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Signals From Mars Podcast
Victor M. Ruiz
Signals From Mars – Episode 365 – 1986
1 hour 49 minutes Posted Nov 7, 2023 at 4:08 am.
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Show notes
SIGNALS FROM MARS | 1986 In the latest installment of Signals From Mars, I had the pleasure of engaging with my Patrons as we delved into a nostalgic journey through our favorite albums of 1986. Here's how our musical time travel unfolded: Patrons submitted their top 10 album picks from that year, with a unique point system to rank their choices. The top album earned 10 points, the second got 9, and so on, down to the tenth favorite, which received 1 point. After tallying up the scores, the album with the highest total was crowned the ultimate fan favorite. Curious to see if your go-to album from '86 made the cut? Wondering why it didn't climb higher or questioning its presence on the list at all? To have a say in future rankings and be part of these exciting episodes, you'll need to join the ranks of my Patrons. For details on how to become a Patron and get involved with upcoming features, visit: 👉 Become a Patron of Signals From Mars Stay in the loop with all the happenings of Signals From Mars by bookmarking: 👉 Stay Updated with Signals From Mars And for a bit of bragging rights, Signals From Mars has been heralded as one of the essential hard rock podcasts to tune into in 2023, securing the fourth spot on the list. You can explore the full list of must-listen podcasts here: 👉 Top Hard Rock Podcasts of 2023 Not a fan of Patreon, but would still like the support the show? You can make a one-time PayPal donation, Buy Me A Pizza, buy some merch, or use one of the Amazon links. Go here to find out more.