MCU Fan Show - Loki and more Marvel Studios commentary
MCU Fan Show - Loki and more Marvel Studios commentary
Sean Gerber
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Best around
The best podcast about them all the universe. I don’t trust any other rewatch podcast. This one is the top one
I listen to this show so much and love. I found it looking for mcu shows, and found this. I now get in trouble for listening so much!!!!!
Tom Hamks
Pleasant surprise!
Found this podcast hunting around for something new in the “You Might Also Like” section and gave the Eternals Trailer Breakdown a listen. Loved it! Great takeaways and nuggets. Can’t wait to go back through and listen to everything else. Also, really appreciate the thorough show notes!
Bethany Gersh
Great MCU Breakdown Podcast
The knowledgeable hosts take a deep dive look at MCU episodes and analyze each scene dissecting elements and revealing so much about the characters and events.
The Chiller Dude
This podcast is amazing! Deep rich synopsis of the MCU!
Good podcast
I like your podcast, but Guardians vol. 2 is not ‘introspective in a really beautiful and profound way’. These kinds of opinions make the rest of your opinions suspect. A little too ‘pro-mcu-no-matter-what’.
Best podcaster out there
Sean has a way of creating a community— if it’s your first time listening or you’ve been listening for years, Sean makes you feel like he’s having a conversation with you personally. Every tier he creates for his Patreon is fair, and you can just tell that he goes above and beyond snd really cares about the show. The best part about Sean is his way to relate the world as it is with marvel. He’s real and straightforward. You can listen to this podcast and enjoy great action scenes and other classic “hero stuff” while also bettering yourself and finding how you can do better in the world. A beyond humble host. Truly great guy.
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Search found
I dig that the show goes through the show as it happened and you discuss as such. Thank you for that. Too many others talk for a hour about two things and are so worried about what will happen next, they don’t talk about what just happened.
Stop Crapping on Paul
This is a very insightful show, and I look forward to Sean’s takes every week. But people need to stop crapping on Paul. He’s not as bad as everyone keeps saying. There’s a structure to this show, and sometimes it feels less like a casual conversation and more like hitting the bullet points of an itinerary. It’s great to prep and know the subjects you’ll be discussing, but Paul’s input provides some much-needed casualness to a show that can otherwise feel slightly robotic at times. Paul is a good co-host. I would have him on my own show any time.
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Why Paul still
Sean is so strong he’s been able to keep this show at a good to great level, despite Paul’s rambling nonsense. Paul talks in circles, is constantly “not trying to get ahead of himself”, and literally just repeats what Sean eloquently presents, but in a bumpy and difficult to follow way that adds nothing to the show. You’ve had strong guest hosts on. Why not stick with them? I’m sorry for being rude but come on this has got to be the elephant in the room.
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Take a shot every time Paul says “again” while explaining his thoughts on the episode 😂😬
Would be five stars but...
I think Sean Gerber is really good and I enjoy listening to him. Paul Hermann adds nothing but rambling comic book theories and apparently a complete lack of comprehension of what he’s watching. I don’t understand how he could possibly be confused about why Sharon Carter would be bitter. And before anyone asks, yes I could do better.
The best MCU podcast hands-down
Sean and Paul do an amazing job breaking down all things MCU. I found Sean on another podcast where they were breaking down WandaVision, and soon realized that this guy really knew what he was talking about. Being a huge Marvel fan myself since the beginning (birth), I find his knowledge amazing. He really knows how to break things down and does his research and has very cogent points in his opinions about the movies and TV shows we all love. If you want to hear more than just a recap and get a sense of the nitty-gritty of these movies and shows Sean is the guy to go to. I even signed up for Patreon because he is that good. Must listen.
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Just stopped the show and unfollowed
Race, race, race... just constantly shoving it down our throats. You said “John Walker didn’t check his privilege” which made me nauseous. Then just constantly pointing out that Walker is only Cap because of his skin which is ridiculous to me. Maybe the show will go that route but it hasn’t yet and for you to just infer that automatically makes you racist. Would you say that Hoskins is only Walkers sidekick because of the color of his skin? Of course not because you woke lunatics would never point that out. I know you don’t care about one unsubscribe but I know most people just don’t want this narrative shoved down their throat. If the writers and show runners want to explore that then so be it and I’ll watch and enjoy the story but you just constantly assuming this and that... all about “white-man-bad” is ridiculous and pathetic.... and because I know you’re assuming I’m a white male, I’ll just stop you there because I am Hispanic and my parents immigrated to this country so quit it with the wokeness already. This ideology will not end well for this beautiful country.
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Great MCU Insight
Sean has a great insight and knowledge into the MCU. I only just started listening when WandaVision started to air. I love listening to Sean’s breakdowns and theories about the MCU shows. As for his guests, Paul needs to go. He doesn’t complete a thought, and you can tell that Sean tries to be nice to him and let him speak, but doesn’t agree with him on most topics. The most recent episode with Robert was fantastic! Robert needs to stay throughout Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He seems to have great military insight and insight into BLM and the lives of POC. Overall, the show is fantastic and allows to to keep myself within the world of marvel week to week, in between episodes. Thank you for this podcast!
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Thumbs up
I just stumbled across this podcast for WandaVision, which I love, but I also went back to listen to your spoiler review of Infinity War. I laughed and was extremely entertained. I love that you are verbose in the best way possible. You’ve gained a new fan. ☺️ I came back to say I love Paul on this show. His enthusiasm and genuine love for Marvel is evident. Paul speaks passionately about the topics. You can't ask for a better co-host.
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Thorough Burroughs
Falcon/winter ep 1
Nice show, but Paul’s audio quality is pretty poor. He should be using a dedicated mic instead of his computer’s microphone.
mcu dawg
Host is too political.
Way too woke and injects it into his interpretation of the scenes.
Fantastic MCU Podcast!
I’ve recently started listening to the podcast since the weekly breakdown of Wandavision episodes, and have really enjoyed the thoughtful breakdown and analysis! If you’re looking for a podcast to enhance your MCU experience, this is it!!!
But his name is Herb!!
For a great time: watch all episodes of WandaVision, then listen to each of this podcast’s WandaVision episodes and get maximum enjoyment from the co-host - repeatedly self-proclaimed a ‘Marvel Zombie’ - completely whiff on EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION he makes along the way. Seriously, aside from an early offhanded guess that white Vision may appear he gets nothing right. Nothing. Don’t worry though dude, I’m sure the High Evolutionary will show up some day. The host is solid though.
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Best MCU Podcast
The podcast host, Sean Gerber, with obvious passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie/tv industry as a whole, provides a great mix of direct, factual MCU news bits, along with insightful opinions backed by industry and comic book knowledge. He is the reason why this podcast is better than the others. Truly, the best MCU podcast.
rk the mcu nerd
Great podcast
This show was my entry into the MCU and has always been one of my go to podcasts. Sean is a great host and is balanced perfectly by Paul’s passion for the comics aka the source material the MCU is based on. Paul is one of my favorite podcasters of all time. All the people who get on here just to leave a 3 paragraph manifesto on what they don’t like about this podcast have way too much time on your hands. This podcast is awesome because of the hosts. Both of them. Nuff said.
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You know that this show is based on comics, right?
Sometimes good vs evil is just good vs evil.
Needs more Gerber
I was excited when I learned that Sean Gerber had a podcast. But upon listening I was disappointed. Gerber offers terrific insight and opinions but his co-host offers nothing. Paul is awful. He brings nothing to the table and he’s the type of fan who has trouble following the show he’s watching because he’s too busy pondering how it all connects back to the comics he read. After 5 episodes of skipping past Paul, I realized that the podcast is not for me.
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Babu jimmy
Sean Is A Pro
I love this show, but my love of it is due to Sean, almost entirely. But, Paul... he knows his stuff, but his reliance on crutch words are an absolute distraction. As much as I try to ignore them, I cannot. Each time he says, “And again...” my mind shrivels up a little. Paul... finish your thoughts, brother. Slow your mind down and stop taking detours. As a communicator, you should consciously work on eliminating your verbal crutches. On the rare episodes that you manage to overcome them, you sound fantastic. Nothing gets in the way of your knowledge and opinion. There’s no friction. Bring us more of that, and eliminate the expression, “and again” from your arsenal. It’ll make you a much stronger communicator.
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Half Good
This podcast is only half as good as it could be because of the co-host problem. I actually came here to see if anybody is as bothered by Paul as i am. Paul has nothing of value to contribute here. He doesn’t have anything smart or original to say and isn’t fun to listen to. Sean, on the other hand is all-around great and coherent. I listen to another WandaVision recap podcast, and the 3 hosts there aren’t as good as Sean is all by himself. I just wish he had a better co-host.
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Love it!
I usually listen to their podcasts whenever I am doing work. It’s so fun listening to their podcasts because they’re so informative and it’s cool seeing what else people think about my favorite MCU movies and shows.
Great pod
Heemie man
Hey there
Sean: I love the show and the deep dives. But dude. WandaVision is not going to be nominated that much. Should it? Maybe. I don’t think it’s THAT deserving. If it doesn’t get nominated, that’s stupid. But bruh, stop over exaggerating how deserving VERY SINGLE MARVEL MOVIE IS. I am dying to hear you say if you don’t like one. There’s literally no way you like every single one. But otherwise great show
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Hehe Yeet Man
Great in depth Wanda vision show
I have enjoyed listening to this podcast throughout Wandavision and plan to stick around after. Its actually gotten me to start reading the comics. I gave it 4 stars because Paul doesn’t have clear points. I like Paul as a cohost and think he’s informative but he takes a long time to formulate his thoughts and just kind of babbles for a bit to get there. I regularly skip forward.
Paul and Sean are perfect!
I love Paul’s way of thinking and Sean’s scene by scene meticulously dissecting everything. These two guys are meant to be together on this podcast, both are brilliant and discuss their own point of view which I appreciate very, very, much. Don’t let the haters distract you guys. Keep being awesome!
Awesome podcast
This podcast is so great. I don’t know why people talk bad about Paul though, Sean and Paul are both awesome at this
bob of butts
If you are a MCU fan, this is the one for you
I've listened to this podcast for some time now and it has grown to become one of my favorites. Sean and Paul bring a love of all things Marvel to the table albeit from different points of view, which is great. Thank you both for devoting so much time to this subject and to fans of your show.
Sean is 5 Stars; Paul is Vexing
I’ve been listening to this podcast now for a month and I enjoy it overall but only while Sean is talking. Unfortunately, his co-host, Paul Hermann is not engaging, committed or able to keep a conversation going about the source material, unless he’s talking about himself or mentioning how he knows so much. In other words, he’s off putting and not necessary for the show. It’s an unusual pairing to be frank and I’m not sure if I’m able to listen much longer after cringe worthy moments following Paul’s input. Sorry. 🤷🏻
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MCU Podcast
This is the most digestible MCU related podcast I have had the experience of listening to. While it is long, I find it very insightful and worth a listen!
Passionate, knowledgeable hosts but one is a jerk
PROS: encyclopedic MCU and Marvel comics knowledge that gives context on MCU storylines, theories and comic lore. Great insight into movie/TV storytelling that touches on motivations for the actors and screenwriters. CONS: why does Sean even have a co-host? Whenever Paul even implies a different theory, Sean cuts him off & filibusters as to why what he already theorized is right. People say that Paul isn’t always coherent - maybe it’s because he knows he’s liable to get cut off at any moment so Sean can hear himself talk for another 4 straight minutes? Oh, and if one of your previous theories turns out to be right, we don’t need you to reference the episode - down to the second - that you called it. Nobody cares. Lastly, if the MCU ever did anything wrong, you’re not going to hear about it from these Marvel Zombies.
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I’d stay if it was just Sean
Sean is informative and eloquent. Paul is combative.
Great podcast with great hosts!
Sean is very knowledgeable in Marvel lore and behind the scenes stuff, while Paul adds some welcome humor. The hosts play off of each other well for the most part. I don’t know why people don’t like Paul, he’s great!
Almost 5 stars
I have loved this show since it was known by another name. It’s how I relate best to the marvel universe cinematically. I rarely leave reviews , but after years I can’t ignore the fact that Paul rarely actually says anything . It’s like he crash studies just before broadcasting , covers with nerd sounds , back and around talking , and simply parroting what Sean says back to him . The WandaVison run has just been to much , and It drives me crazy . I love this show sooo much but people ignore he does this like the elephant in the room . Dear god Paul live up to your potential so Sean doesn’t have to keep pc Principaling a safe space for you to keep saying nothing .
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Marvelous show!
Love this podcast! Informative and entertaining!
Fan of the Fadora
Sean is amazing. But Paul is NOT.
Sean is knowledgeable, funny, kind, consistently diving deep into lore/Easter eggs and an overall natural. If this was just his show I’d listen eagerly every week and rate 5 stars. Paul on the other hand... yikes. Just a GIGANTIC SUBSTANTIAL Y-I-K-E-S Paul is condescending, uninformed, repeats his few points he understands over and over because he doesn’t research and is a misogynistic oafish bore. He NEVER likes female characters and acts like we would be shocked by that. He also doesn’t really know the source material these shows are based on nor does he have a unique take on what a conversation on a podcast would require. . . so why oh WHY is he cohosting a podcast? I tried, I HONESTLY TRIED to listen each week for the insightful commentary Sean gleams forward during each show. But Paul this last week was my official breaking point. I can’t listen to a show flinching every time the other person on the podcast speaks. Finally unsubbing... sadly. As honestly I LOVE Sean’s voice, cadence, insightfulness and knowledge of the source material. . . But it can no longer overshadow Paul’s grating voice, weird speech inconsistencies, ignorance of the subject matter, overt misogyny and overall just not adding ANYTHING of substance to the show. Should Sean ever have his own podcast I’d subscribe in a hot minute and I’d even pay monthly as a Patreon as I feel that STRONGLY about the subject. So in conclusion save yourself the trouble and skip this podcast.
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Villanelles xeha
Best MCU Breakdowns
Any fan of the MCU should listen to this podcast. The breakdown of trailers, movies and TV shows are top notch. It fills in the gaps that I didn’t think of to enjoy the MCU even more.
Great podcast
Love marvel, love this podcast, and especially love listening to the Wandavision ones recently. I just wanted to point out, however, that the ad in episode 3 of Wandavision that features the same woman, the man DOES appear in the ad, as the “servant” that is fanning her with a palm branch as she bathes with the Hydra Soak.
Been listening for a few years. If you want a podcast that is informative and gives great analysis of MCU content while still being passionate about it, this is the one.
Love the show
Love the show!! Sometimes Sean can come off a little rude when the other guy gives his theory. Overrall thought best show for MCU!
Great show
I’ve been listening for 5 years now and I think I’ve gotten smarter about the MCU because of it. Sean is a great host and Paul brings some really deep cuts from the comics that I didn’t know existed. I can’t recommend it enough.
Jim Scroggs
My take on mcu fan show
Pretty pretty pretty pretty good
Bert Humperdinck
The best mcu show out there
Seriously. I shopped around for a great mcu show and when I found this one, I knew my search was over. Sean and Paul’s discussion on all things mcu is spectacular and the analysis is wonderful. I started listening for wandavision but immediately dove into the backlog after hearing one episode. It’s a blast and I wholeheartedly recommend this show. Also Paul is great. Never change.
Great listen
Thanks for making a fun and informative product!!
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