Market Wrap with Moe
Market Wrap with Moe
Moe Ansari
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He is selling his products by killing people!
Do not listen to him PERIOD.
bhgdd hgff
Waste of your time
This show is such a waste of time especially when he talks about politics. Stick to finance. He’s just like Tom Lee from CNBC a permabull calling bears “doomers” what a joke
Faux news pundit
I finally unsubscribe from this political hack, instead of just talking about the market he includes to much of his opinion, it’s as if he is auditioning for a job on Fox Business, very conceited as if his word and opinions is the gospel 🤮
This is the best financial show I have found in Apple podcasts. Moe is extremely knowledgeable not just about the stock market and financial planning but also in geopolitics. I have learned a lot over the years and enjoy listening to his show on a daily basis
Mo mo
I think everyone who wanted the vaccine got it Moe. Thanks for the medical advice. More market news please or I’m gone.
Enough with the covid talk
For a financial show could you talk financials? Seriously 45 min show half is on covid. If we wanted to listen about covid we would turn on politics. The remainder of the show is commercials and advertising his company. You get maybe a total of 7 mins on what actually happened in the markets today. I unfollowed before because I got tired of the covid talk. I figured maybe 16 months later he wouldn’t be talking about it constantly but here he is still talking about it.
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Great show!
Moe, host of the Market Wrap With Moe podcast, highlights all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Not a medical expert.
Love listening to you but stop with your comments around vaccine. You are not a doctor and you are speaking ignorantly.
Daily listening
Thanks,Moe- you are on my podcast list. I enjoy listening.
I followed Moe for years, but on today’s podcast He said that shutting down parler Was like not allowing the Taliban to plan their operations on our social media and therefore justified. Moe, i’m disappointed. You crossed The line. I’m going to unsubscribe you and I’m going to tell everyone I know about this as well.
checkmate king two
No Medical Degree
I have listened to show. I am not sure when u received your medical degree. Let’s stay with financial that’s your expertise.
mr titos
singing the China praises
Moe, liberals had the most deaths in the nation.. I am sorry if you shorted the market.. your fear mongering didn’t work
Moe’s opinion podcast
I used to listen to this for market information. This has turned into Moe lecturing us on COVID. Deleting from my list.
I can still think for myself
Diminishing Value
I've listened to Moe for over a year. When the market was continually going up, Moe provided a great, hi-level view of world markets and provided some valuable macro insights. The over-marketing and over-hyping of his firm was a bit absurd but I dealt with it since the podcast is free. Ever since the black swan showed up and the markets got volatile (thank you China for your virus and cover up), the podcast has gotten fairly useless and repetitive. Moe's claims that he had been "building a bigger cash position" for months prior to the virus was absurd (he never talked about those efforts in Jan/Feb), and then after the market rose sharply off the March lows, all Moe could talk about was that the markets would re-test the March lows and likely go lower. As with all these talking heads, no one knows what the market will do so please don't bank on Moe providing a crystal ball...the past 3 months prove that he doesn't know any more or less than the next guy. Additionally, the "expert technical analysis" from this podcast is almost comical. With every prediction on where equities, individual stocks, and commodities are headed, there are 2-3 caveats and excuses on alternative paths. Hopefully folks that are listening to this recognize the fallacies of this type advice. I might return to this podcast once the fear mongering fades away, but for now I'll unsubscribe and spend my valuable time listening to some more reasonable "experts".
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Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as someone innovating in the world of banking and finance, or just getting started as an investor - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Moe does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of successfully navigating an ever changing financial and geopolitical landscape. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Love the guest section in particular
Great recap of the day's events. Very high quality guests at the mid portion of the podcast. Has remained a favorite of mine for years and will continue to be.
Awesome Podcast!!
Moe, host of the Market Wrap podcast, highlights all aspects of finance, wealth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Waste of time
Too much of self marketing
Moe wants you to panic!
I have listened off and on since 2002 or so. I actually called to invest the $100,000 I had inherited bc I was pretty much a novice. So I know why people who give away their money to these guys. Thank god they dropped the ball and never called me back. Since then, I learned how to manage my money myself which I would't have if I just gave him the money. Now days, I am more versed with the market and wouldn't give my money to none of these guys. These guys specialize in scaring the avarage investor to panic and run and fall at their feet. I will give it 2 1/2 stars but there is no such rating.
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Moe Knows!
This is a great show. Moe has wisdom that can help you with any size portfolio! He has lots of informative guests. Even the Compak ads are instructive - now you know what service you should expect from a wealth manager.
Thanks Moe
I have learned so much from you and your interviews. I love listening to smart ppl.
Great market overview
Fantastic overview of all the market indices and their technical indicators. Educational and approachable
Not this one. You deserve a better podcast!
Don't expect this podcast be informative. 1/4 of the podcast is ad; 1/2 is the implicit promotion of their financial service; 1/4 left is the market index and interview. I had heard from the host concerning about rate hike in Dec. since Oct. Everyday! Everyday he talks this: The rate hike will occur; The FED should do some currency control policy to make Dollar down; If not, it will be a problem. Then he threatens you on your portfolio and starts promoting their financial service. Nothing informative!
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Really great show!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Moe.
J Carbary
one of the best!
I listen to this podcast everyday. Thanks Moe for your wisdom!
Leo Laredo, TX
One of the Best Daily Podcasts
It's a review of the day's news PLUS a lot of strategy. It can be somewhat advanced at time, but Moe takes his time in giving you great investing help. I like how it publishes daily at the close of the market. Keep up the good work!
Johny Beard
Market Wrap is an infomercial for Compak Asset Mgmt. owned by Mr. Ansari. He charges 2.5% of your net worth to trade mutual funds that charge an additional .5% to 2.0%. If you see a little Indian man driving a $500,000 Maybach around Irvine, CA, give the thumbs up to Moe! Maybe he'll take you for a ride. He already took me.
The show is informative
I have been listening to Moe since 2005. The show is informative and great for knowing and understanding what happened during the day. As far as education goes this show is an A+. I have issues with the show. Moe puts down buy-and-hold but he has to because he makes money off of you making trades. Without buying and selling Moe does not make any money. There are countless academic studies by Nobel Laureates showing that index funds beat mutual fund managers over the long term. I do not know what Moe charges for active management but I am certain that you are not beating the market if you invest with his company. Moe uses fear tactics to get you to re-think your portfolio. This works with Baby Boomers and older people, but if you are young like me you are better off listening to this show for education/entertainment purposes but put your money in index funds and use shows like this and CNBC for entertainment.
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The Best
Very good information
Great Job Market Wrap!!
I have listend to Moe for years. I am hopeful that I can mimic his moves in the stock market. Eventually to have enough success that I can be a client of Compak Asset Management. I would like to hear what sectors your company is invested and the percentages of the portfolio is in each. I have subscribed to your quarterly newsletter and am looking forward to the next release. I am very happy that I can down load and listen to the show on my schedule. Very Cool!!
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Market wrap
This is a great show. A lot of great financail and market information.
MarketWrap is a fantastic show
Moe, marketwrap is tuned in on my radio dial every day after work. I greatly appreciate your keen insight to the markets as well as your good nature. I was amazed by some of your anecdotes about the things my broker might say, because that is EXACTLY what he said, "You are in for the long-term.... blah blah blah." Please keep up the great work. A loyal listener, Jay
An education in an hour...
What I love about this podcast is that it's not really predictable. You hear new thoughts and ideas. I love that there is a weekend recap of all the news that you might have missed over the week. He has outstanding guests regularly. It's kind of a no nonsense look at how to build your financial balance sheet. I found it by mistake, and recomend it highly.
Julia Loves Butter
Looking out for us
Moe, Your insights have really helped me and my Family - Thank You
Doc Bufford
great market insights
There is a great deal of insightful information in this podcast. I am so glad Moe has put this in the podcast format so that we can time shift his radio program to make it more convient to listen to. I wish that there could be less delay in getting his most recent show on the itunes because his info is very useful as an investment tool.
hungry for info
CEO, Non Profit Charity
Thanks Moe. I find Market Wrap extremely informative & educational. I really appreciate the current weaved with historical facts and an educated look to the future. I look forward daily to my drive home listening to the day's wrap of the markets. Thanks for the expert guests. Some suggestions: 1. Share clear information on guests & where to find them for more info. 2. Select one term per show and provide detailed definition and/or examples, i.e. ETF, Non-traded REIT, Push, Sectors, etc. Thanks so much- I am learning with every single show!
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Señor Ruben
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