MCU Fan Show - What If...?, Shang-Chi, and more Marvel Studios commentary
MCU Fan Show - What If...?, Shang-Chi, and more Marvel Studios commentary
Sean Gerber
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Sean was BIG upset this round
Man! I really liked the Zombies episode as it was entertaining and quick moving. I didn’t expect Sean to be so against this episode because as he rightly points out, the perception is that he usually likes, nay, gushes over everything Marvel. Paul just goes with whatever Sean says so that wasn’t surprising.
I love listening to Sean & Paul. Paul is my favorite!!!!! His passion and love for the content is evident. His knowledge is abundant! Sean is good too. Both of these guys have a great dynamic!!!
Favorite Marvel Podcast
Honest, thorough, and funny hosts who provide some of the best weekly Marvel content out there. I love the comic tie ins as well as the deep dives in to characters and stories. I look forward to it every week.
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Best MCU podcast for all things Marvel!
This is my to-go podcast for everything Marvel. Thank you Sean and Paul, really appreciate all you do for your listeners!
Excellent podcast!
Got into marvel with my senior in high school. I found this podcast so I could learn a little more while going on my walks. This podcast has so much information! Love the detail the hosts share all the time. My daughter just left for college, but we can still talk marvel thanks to my insider knowledge shared by Sean and Paul. Funny side note- I had gone back and listened to a podcast on speculations for endgame. There was a part of the podcast when Paul got so excited when he thought Captain America was going to be able to lift Thor’s hammer (y’all know what it’s called). Anyway his excitement made me laugh (knowing he was right) and rewind it several times. I can definitely tell they know what they are talking about and appreciate the hard work they but into each show. Thanks!!
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Lori55 from NC
It’s good
Only issue with this podcast is the host gets kinda self righteous and it comes off mean spirited at times. Funny part is he usually is right in most cases, it’s just sometimes there’s a lack of humility and kindness in his tone.
So Good!
This podcast is INCREDIBLE!!! The hosts are wonderful and have so much neat insight into basically everything! I love the spoiler reviews for all the Disney+ shows. You guys give me so much to think about and consider with the shows. My favorites were the Loki spoiler reviews. You made me think about things I never considered and notice things I didn’t notice before. I’ve seen all the Marvel movies multiple times (and the shows as well). I was so happy to discover this podcast and just listen to hours and hours of people talking about one of my favorite subjects ever: Marvel! I think it would be really neat if you could get some guest actors and directors on the show from Marvel so you could talk with them about these Marvel projects. Love the podcast, keep up the incredible work! “No one bad is ever truly bad…and no one good is ever truly good.” -Loki Laufeyson
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Carol Marvellette
I love the show it gives a deeper look at everything and keeps myself and my friends thinking you guys keep it up I love it.
Just what I was looking for.
Don’t change, keep up the in-depth reviews and geeky comic book banter. Well done!
tommy tom 1955
Best MCU pod out there and not close
Sean and Paul do an excellent job breaking down MCU shows/movies in a way that is enjoyable and interesting, no matter what your marvel knowledge is. That isn’t to say they dumb stuff down, not at all, but you will get a lot from this show whether an avid comic reader since the ‘80s or new to the MCU. I have loved the MCU and listening to Sean and Paul has only enhanced my viewing of the movies and shows. Also, Sean’s Patreon is totally worth it! Chances are you like more than the MCU and chances are, those things are on the Patreon! They also seem to be genuinely nice people which just makes the show all the better!
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Jaaron Smith
Best show on Marvel universe on
This one of the best show with great guests
The Best of the Best
This review is long overdue. MCU Fan Show is the best podcast covering Marvel Studios content. I’ve listened to many (pretty solid) MCU podcasts, but MCU Fan Show is the first that truly matched my excitement about the universe. Sean Gerber is, as I put in my title, the best of the best. A true professional, Sean seamlessly weaves together his inner geek-ness and his legitimate knowledge of the industry. He has access to premieres, people within Marvel Studios (see his conversation with Andy Park), and genuinely understands what makes these movies great. Sean also has a gift of discussing nuanced issues with thoughtfulness and respect. Paul Hermann is a walking comic wiki. Sean also has plenty of knowledge of the comics, but Paul brings that to another level. He’s constantly mentioning deep cuts from the comics that never even crossed my mind, making theories and speculation that much more fun He also brings an extremely infectious energy to the podcast, building my excitement right along with his own. I’ve been consistently listening to MCU Fan Show for a few years now, and I don’t plan on stopping. They’re constantly pumping out new content, but it also has a purpose. There’s no filler. I find myself looking forward to their spoiler reviews almost as much as the movies/shows themselves. I love hearing their conversations and learning new perspectives about the MCU. To summarize, this is the best MCU podcast around. The hosts are not only knowledgable, but they share my excitement for the MCU. I wish 5 stars wasn’t the limit, because this podcast is a 10/5.
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Sean 👌🏽
Sean is great annnnd I’m going to leave it at that lol
All around great
This is easily the best marvel podcast (And the only marvel podcast) I have ever listened to 5 stars
SupaTroopa 2008
Please Ditch the Co-Host!
I really really really want to like this show. I like what they cover. The primary host is balanced in tone, intelligent, thoughtful, and informed. The co-host is a buffoon that makes the podcast very difficult to listen to. It’s a real shame because this could be an excellent show. The co-host adds absolutely nothing but horrible takes and stream of consciousness worthy of a 7-year-old.
Agrippina Minor
Best MCU podcast
The new Marvel movie experience isn’t complete until I get to listen to the spoiler review that’s longer than the movie itself!
I love this podcast! Sean and Paul are a lot of fun to listen to. The vibe and dynamic are very laid back and makes you feel like you’re there sitting with them. They cover everything MCU in great depth, especially the spoiler reviews for the movies and the series episodes! Keep it up fellas, I love listening! Can’t get enough!
Rioz Review
If you love the MCU you’ll love this podcast, they do a great job of discussing the scenes of your favorite MCU movies and shows. They have a vast knowledge of the comics and can elaborate the differences between MCU characters and their comic counterparts. This is easily my favorite podcast !!
Great podcast
Love this podcast. Spoiler reviews of the Disney plus series has been awesome
Best mcu podcast out there
One of the podcasts I listen to regularly
There are only a few podcasts that I’m compelled to listen to regularly. Thanks guys for producing such a great podcast about all the Marvel properties that I can’t get enough of! Listening to you is like having a geeky conversation with my friends! ;-)
Again, it’s great! Again.
Do you love the word “AGAIN” as much as I do?? Well shoot, you’re gonna... again... LOVE this podcast! Again. Co-host Paul Herman, again, will make sure a moment doesn’t go by you aren’t wrapped in the warm embrace of all the AGAIN’s your heart can handle. I’m talking, again, AT LEAST 164 uses of the word AGAIN per ep, and sometimes, again, multiple uses of again in the same sentence! It’s not distracting or grating on your nerves at all. Again, it’s great! 5 stars. Would recommend! Again.
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Shut up
Too political
Hehe Yeet Man
Paul, please work on organizing your thoughts brother!
This is far and away my favorite my favorite MCU podcast. I love the dynamic between Sean and Paul. Sean’s play-by-play commentary is thorough and entertaining. He speaks thoughtfully and clearly, and is almost soothing to listen to with his cadence. I often pick up on things I missed when Sean goes over them. And his musings over what the characters are feeling in a given scene are wonderful. He may stretch a bit, but his commentary makes me enjoy the MCU offerings even more because I can view them again with a different perspective. Paul is like the guy you love to geek out with over pizza and beer. His excitement can be infectious and his comic knowledge is vast and appreciated. However, this is a podcast format show and Paul’s thoughts can be frustratingly meandering. He takes a really, really long time to basically say nothing, or just repeat what Sean already said in a way that’s far less coherent. I had to force myself to stop fast forwarding through his parts. He also says “And again” at least 10 times per speaking segment, so probably upwards of 100 times per show. It is extremely grating. I think if he just slowed down a little and took some time to form coherent thoughts then he’d be great. I love his enthusiasm and excitement and it goes well against Sean’s more reserved and calculated persona.
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The only MCU podcast that goes DEEP and I love it.
Fantastic, honest, thoughtful
Great feedback show. Super compelling commentary. Very much appreciate that they can offer criticism as well as praise. Highly recommended for mcu fans and critics alike.
Top shelf
If you’re expecting just another watered down, plastic bottle service, it’s not. Great knowledge from these two and just a very cool listen to every week.
R Breese
Favorite Marvel Podcast!
Watch Marvel show, listen to these guys, watch show again - repeat.
Best around
The best podcast about them all the universe. I don’t trust any other rewatch podcast. This one is the top one
I listen to this show so much and love. I found it looking for mcu shows, and found this. I now get in trouble for listening so much!!!!!
Tom Hamks
Pleasant surprise!
Found this podcast hunting around for something new in the “You Might Also Like” section and gave the Eternals Trailer Breakdown a listen. Loved it! Great takeaways and nuggets. Can’t wait to go back through and listen to everything else. Also, really appreciate the thorough show notes!
Bethany Gersh
Great MCU Breakdown Podcast
The knowledgeable hosts take a deep dive look at MCU episodes and analyze each scene dissecting elements and revealing so much about the characters and events.
The Chiller Dude
This podcast is amazing! Deep rich synopsis of the MCU!
Good podcast
I like your podcast, but Guardians vol. 2 is not ‘introspective in a really beautiful and profound way’. These kinds of opinions make the rest of your opinions suspect. A little too ‘pro-mcu-no-matter-what’.
Best podcaster out there
Sean has a way of creating a community— if it’s your first time listening or you’ve been listening for years, Sean makes you feel like he’s having a conversation with you personally. Every tier he creates for his Patreon is fair, and you can just tell that he goes above and beyond snd really cares about the show. The best part about Sean is his way to relate the world as it is with marvel. He’s real and straightforward. You can listen to this podcast and enjoy great action scenes and other classic “hero stuff” while also bettering yourself and finding how you can do better in the world. A beyond humble host. Truly great guy.
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Search found
I dig that the show goes through the show as it happened and you discuss as such. Thank you for that. Too many others talk for a hour about two things and are so worried about what will happen next, they don’t talk about what just happened.
Stop Crapping on Paul
This is a very insightful show, and I look forward to Sean’s takes every week. But people need to stop crapping on Paul. He’s not as bad as everyone keeps saying. There’s a structure to this show, and sometimes it feels less like a casual conversation and more like hitting the bullet points of an itinerary. It’s great to prep and know the subjects you’ll be discussing, but Paul’s input provides some much-needed casualness to a show that can otherwise feel slightly robotic at times. Paul is a good co-host. I would have him on my own show any time.
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Take a shot every time Paul says “again” while explaining his thoughts on the episode 😂😬
Would be five stars but...
I think Sean Gerber is really good and I enjoy listening to him. Paul Hermann adds nothing but rambling comic book theories and apparently a complete lack of comprehension of what he’s watching. I don’t understand how he could possibly be confused about why Sharon Carter would be bitter. And before anyone asks, yes I could do better.
The best MCU podcast hands-down
Sean and Paul do an amazing job breaking down all things MCU. I found Sean on another podcast where they were breaking down WandaVision, and soon realized that this guy really knew what he was talking about. Being a huge Marvel fan myself since the beginning (birth), I find his knowledge amazing. He really knows how to break things down and does his research and has very cogent points in his opinions about the movies and TV shows we all love. If you want to hear more than just a recap and get a sense of the nitty-gritty of these movies and shows Sean is the guy to go to. I even signed up for Patreon because he is that good. Must listen.
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Just stopped the show and unfollowed
Race, race, race... just constantly shoving it down our throats. You said “John Walker didn’t check his privilege” which made me nauseous. Then just constantly pointing out that Walker is only Cap because of his skin which is ridiculous to me. Maybe the show will go that route but it hasn’t yet and for you to just infer that automatically makes you racist. Would you say that Hoskins is only Walkers sidekick because of the color of his skin? Of course not because you woke lunatics would never point that out. I know you don’t care about one unsubscribe but I know most people just don’t want this narrative shoved down their throat. If the writers and show runners want to explore that then so be it and I’ll watch and enjoy the story but you just constantly assuming this and that... all about “white-man-bad” is ridiculous and pathetic.... and because I know you’re assuming I’m a white male, I’ll just stop you there because I am Hispanic and my parents immigrated to this country so quit it with the wokeness already. This ideology will not end well for this beautiful country.
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Great MCU Insight
Sean has a great insight and knowledge into the MCU. I only just started listening when WandaVision started to air. I love listening to Sean’s breakdowns and theories about the MCU shows. As for his guests, Paul needs to go. He doesn’t complete a thought, and you can tell that Sean tries to be nice to him and let him speak, but doesn’t agree with him on most topics. The most recent episode with Robert was fantastic! Robert needs to stay throughout Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He seems to have great military insight and insight into BLM and the lives of POC. Overall, the show is fantastic and allows to to keep myself within the world of marvel week to week, in between episodes. Thank you for this podcast!
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Thumbs up
I just stumbled across this podcast for WandaVision, which I love, but I also went back to listen to your spoiler review of Infinity War. I laughed and was extremely entertained. I love that you are verbose in the best way possible. You’ve gained a new fan. ☺️ I came back to say I love Paul on this show. His enthusiasm and genuine love for Marvel is evident. Paul speaks passionately about the topics. You can't ask for a better co-host.
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Thorough Burroughs
Falcon/winter ep 1
Nice show, but Paul’s audio quality is pretty poor. He should be using a dedicated mic instead of his computer’s microphone.
mcu dawg
Host is too political.
Way too woke and injects it into his interpretation of the scenes.
Fantastic MCU Podcast!
I’ve recently started listening to the podcast since the weekly breakdown of Wandavision episodes, and have really enjoyed the thoughtful breakdown and analysis! If you’re looking for a podcast to enhance your MCU experience, this is it!!!
But his name is Herb!!
For a great time: watch all episodes of WandaVision, then listen to each of this podcast’s WandaVision episodes and get maximum enjoyment from the co-host - repeatedly self-proclaimed a ‘Marvel Zombie’ - completely whiff on EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION he makes along the way. Seriously, aside from an early offhanded guess that white Vision may appear he gets nothing right. Nothing. Don’t worry though dude, I’m sure the High Evolutionary will show up some day. The host is solid though.
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Best MCU Podcast
The podcast host, Sean Gerber, with obvious passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie/tv industry as a whole, provides a great mix of direct, factual MCU news bits, along with insightful opinions backed by industry and comic book knowledge. He is the reason why this podcast is better than the others. Truly, the best MCU podcast.
rk the mcu nerd
Great podcast
This show was my entry into the MCU and has always been one of my go to podcasts. Sean is a great host and is balanced perfectly by Paul’s passion for the comics aka the source material the MCU is based on. Paul is one of my favorite podcasters of all time. All the people who get on here just to leave a 3 paragraph manifesto on what they don’t like about this podcast have way too much time on your hands. This podcast is awesome because of the hosts. Both of them. Nuff said.
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