Signals From Mars Podcast
Signals From Mars Podcast
Victor M. Ruiz
Signals From Mars - Episode 371 - 2023
1 hour 22 minutes Posted Jan 5, 2024 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes
🚀🎸 Reflecting on 2023's Best in Hard Rock and Metal on Signals From Mars Podcast! 🌟 🎧 Join us in a special episode as we reminisce about the incredible year of 2023 in the realms of hard rock and metal music. I'm teaming up with some of my Patrons to delve into our favorite albums of the year and to dissect the top ten lists submitted by our community. 🤘 📊 Here's our unique ranking process: Patrons submit their top 10 albums, with each album earning points based on its position - 10 points for their top choice, down to 1 point for the tenth. We tally up the scores to crown the ultimate album of the year based on collective points. 🏆 🤔 Curious if your top album of 2023 made our list? Think it should be ranked higher? Or surprised by some inclusions? Join the conversation and share your thoughts! 🎶 🌌 To cast your vote and be a part of future episodes alongside our Patrons, learn how to join our Patreon community here: 🔥 Stay connected with all the latest on Signals From Mars: 📢 Proudly ranked in the must-listen-to hard rock podcasts of 2023! Explore the full list here: 📅 Don't miss our live shows every Friday at 5 PM EST and Trivia Tuesday on Twitch at 6 PM EST! More details here: 🔗 Connect with us on: Web: Patreon: Quick Links: Facebook: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: #HardRock #MetalMusic #AlbumRanking #SignalsFromMars #MusicPodcast #YearInReview 🌠🎤