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Love show hate same commercials
I truly love the show but listening to the same commercial for 20 different episodes is awful. It can be the same sponsor but please change up the commercials
Being a long time listener, Hoffman’s guests, topics, and depth of discussion is unmatched. He deftly displays the agility and humility behind “Blitzscaling” with all his guests, and their riviting stories behind the curtain. Always a treat and lesson in a listen. Can’t be missed….
When I started my online consumer research and referral website in 2009, I felt like I was operating in a vacuum. I discovered Reid and MOS early on and it has been such a classroom! I’m a faithful listener and adaptor of the lessons I learn. Thank you guys and ladies so much!
So much education in one episode!
I agree with Max Rhodes that independent retail are more resilient because they can provide a better personal experience. I love what he is doing with Faire in supporting independent retailers with the resources that big box stores have with data, financing and support with buying inventory.
Eddie J. Soto
A bit over-produced for my taste.
Over produced
Ads are too long and too much cute intro music. They have some great guests on the show so I hate to knock it but only half of the show (at most) is actually content.
Love this podcast. Just wish there were transcripts
Love this podcast. Just wish there were transcripts … otherwise a 5 star podcast
Go Marc
Interesting, unfortunately leftist
Your leftism is showing. Huge turn off. Just scale it back a little.
shaggy fur face
Kathryn finney episode was trash
Everything she’s complaining about, she herself does, but with her own spin on it. Other tips stated that she claims she never saw in a book before are because they’re common sense and there was no need to include this in print… also, latin people dont use the term Latinx
I continue to learn so much from this podcast. The quality of experiences and insights shared by the well accomplished guests, coupled with the hosts own tremendous expense brilliance makes this podcast one of the very best business podcast out there.
Amazing Show
The interviews and information provided from the host and guest are remarkable. Thanks
Weekly Learning
I’ve recommended this podcast countless times. The guests are diverse and insightful, imparting their lessons learned and advice from an incredible array of situations. The Wait What podcast production group makes the overall experience amazingly entertaining. A smart listen for people who like to hear great stories and apply learnings within their own world.
Much Needed Magic
Such great and positive ideas. Sooo Important and just a value that keeps improving. Cooking up such impactful ideas and stories that bring them to life Thank You Leslee
Animal Country Club
A new phenomenon of self improvement
Just want to thank you for this podcast. You have charged me and focus of my life journey towards a right path.
From Inspirational to Political
I used to love this podcast! The earlier episodes provided well-produced podcasts that shared inspirational stories. I walked away with business insights from almost every episode. Now, the podcast has become political grandstanding. While I don’t disagree with what’s being said, it’s no longer a podcast that teaches people how other people scaled their business.
You should get continuing credits for an MBA for listening to this… thank you!!!
Simply remarkable
Amazing quality of top level ideas and conversations
Great show
Every episode is insightful and produced well
Love letter to tech leaders that ignores the harms to society
I used to like the interviews and insights from the guests. But I grew tired of hearing things like “what our customers think is ____” as if we’re all the same. I also hear this hardcore focus on scale and low cost. It was truly disheartening to hear Fidji Simo of instacart talk about expanding advertising on Instacart as a way to lower delivery costs. I’m so sick of ads. SICK of them. But, it’s revealing to hear how these folks think. How do I rate this podcast? The quality is fantastic but I come away feeling so sad as a consumer who is more than a thing that wants stuff fast and cheap.
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Commercials are too long
Content is ruined by the number and length of commercials.
Shallow and superficial
Not reality-based… Out to enrich the elites and try to impress normal healthy people. Won’t be coming back to hear any more.
Listen to this podcast!
Easily one of the best business/entrepreneurship podcasts.
Anyway we can separate the two shows?
I find myself skipping nearly every single rapid response show. I get having both in the main feed but could we get a second feed that’s just the masters of scale episodes?
Avoid this podcast
If you want an elitist big tech “I know more than you “ podcast this is for you. I’ll take good honest business practices from the heartland any day
MBA in a podcast
Never seen so much value packed into one podcast. This info is priceless! People pay hundreds of thousands of dollar$ to learn these same principles in an MBA program, but here you’re learning from the best of the best and hearing it first hand! Incredible. Can’t thank you enough Reid and team!!!
Chaotic listening
Nice roundup of speakers but overall chaotic to listen to. 1) don’t appreciate paying for a subscription and being nevertheless forced to listen to these in between fluffer stories from their sponsor. 2) the content is spliced by way too much talk/interpretations and personal opinions from the host. 3) the music and Sound effects further dilute the content. 4)instead of nice crispy interview questions, you hear a lot of 2X3X questions, this tells me the interviewer is either unprepared or not confident enough to ask more concise questions. Lots of editing time can be saved here. 5) would also be nice to sort by entrepreneur/company/industry. I’ve already wasted a lot of time just trying to find a guest I’m interested in then having to Ffwd through above mentioned points is treacherous. Other than that, nice roundup of speakers and hits on some interesting points.
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Nice show! I fell so motivated.
Superb, extremely helpful, real treasure for eny entrepreneur, anywhere.
Host is horrible. Stop your babbling and pontificating!!! We’re here to hear your guests, NOT you!!!!!
Eric Smidt
One of the biggest know-it-all guests ever. I guess he knows a cure for cancer? How to get us to Mars? Horrible guest, do better.
Good content. Too many interruptions.
Enjoyed the interview content, however the advertising is quite disruptive to the flow of the interview.
If you have the money
Could he not find a more flattering cover photo?
Timeless startup MBA in storyform
I’m a 22 year startup junkie. I’ve built, sold, acquired, composted companies. Masters of Scale is a wealth of resources. Unlike most podcasts that are interviews du’jour with founders and thought leaders; Masters of Scale is a collection of business principles that every startup entrepreneur, employee or investor needs to know. Each episode is a timeless piece of wisdom that is illustrated through the interviews. This is a game changing difference from every other podcast. Evergreen. And startup gold. Let’s create!
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Dr Feel God
Don’t waste your time
joel einhorn
Lifelong fan
I loved the episode with Tyra Banks. More of that please.
Karen Cahn
Great insight for entrepreneurs, there’s room for improvement
I just recently started listening to this show. I love the quality of the interviews, they are well structured and they offer a window to the other side of what it takes to create a successful company. What I don’t like is that the music is distracting. It switches between the main interview to some other topic. If the intendent is for the podcast to be educational it would help to focus on the interview, allow it to be more organic and reassess the music and other audio elements to allow the listener to concentrate and process the information.
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Joselito Sanchez
One of the worst podcasts I’ve heard
Reid is a billionaire - why exactly do I have to pay to hear the full interview? In general, after listening to four episodes, there are too many ads and he talks way too much. Dude, let us hear from the guy you’ve booked. There are some nuggets of wisdom, but again, you’ll need to pay to hear more.
Bharat Krishnan
Show is good, forced ads make it unlistenable
The show has these obvious adds by capitol one mixed into the show that make it very frustrating to listen to. It is like there is too separate stories that are mixed, which ruins it for me.
Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Reid does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
Great show!
Reid, host of the Masters of Scale podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I love hearing these stories from Obama’s campaign and presidency told in a way that entrepreneurs can learn lessons from them. So smart, and the music/sound design is great. This does not sound like a business podcast, and that’s a good thing!!
I had to unsubscribe after your 3 million dollar “donation” to Gavin Newsom recently.
I listen to a lot of podcast and this one is a bit fake-inauthentic. He does have some good guests and interesting stuff so I still listen. But very scripted, very socially acceptable, never feels like his own message. Seems like he made a podcast because it’s popular but he doesn’t really care that much
the 10 command is the best episode so far
the 10 com is the best of the best and is a must listen for any aspiring entreprenuer... Thanks Reid for sharing your knowledge
Qais Rasooli
The Mark Cuban podcast is so poorly laid out. The sound effects while he’s speaking is like torture. It’s not even an interview, its just this guy narrating another interview lol
lil lamp
Theme song seems lopsided between male/female
I like Reid as an interviewer and the guests. The theme song irks me - why is it the women having sound bytes like “I was an idiot” or “sorry we made a mistake” and men saying more aspirational things. Have the men admit they’re wrong too, or women talk about their successes!
Loose the drama
Interviews are too chopped up and have very poor music added behind it. I want to hear from the people you are talking to. During the mark cuban interview I think I heard about 4 minutes of Mark the entire episode. Disappointed.
Please get rid of all the sounds effects!
The content on this show is gray, but all the weird sound effects are really annoying and distracting. Please just let the guests tell their story — you don’t need all the random sounds in the background!
Want to learn and be inspired? Please, listen!
Amazing guests sharing their journeys in the most fun, inspirational and interesting way to listen. This podcast is a must if you want to know more about the world of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy and management!
Mark Colgan
Always insightful
Every single episode. I learn from every one. Without fail.
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