Master Mind, Body and Spirit
Master Mind, Body and Spirit
Matt Belair
Dr. Speaks Out on Coronavirus Agenda, Why the CV-19 Tests are Flawed, Big Pharma & Bill Gates
1 hour 40 minutes Posted Apr 23, 2020 at 4:35 pm.
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Show Notes:


Today’s guest is a retired dr with a specialization in bio-terrain medicine and holds many complimenting degrees and certifications in the health field.


Treat the body and not the disease

The one process of nature

Why viruses are the most misunderstood

Why CV-19 tests are flawed

Why you should turn modems off at night

Dr. Zach Bush

The agenda behind the scenes

Cashless societies

Rudolph Steiner

Dr. Anthony Fauci's shady history

Using aids to control a narrative

The importance of microbes

Why you shouldn’t be worried about the coronavirus but what’s happening behind the scenes

Understanding vaccines

The work of Walter Russel

Why we are being cut off from higher frequencies

Where is your line?

Will you let them usurp your free will?

Hypocrites treat the body not the disease

The power of your thoughts

Stop making war on yourself and others


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