Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer
Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer
Neal Schaffer
Teaching sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to build, leverage, and monetize their influence through digital marketing and social media. This podcast helps businesses and professionals maximize their sales and digital marketing ROI from social media on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube as well as through Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Selling, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help reach a broad variety of business objectives.
204: Going Live: Why Livestreaming Matters (Christoph Trappe Interview)
Serial author and content marketing expert Christoph Trappe joins me for this episode dedicated to livestreaming and why it matters. We all know that video is the most powerful to express our brands or our ourselves, but why aren't we doing more of...
Apr 1
40 min
203: Why Isn't Your Brand Trying to Become More Influential?
Instead of always trying to tap into the influence of others, why isn't your brand trying to take a strategic approach to increase your own digital influence? The benefits of doing so are plentiful, and influencers have already perfected the formula of...
Mar 26
23 min
202: Every Successful Entrepreneur's Common Path to Uncommon Success (John Lee Dumas Interview)
Why are some entrepreneurs successful while many others fail?Since creating one of the most popular business podcasts of all time, Entrepreneurs on Fire, John Lee Dumas has interviewed more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and taken the time to decipher what...
Mar 19
38 min
201: Winfluence: Reframing Influencer Marketing to Reignite Your Brand [Jason Falls Interview]
Jason Falls is one of those guys in digital marketing I have had a ton of respect for for many years. Imagine how surprised he was - and then how I was - that we both found out we were writing books on influencer marketing at the same time!I beat Jason...
Mar 12
39 min
200: How to Scale Influence through Community (and Why I am Launching One)
Whether you are a brand or a person, the ultimate sign that you have influence is when people are singing your praises when you are not in the room, whether online in social media or offline. What if you can bring all of your fans together in an...
Mar 4
24 min
199: How To Grow Influence In a Red Ocean [Jeroen Corthout Interview]
How does one go about building influence in a crowded market?I often go back to my own background in B2B sales and look at habits, partnerships, and focus.That's why it was so refreshing to be joined by a special guest who serves the market that I used...
Feb 17
44 min
198: I'm On Clubhouse. Now What?
New to Clubhouse? Trying to figure out how to get started and exactly what to do now that you have received that invite and joined the newest rage in social media?Continuing on from my introduction to Clubhouse on episode 196, this episode will provide...
Feb 10
37 min
197: How to Increase Your Influence With a 100-Page Book [Mike Capuzzi Interview]
Have you ever wondered about how you can build influence by writing a book? Have you ever thought about writing a book but the process seems to be overwhelming and you simply don't have enough time in the day?This episode is for you!I am joined today by...
Jan 28
37 min
196: My Initial Thoughts on Clubhouse, the Newest Social Media App
Have you heard of the latest rage in social media Clubhouse? Have you received an invite on your smartphone and unsure as to whether or not you should join? Are you on Clubhouse and still trying to figure out how to glean value from it? Let me share...
Jan 23
29 min
195: How to Maximize Your Real Estate Social Influence [Chris Stuart Interview]
This week I am the one being interviewed, and by no other than real estate visionary and CEO of the leading real estate network BerkshireHathaway Home Services, Chris Stuart. I have had a chance to work together with Chris and his company, and I have...
Jan 13
51 min
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