Master Mind, Body and Spirit
Master Mind, Body and Spirit
Matt Belair
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Better Audio Quality
Amazing show Matt! The only request i have is to check the audio level of the clips you use. The most recent episode some of the clips used were barely audible. Other than that the show is amazing keep pumping out that excellent content!
One of my favorite podcasts
Truth, kindness, compassion, love... highly recommend this podcast and Matt’s Academy on his website. Too many people are getting censored now and we need to find alternate methods to unite. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
Red pill
Once you know the truth you see the world thru a different lens. Matt does a great job sharing truth and shining light on the darkness. Just what the thought police don’t want you to listen to.
Tapping into source w/ Matt Belair
This review is long overdue. I’ve been listening to Matt Belair for years and really appreciate his authenticity and vulnerability as we’re all learning together. Matt seeks to share the truth so that we can all become more aware and create a better life for our children and all humanity. With all the censorship going on, it’s getting harder and harder to find people willing to talk about what’s really happening in the world. The Master Mind Body Spirit podcasts brings together some of the best minds around the world from doctors to athletes and spiritual gurus. Check it out if you’re looking to up-level your life and connect w/ consciousness. ✌️
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Matt Belair
Mathew Belair is the author of Zen Athlete where he emphasizes the importance of the mind in sports and all things extreme. No matter if it is sports psychology or more esoteric topics from his time with monks, speaking with Native American Elders, and visiting Egypt with cutting edge thinkers, The Matt Belair Podcast allows space for people to share their experience and knowledge without dismissal, judgement, or the rationalizing away of the deeper topics. This podcast and it’s wide range of guests is not for the closed minded but for the future of conversation and collaboration.
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Matt Belair: The Real Deal
My review of Matt Belair as my coach is in the form of my text to him, expressing immense gratitude for his time, attention, patience, work ethic, and overall guidance. He is a gem among gems. Please consider reaching out to this Master for guidance and coaching in focus, clarity, leveling up, inspiration, motivation, and so much more! “Hi Matt! My apologies for the delay in response. I wanted to take the time to answer you and write from the heart. You have been an amazing presence in my life, and I am so grateful for you. As a coach, you are incredibly intuitive and a powerful force of passion and authenticity. Your guidance has helped launch major, much-needed shifts in my life. And for you to call me a friend is an honor. Thank you.”
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Providing essential awareness to those seeking truth
If you’re ready for a pathway toward truth, well being and wisdom, this is the place to start! Including Some of the most important learnings of the scamdemic dismantling our nations, as well, which will open your eyes to a better understanding of this reality and the games being played for the elites unfortunate agenda. No better time than now to dive in!
Truth! You don’t want to miss ...
Just finished listening to Pandemic-COVD-19 and the Corporate Coup D’Etat... Sent it to my entire family ! Mind Blowing, first time information first me and I know it resonated TRUTH. Please listen 💓for your family & friends—Matt’s hunger for the truth and giving us information from outside the Norm — exactly what we need to survive. Keep it up Matt... we are supporting you and listening .
Matt Belair is crushing it! Love it! Love it love it!
This guy is one of my favorites! Have listened to almost every podcast especially the ones with native elders like David lonebear sanipass!!.... speaking lots of Truth
Positivity and super mental health.
After hearing you on the Tun foil hat I had to come check you out. I have to say this is by far the most positive and uplifting pod cast I’ve ever listened to. So much knowledge and information is being shared I am bingeing on episodes. Thank you for doing all you do.
Love the choice of guests!! Stimulating conversations, mind blowing discussions and practical takeaways
Powerful and authentic voice
I’m just getting into this new found podcast and Matt speaks my language, or I speak his language, or we speak the language of the collective...the thing that I noticed right away is his voice is ennobling listeners in a time of so much uncertainty, it feels like he has cracked the code on possibility. Looking forward to much more!
This is an anti-human podcasts
I listened to a few episodes. Each of them are very against civilization. As if humans don’t deserve to be on earth. I can’t listen to one more minute of this crap.
Epic, Mind/Heart-expanding Content!!
Highly recommend!!
All the need-to-knows for Self-Mastery
Matt is creating awareness within Mind, Body & Spirit and bringing it mainstream. Be it Podcast, Coaching, Zen Athlete or Soul Compass he openly shares his knowledge, experience and the tools for everyone and anyone to live to their fullest potential. I first got hooked on the Master Mind Body Spirit podcast after hearing him as a guest on another podcast. Couldn’t even tell you the name of the other podcast now. He asks the questions to the ancient elders you’ve always wanted to hear from but didn’t know how. He brings in authors, bio hackers, environmentalists, motivational speakers, dietitians, mind-fullness leaders, science & spiritual experts. All the need-to-knows for Self-Mastery!
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Unearthing earth
Matt is such an inspirational guy. He brings some of the best content I’ve ever stumbled upon. Each podcast I walk away with something that I needed to hear. I would give a 10/10 and suggest that anyone who is looking for spiritual enlightenment check this guy out, you won’t regret it.
Awesome interview with Christy Whitman
I truly enJOYed listening to the interview with Matt Belair and Christy Whitman. My take-away was the importance in belief, future visioning, and the law of attraction, especially with how this works in Matt's world of extreme sports. The combination is key for anything we set out to achieve in life. Thank you!
Matt is my people
Really have loved listening to and learning from this guy. He has inspired me to start where I am, let go of expectations, and do good for the sake of doing good. His guests are awesome, and I look forward to this podcast continuing to evolve into something beautiful.
Meaningful podcasts!
Love the info shared. I always get something out of them that I can and do apply to my life. Inspirational and important.
He could google it, but instead he lives it!
It’s easy to google and read others experiences but Matt takes concepts off the page. The podcasts and videos are an example of how “knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom” as he truly encourages others to explore their potential.
Excellent, interesting and engaging!
Matt hosts and amazing podcast. I love the content. It is thought revoking, actionable and useful. Interesting guests and great conversation. I highly recommend this show!
This is my favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast
Such Good Vibes
I work with Troy Casey @certifiedheathnut and he suggested I listen to your podcast. Just finished the one with Christy Whitman and pulled out so many great approaches from BOTH OF YOU. Loved the applicable mastery you both shared and I’m excited to apply it in my life. Matt, you truly bring in the good vibes with your energy and keep the conversation elevated. I’ll be continuing to tune in!
a fellow
Matt’s Show Rises Above The Rest
Matt’s impeccable discernment for real truth and passion for solutions makes this show truly stand out from many of the more ‘alternative’ podcasts out there. Love Matt and everything he does!!
Raising YOUR vibration
Matt's honesty, vulnerability, passion, and drive to spread the word of positivity and enlightnment is contagious. There are no pretenses and his message is accessible to anyone, making this podcast ideal for the seasoned enlightened mind and to someone who has just discovered this magical space of possibility. Sink in, keep your mind open and aware. Just soak in the deliciousness of words spread during each interview. You are guaranteed to walk away knowing a little more than you did before, whether it’s about yourself or the world around you.
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Wisdom Seekers: This is your go to podcast!
Matt Belair is clearly a seeker & sage who helps us understand the phenomena of science, spirituality and ancient wisdom. He chooses some of the most advanced minds in the world to interview and his episode topics keep us on the ball, thirsty and coming back for more. This is a must subscription for anyone looking to push the boundaries of the human mind and expand their consciousness.
Lisa Roulette
This podcast is truly worth your time!
Honestly this is an awesome show and I really appreciate Matt’s vibe and guests - especially people like David Lonebear Sanipass - as a native Americans and shamanic healer in my own right it’s good to see people like him getting recognized for the unique wisdom they bring to our collective!!
Truly Amazing Life Enhancing Podcast
When I came across Matt’s podcast I was on a mission to end my life. I can only express gratitude since that day because not only have I healed tremendously as a result of the teachers, thinkers, and doers he has had on his show but have found my life purpose. Today I’m on mission to manifest a reality that I deserve filled with love, abundance, and compassion for humanity and our planet. If you came across this podcast it’s because you are destined for greatness such as I am. Start listening. 🙏🏼💫 #truth #freedom #love Ed Moreno
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Absolutely AMAZING
Listening to this podcast has not only impacted my life in a positive way, but being a guest on this podcast was truly an amazing experience. Matt is one of the most knowledgeable in his space of personal development. He has a way of interviewing and opening discussions that make the listener think in ways that they normally wouldn’t and he addresses topics that are widely questioned, yet rarely answered. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone seeking the highest level of personal development!
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✨Food for the soul!✨
Amazing topics, wonderful conversations and such an array of knowledge and wisdom to explore! If you want to learn about human potential and what it means to push yourself beyond limitations, Matt and his guests bring worlds of insight and information into what is possible. This is a show that is truly gratifying for the soul and will help to expand your mind, body & spirit! I’ve had more than my fair share of paradigm shifts. It’s by far the best show out there!!! Just sit back, hit play and let Matt and his guests take you for a ride into worlds of possibilities and insights! Truly exceptional!
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Great show
Awesome show, awesome energy and an honest message. Loved it
Nico Powell
Best podcast out there. I have been a very grateful listener for a few years. He is the most compassionate, down to earth host and is an amazing listener, which truly brings out the best in his guests. Topics of conversation on his podcasts have been life changing for me. He’s so grounded, at the same time out of this world. He seems to “practice what he preaches” which is absolutely contagious and inspiring. This is my second review, first one a few years ago. Please listen !
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Bringer of Goodness
I can’t even imagine how the world would change if more people listened to Matts amazing podcasts filled with knowledge wisdom love and kindness! Grateful 🙏
Great show, diverse perspectives and consistent focus
My favorite self improvement podcast by far. Keeps things simple and down to earth without shying away from the weirdness and mystery of our world. I have listened to this show for years and I hope to be a listener for years to come. -Michael
Michael Rayquaza
Essential podcast
Always interesting, high quality content. Subscribe—you’ll be glad you did.
The podcast you’ve been looking for...
If I was stuck on an island and could choose only one podcast to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be the Master Mind Body and Spirit Podcast with Matt Belair. Even with access to only one quarter of the total episodes, one would have all the information they needed to create the personal reality of their dreams. Matt asks the right questions-the ones that are critical at this epoch in time as we are exponectially evolving as a collective. Now, more then ever, humanity needs to plug into information that expands one's consciousness and assists in the realization that we are the creators of our world and its up to each of us to master ourselves-mind body and spirit. Each episode provides practical information one can use to immediately start leveling up their life. The guests are some of the best and biggest game changers in the world. I can honesty say that because of the podcast, my life is more magical. This is that good-good you've been looking for!
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I listen to this podcast almost every day to and from work. Matt and his guests speakers are fascinating to listen to and so inspiring and knowledgeable. This podcast immediately puts me in a good mood and has really helped me with the questions/ struggles of life by providing so much insight through others’ experiences. Highly recommended
Amazing podcast!
Matt is so authentic and about as removed from the ego I have seen! He has really deep and meaningful interviews with so many awesome guests! Well worth your time and one of my favorite podcasts!
Love. Transformation. Truth.
Matt is doing great work, sharing high vibe content for his listeners. He tells it how it is and isn't afraid to cover the taboo topics and say the "thing". Highly recommended if you are looking for a trusted ally on the spiritual path.
Simpsoni Balogni pony
Listen and be inspired
Matt brings new knowledge, persepctive, kindness, compassion and honesty into each podcast. His guests unfold new and thought provoking information that can be digested long after listening to this amazing podcast. Each episode is informative, unique and inspiring. With a wide range of topics, anyone and everyone will walk away with several "gems" that will promote a new and refresh look on how we all are, what we can do better, resulting in become better person!
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Tomorrow's Cuisine
Great Food For The Mind
Matt is awesome. His guests are great. Many thanks for making a difference in my life with so many thoughtful and insightful episodes.
tim va
Inspiring and always insightful!
Matt is a humble soul with a beautiful heart that shines through in everything he does, be it a podcast, writing a book or teaching a course. His content is consistently uplifting, timely and incredibly interesting. But it’s his personality and positive energy that continually impress!
Deep dive instructor
Matt's podcast is a compilation of wisdom and inspiration. It's done non-judgementally and with deep affection for his guests and especially his audience. This is always in my regular rotationa and I deeply appreciate the detailed show notes and giveaways. Zen mind, Zen Universe!
Chaim K.
Awesome Material. 💫 Awesome Host. 🙌
Get ready to have your mind blown. Matt is a thoughtful host. Asks great questions, never talks over his guests and the material is always fresh and beyond interesting. My favorite Podcast and YouTuber. #truth
The Ruffled Dove
This podcast has really helped reignite curiosity and growth and aligned actions for all of us who listen. Please listen if you haven’t yet we need to be our best selves and cooperate with this planet and save it we still have hope. Thanks Matt and all the amazing guests.
Perfect for the soul
Binge listening to Matt’s show has really polarized my moral an spiritual compass. The connections that hold your mind, body, and spirit are key. Many of the visualization methods he talks about I have been unintentionally doing most of my life. Matt has opened my mind to a multitude more and has re-awakened some that I have lost connection to. Now more than ever I am utilizing these to support my goals.
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Most useful podcast out
You definitely are doing such huge things with having this podcast. As much as it has helped me I can just imagine how many other are having there minds blown daily!
Matt Belair!!!!
Matt Belair is incredible. He brings ALL KINDS of esoteric wisdom to the table on top of being a total baddass of an athlete. He gave me some work out tips i'm still using today. And he is discerning too. There is a lot of werid metaphysical information out there and he cuts through all that with a quickness. Love his guests too. #ParisRobinson
Mark C England
Author, Cosmometry - Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos
I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Matt's excellent podcast, thoroughly enjoying an engaging conversation that spanned a wide varietly of topics, all threaded together by Matt's insightful inquiry and deep listening. I'll be tuning in to many of his shows and look forward to great conversations to come!
Marshall Lefferts
Great host, great show
I love Matt's enthusiasm and positivity. He has an infectious style and made me feel welcomed, respected and appreciated when I was on his show. I come back to his channel to find ongoing interviews with people that I know I will find interesting.
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