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Signals From Mars Podcast
Victor M. Ruiz
Signals From Mars - Episode 370 - Debut Albums Discussion
1 hour 53 minutes Posted Dec 26, 2023 at 3:58 am.
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Show notes
🚀🎸 Explore the Greatest Debut Albums Ever on Signals From Mars Podcast! 🌟 🎧 Join me and my dedicated Patrons as we delve into an exhilarating discussion of the most iconic debut albums across hard rock, metal, and other unexpected music genres. It's a journey through musical history you won't want to miss! 🤘 📊 Here's how it works: Patrons, listener, journalists, other podcasters, among others submited their top 10 debut albums, each earning points based on their ranking - 10 points for their top choice, down to 1 point for their tenth. We tally the scores to determine the ultimate number one debut album as chosen by our community. 🏆 🤔 Is your all-time favorite debut album on our list? Do you think it deserves a higher spot? Or are you surprised by some of the choices? Join the debate! 🎶 🌌 To participate in the voting and be a part of future episodes featuring our Patrons, discover how to join our Patreon community here: 🔥 Stay connected with everything Signals From Mars: 📢 Exciting News: Signals From Mars is ranked #4 in the top must-listen-to hard rock podcasts of 2023! Check out the full list here: 📅 Catch our live shows every Friday at 5PM EST and join Trivia Tuesday on Twitch at 6 PM EST! More details here: 🔗 Connect with us on: Patreon: Chat: Facebook: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: #DebutAlbums #MusicPodcast #SignalsFromMars #HardRock #MetalMusic #MusicDiscussion 🌠🎤