MCU Fan Show - Loki and more Marvel Studios commentary
MCU Fan Show - Loki and more Marvel Studios commentary
Sean Gerber
#165 Self-reflection, learning, accountability, and growth
19 minutes Posted Jun 25, 2020 at 4:31 pm.
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Show notes
The Black Lives Matter movement is vital if our society is ever going to offer true equality for all. Overcoming systemic racism means examining our own complicity, regardless of our intent. In this episode, Sean Gerber looks at how fandom has contributed to systemic oppression by trying to artificially separate social commentary from entertainment in order to silence the conversations we should be having. The MCU and its fans have not been immune to this. We can and must do better if we are to say the stories and heroes of the MCU offer more than a disposable distraction from the real world. It's time for us to be true to the thematic core of the MCU. It's time to reflect, learn, hold ourselves accountable, and grow. 

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