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Audio and host need work
Ep 61 - The young woman is more self-aware than the host. Host rambles and seems very unprepared. You need to hire an audio engineer that can keep your levels consistent. Needs work. Has potential, though. Would expect better. This task is Not "smokeable." Attention to detail is needed here.
Ads in Apps Stink
Mazie’s comments on the internet divide
Boomers invented the internet! I do not share her amazement or perception that their is a divide between those before internet and those after. Boomers invented the internet and accelerated the internet. Sadly boomers control the internet and define the standards which govern how mazie’s generation uses it and expresses themselves.
Funk Dumplin
What will the world look like
When big tech and pharma join forces to bring psychedelics to the world?
Motivated moviegoer
Requires better sound editing.
The WHOOOOOOOOOP sound, TOO LOUD. Your voice, too quiet. Audio clips, TOO LOUD. I’m with the other reviewers, otherwise a great podcast to stay in-the-know.
Love MAPS, live Rick, love Zach
Currently listening to all the episodes starting with number one and have to say I love this podcast. While I don’t listen to every single episode, I do listen to probably 80% of them. Very informative, and I love Zach‘s presence. He brings a very human down to earth element to what can be very heady material, and I love his questions and comments. Grounds the science for us non-nerd normal humans.
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need new host
enjoy the guests but will listen less as the host interrupts often and makes it distracting to fully grasps the message of the guests. i recommend other podcasts on similar topics such as hamilton morris one, plants of the gods, and drug science.
Message to the reviewer ‘know your history’
Psychedelics are NOT about creating barriers and boundaries - they are about breaking them down. This Podcast DOES NOT NEED more women, femme, LGBTQIA or BIPOC voices! Very stupid and ignorant request on your part. Take your social engineering garbage elsewhere and don’t leave your stain behind.
Why all men so far this season?
I won’t listen to this podcast again until they bring in more women/femme, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC voices.
know your history
Please get a professional engineer
I love the topics, the information, the availability, and the heart of this show, but it is almost unlistenable because of the poor recording and mixing quality. I have to have my volume turned to maximum in the car with my hand on the dial to be ready to get blasted by the musical tag, and the echo room sound on Zach highlights every mouth noise. Interview and lecture clips are presented at a million varying levels, and it’s just a hard thing to sit through despite really wanting to listen. A series this important really deserves professional production values.
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Zach, thanks for collating this incredibly pertinent info and distributing it in a very accessible and convenient way.
Whiskey T. Foxtrot
Love the pod. Love Zach. Very important information and research being done @ MAPS - highly recommend!!
Talk Normal
The stressed calm voice is to irritating to listen to. I love the talks and information I get from listening but I can’t do it anymore.
Thank You
For all that you do to educate the public and to advocate for good :)
Naila Masom
This podcast is amazing!!!!!
Hollis A
If you are interested in psychedelic research this is THE podcast.
Nate doggiexxx
Amazing insights
Sensitive, intelligent and insightful host who chooses equally sensitive, intelligent and insightful speakers who have swallowed the “red pill”.
Love it!
What a wonderful podcast, so glad I found it. Tons of information and amazing speakers!
This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for! THANK YOU!
MAPS is the BEST!
It’s so wonderful to have this incredible resource available to us in this modern day and age everybody can access knowledge information creativity and general openness to the exploration of the consciousness through psychedelics. Thank you so much to maps and especially the Maps podcast for everything that you do I am an avid listener.
Great podcast but...
I agree with jsimp. Podcast would be greatly improved if interviewer were to refrain from interrupting or commenting and just let us hear the guest speak. Otherwise, the content if great and cutting edge. Thank you to MAPS and Zach.
A fresh voice
The MAPS podcast is the definitive source for the modern psychedelic revolution. It’s easy to say that Zach Leary is nothing more than Timothy Leary’s son but that is shortsighted and a mistaken judgement. Zach is calm, focused and intent on bringing the new science of psychedelics to a new audience. He’s not trying to be a wild personality like his dad instead he has become (for me) one the freshest voices around on these issues. It’s a mandatory podcast.
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Media Krishna
I like, you know, the topics. They're, you know, really interesting. But the host interrupts too much, talks too much, and, like, you know, could use the language better.... actually. Even when interviewing Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS, the host interrupts > 3 times/minute. The host talks OVER Rick Doblin. The host reinterprets what Rick is trying to say. Think of a CLEAR question in your head. Formulate it concisely. Then ask that clear, concise question and wait for the guest's response.... without interjecting or interrutping. Until that happens, this will be a podcast less that it could be. In the Doblin interview, the host had more than 7 minutes of introduction before getting to Rick. If the host wants his own podcast, great - create a podcast separate from MAPS: The Zach Leary Show. Think of the mission. Work for that.
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Informative and interesting
great way to stay up to date on MAPS
A great podcast!!!!! But.......
But where did it go?????
Excellent! Long overdue!
Finally! Now I don't have to fumble with the text speak thing on my phone it's always such a pain 3-4 finger swipe down to read content while I commute. Ha ha Anyway... Thanks Zach! Very cool of you to take this on (love your show too). I am excited and look forward to many more episodes!! Thanks to MAPS too. You do the work of heroes and angels. Thank You!!!!!
John Phillips - smiles2u
Hooray for MAPS!
This is the most important podcast from the most important organization EVER! Thank You for all that you do.
I've been waiting so long for this podcast! Keep it up
Thank you for all you do. This is another way to feed this vital information.You are saving lives!!!!!!'
Cosmic Brush
Great podcast, great organization
On the cutting edge of the future of mental health and mind manifesting medicine. Exciting and inspiring work at MAPS.
Gabe 'm' Pierce
Great show
Glad this is finally out!
Matt seal from melb Florida
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