neal Schaffer and This Podcast:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Nov 8
48 min
Why I Am Doubling Down on Blogging - and Why You Should, Too
A lot has been said about blogging, both good and bad. Is it dying? Isn't social media more important? All of these arguments miss the point: In a Digital First world, being visible in search engines should be of utmost importance to every business, and, when done right, blogging holds the keys to success.Learn from my own success in blogging and why I continue to double - triple - quadruple down on it and the concrete steps that your business can take to do the same in this episode of my podcast.Key Highlights[01:31] When Did I Start The Process of Doubling Down On My Blogging[02:07] What Can I Do To Get The Word Out About My Book?[03:33] Seach and Social on Social Media[04:19] YouTube and Google Search Engine Strategy[06:23] The Things That Dominate Search Engine Results[07:33] What You Need to Do If You Find Bad Content On Your Website[09:27] Why I Create My Own Library of Content[12:42] The Statistics I Get After Creating Library of ContentNotable QuotesSo list building strategies, and then leveraging technology that allows you to utilize marketing automation, to improve your chances of converting people on your list.You need to share your perspective, you need to help people you need to help them make or help other businesses make the right decision, and they are not being served by the current search results.Blogging is about building equity. It's about creating assets.I'm building up my library, and I'm seeing that the strategy is working because I'm genuinely creating useful content for people without trying to sell them a tool.I am going to start treating all this content not as a one and done, but as assets that have long term shelf life, and I'm going to start a process of revising them.If you're not creating that content that is truly useful and resourceful that would normally be in the format of a blog because you are missing out on the search aspect of this. In fact, everybody's searching is going to your competitor, or they're going to irrelevant or bad content.It begins with the mindset that the search engine rankings are exposing bad incompletes old or irrelevant content and my company or me, I can do better. I am the best I am the expert, our company's the expert, we need to get this content out there. And when you have that mindset and when you have that passion, you can achieve exactly what I did.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Nov 4
19 min
How to Measure Success in Influencer Marketing [Sanna Ödmark Interview]
Influence marketing will continue to be a critical part of digital marketing and only increase in importance as brands' organic social media reach continues to decline while newer form of short-form video that are the staple of many social media sites make it challenging for businesses to create and compete with the creativity of the global social media user base.That's why I'm especially excited to interview Sanna Ödmark, Head of Marketing for the Swedish influencer marketing agency Cure Media. You see, more companies are investing more money into influencer marketing, but they aren't necessarily doing it in an effective way.In fact, only 30% of CMO's in a survey that Cure Media conducted answered they know how to collect accurate ROI data from the channel, which is far behind other digital channels, such as website (55%) and SocialMedia (54%).That is why our topic that we discuss,  how to measure success in influencer marketing, is of critical importance.Key Highlights[04:43] What is Cure Media?[06:32] Sanna's Research About Influencer Marketing[09:04] How to Measure Effect of Influencer Marketing[14:41] Mistakes that Marketers Do When Measuring Influence and Marketing[21:31] Ways to Best Measure the Full Effect of Influencer Marketing[26:02] Why Long-term Approach to Influencer Marketing Is Important[29:27] Connect with Sanna and Cure MediaNotable QuotesWithout the correct ROI data, it's impossible to measure whether the activity has been successful, or to debt and which channels drive the most sales.One of the mistakes that many brands do today is that they work with influencers in sales marketing in a silo not using it, as you say, as an integrated part of the digital marketing infrastructure. Everything needs to go and be measured hand in hand.The strength of the channel is the ability to create these brand ambassadors that can talk to your audience in a way that they trust relate to, and rely on. And this is the relationship that you need to take time to build.If you haven't done any major changes in those channels like if the bodies/tactics are the same, you can quite easily attribute those changes or improvements to influence marketing. And if you do this over time to do a very concentrated period of punishments among influencers, you can, over time see trends and patterns. And it will eventually become easier to draw conclusions to learn based on these insights and data.I think what brands really need to remember is that this short term attitude towards influence marketing, this campaign based approach is in direct conflict, where the primary strength of the channel, which is relationship building,  authenticity, credibility, and just like in real life, it takes time to build trust and relationships. And taking a short-term approach to influence marketing is not the best way to go as this ignores the actual goal and value of the channel. Connect with Sanna OdmarkCure Media: Info on Neal Schaffer and This Podcast:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Oct 22
32 min
What Marketers and Entrepreneurs Need to Understand about Protecting Their Brands [Bao Tran Interview]
We are all using digital marketing to grow our business, and in doing so we are creating brand equity along the way. Brand equity is a powerful concept that doesn't appear in your income statement but indirectly helps you grow your business in tandem with your digital and social media marketing.When it comes to brand equity, there are some legal aspects that are important to understand so that what you grow in your business becomes rightfully and legally yours. This is especially true if your dream is to sell your company to a larger entity or receive funding from venture capitalists.For that reason, we have a unique interview with someone today, Bao Tran, an IP attorney who is launching a new startup to help democratize the patent application process. In this interview you will learn:1) Why brandings are a significant part of company valuation2) Different innovative ways brands can be protected with Trademarks3) Different ways brands can be protected with CopyrightsAfter listening to this episode you will be able to navigate the legal system from a branding perspective and understand what next steps you might want to take.Key Highlights[02:54] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Bao Tran[07:29] Company Valuation[10:00] The Ways Companies Can Protect Their Brand and Valuation[12:53] Things That You Can Get Trademarked[14:58] Ways You Can Distinguish Your Product[17:03] Why Trademark Clearance Search Is Important?[17:26] Trademark Search Options[20:00] What Are Copyrights?[21:35] Best Practices for Copyrights[24:16] The Third Element in Trademark Context[26:17] How Can I Protect NFT?[27:37] Connect with BaoNotable QuotesIn our present world that most of the value is in the consumer recognition of your brand and that's why your work and you know, and your co-workers work in marketing is super critical to the value of a company.The point here is it's under your control. If you don't want anybody else to come in, you can do that, if you want to allow people coming in, in exchange for a royalty you can do that is under your control.But you know, when you're doing that for a very for a year, if you're stretching out to a year period, the risk is increasing that possibly somebody could enter your business ahead of you, and then block you from using that name.It’s what we call a specimen. So you just upload that to the copyright, very inexpensive, and, you know, you can do it yourself and get that protection, easy protection.If you think that somebody is going to reuse that, then you want to control that by having a copyright registration. Copyright registration allows you to then go and pursue the party that you know, you think is misusing your copyright.Connect with Bao TranBao Tran on LinkedIn: Bao at btran@patentpc.comBao's New Software Product: Info on Neal Schaffer and This Podcast:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Oct 19
31 min
What is the Future of Social Media Marketing in 2022? Here's My Take - and Advice for You
If you're doing your social media for business or yourself the same as you have for the last few years, your time is up. All of the trends in social media show us that we truly need to think visual first in so many ways in order to gain visibility within social media news feeds.In this episode I analyze all of the changes that have occurred in social media over the years, putting even niche platforms like Tsu and Ello (remember those?!?) into perspective. From this I believe the future of social media and thus social media marketing becomes clear, and I finish this episode with my advice on the ideal trifecta for your social media marketing going forward into 2022 and beyond...Key Highlights[01:33] Introduction[02:40] The History of Social Media[05:15] The Emergence of New Social Media Platforms[07:55] Dynamic and Emergence of Reels[10:28] Pinterest Dynamic[12:06] What Are Video Pins?[12:28] How To Get More Impressions from Different Social Media Platforms[14:13] The Effects of the Changes in Social Media[15:26] Tools You Can Do For Livestreaming[17:13] The Use of Video Content[17:59] Easy Ways of Repurposing Video Content[19:39] Why All Social Networks Now Want Content Creators[20:53] Get Paid for Sharing New Reels[21:31] The Other Important Type of Content[21:41] What Are Idea Pins?[23:00] Why Carousel Images Perform Better[25:12] Where Does Influencer Marketing Come to Play in Content Creatio?[27:18] SummaryNotable QuotesWhere we start with everything is we need to have a digital presence and the digital presence, the digital gateway becomes our website.If you want to get more impressions on Instagram, you do reels. If you want to get more impressions on Pinterest, you do video pins. More impressions mean above the funnel visibility and brand awareness does it add to more clicks or not, is a whole other story.It's about showing yourself showing up doing real-time content. You can't do reels you do videos igtv. But if you can do something longer, and cut it up into something as engaging as real, it's a new skill set that we sort of all has to learn. If you want to get the most visibility for your content, almost everywhere, video is going to be the key.The reels is all about entertainment. The carousel, the idea pins, and carousel images are more about education. And what's really interesting is that your results are going to vary.If you can't create the content, there is a ton of people out there that can't create the content are creating the content that you need to figure out ways to collaborate with. That's the heart of what I wrote about in the age of influence.People completely misunderstand, misinterpret influencer marketing, it's tapping into the influence of others in social media, whether they have 100 followers, or have 1000 followers.People that have influenced people that are able to build followers are a great content creator.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Oct 14
28 min
The ONE and ONLY Tool You Need for One Popular Social Media Platform is __________?  [Melissa Megginson Interview]
In all of the social media platforms that exists and the various marketing tools that businesses can use to support your presence there, there is one social network for which there is one tool that rules them all.That social network is Pinterest, and the dominating tool is Tailwind.Learn from Senior Community Manager of Tailwind, Melissa Megginson all about their tool and comprehensive best practices not just for Pinterest, but also for Instagram and Facebook, which Tailwind supports.Key Highlights[04:09] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Melissa Megginson[06:14] What is Tailwind and How Melissa Started[08:39] Pinterest's Evolution[11:28] What Type of Pins Should I Be Posting?[15:30] Melissa's Advice When Creating Idea Pins[17:37] Best Format and Practices for Video Pins[18:03] Does Repurposing from Other Platforms Work?[21:51] What is Tailwind Create?[24:38] Tailwind Communities[29:53] Best Practices and Recommendations for Pinterest Ads[31:52] How to Do Keyword Research on Pinterest[33:24] What Makes Tailwind Different from Other Platforms?[36:48] How Should I Approach Instagram Through Tailwind?[39:30] Melissa's Advice on Facebook Marketing Strategy[43:38] Final Advice[44:31] Connect with Melissa and Tailwind Team[45:05] Summary[47:17] OutroNotable QuotesI would definitely think about it as a way to reach a broader audience. So, you don't want to be giving away everything that you have on your website and an idea pen because you still want to drive people to your website.It's just super simple to get that really top of funnel, introduce yourself to the Pinterest audience to new potential buyers and pull them in so that once they're following you, you can hit them with those video pins that people can click through on or the static pins that people can click through on.So, building up your, your website, your email list, all of that is really important, but you need people to land there first.Start with the organic content that's performing for you. I think that's a really good way to just sort of juice what's already happening and getting bad content that's already performing well in front of the right people. In social media marketing in general, we talked about the need to be consistent. I think when creating any kind of social media posts, you need to think about the story that you're telling rather than the individual posts that you're creating.Use the platforms. Don't just go in as a marketer. Use the platforms yourself. Get to know them, get to know what you like, get to know what is performing well, and you'll do a lot better as a mark Get her.Find Our More about Tailwind: Click here to start for free and get a $30 credit for a future subscription – only for my community! (affiliate link)More Info on Neal Schaffer and This Podcast:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Oct 4
47 min
227: Why Digital and Experimenting Go Hand in Hand
Digital and social media are the field of dreams for every business. The problem is that you first need a roadmap to get started, but even with that roadmap you will have your successes and failures, new discoveries, and learn a lot both about your target audience as well as your product and branding.This is why a mindset of never-ending experimentation is critical for success in digital and social media marketing as well as if you have a digital product or service. But its not just experimentation that is important: Equally important is understanding when you need to pivot and then actually making that alignment.To me digital marketing is art, which is why the creative aspect excites me on a daily basis. I sincerely hope that you find some inspiration in this episode.Key Highlights[01:54] How Neal Created His Membership CommunityThe story of how Neal's membership community started and why it was now called the "mastermind of business leaders".[05:29] Why I Like Setting Up Quarterly Flags[06:55] When To Do Reassessment?[08:57] The Importance of Building Library of ContentWhat does the library of content do in my business?[11:53] What Did I Do To Promote My Book?[13:27] What Do I Need To Do To Start Generating Results?[14:00] Why You Need To Experiment NOW![16:14] The Critical Items On Influencer Marketing[17:02] Read The Signals And Act On It!Now that you know how to read the signals, what is the next step? Act on them![19:43] Experiment and Get the Data[21:26] ConclusionNotable QuotesIt's always you're only as good as your current quarter sales, not even your previous quarter sales.When we launch a business, or we're working on behalf of an employer, or an entrepreneur, we want to make an impact. And I do too, in everything that I do. So if I see something not making the impact that I thought it would make, then it's time to reassess.With digital, anything is possible. And you don't know what is possible until you have your tentacles out there.A little tweak is sometimes all you need. with digital to start generating results.But the key thing here is that number one, you got to be experimenting. That's obvious. Number two, you got to be listening for the signals.Digital marketing is more about an analog way of thinking than a digital way of thinkingYou want to excel in social media marketing, you need to be an active consumer of social media first.Relationships are critical. You know this from those that read the age of influence, and my views on influencer marketing. But it also means to have critical thinking analytical skills, to be able to piece things together for me to go have that aha moment.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Contact Me about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: The Age of Influence Free Preview: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Learn more about this podcast:
Sep 30
23 min
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