MAPS Podcast
MAPS Podcast
Hosted by Zach Leary, the intent of the podcast is to bring you the listener an easily accessible resource for a variety of topics all related to psychedelic research. There is a lot to learn about new research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and marijuana. Over the years, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has amassed an incredible treasure trove of audio archives sourced from the amazing talks, presentations and panels that have taken place at past Psychedelic Science conferences and other unique events. By selecting some of that content and then bringing it to you in a podcast we hope to create a centralized location for the greater MAPS community. If you're a researcher, scientist, medical professional or just a curiosity seeker we hope that you'll find this content a valuable resource tool. Please visit the MAPS website at
Episode 56 - Charlotte James and Dre Wright - The Ancestor Project
Episode 56 - Charlotte James and Dre Wright - The Ancestor Project This all new episode of the MAPS Podcast dives deep with Charlotte and Dre from the Ancestor Project. Their mission statement is to integrate ancestral Sacred Earth Medicine wisdom into the modern journeyers’ experience to reduce harm and expand consciousness. We believe that Sacred Earth Medicine is key in liberating all oppressed peoples. The conversation with Zach explores the roots of how the psychedelic movement hasn't addressed the needs of BIPOC communities and what we can do to address that, keeping the traditions of indigneous cultures alive while also adapting for the modern world and how to provide equal barriers of entry for all those in need of healing through psychedelics.  Charlotte has been a harm reductionist and psychedelic explorer for over 10 years, but her path through this work has certainly not been linear. After leaving harm reduction years ago because of rapid burn out, she is returning to this work with a new energy - thanks to the power of healing with Sacred Earth Medicines. Undrea has been working to heal himself with sacred medicines for over 15 years. He is a cannabis entrepreneur that was instrumental in the decriminalization and medical bill passed in Maryland. He focuses on equity and inclusion in all healing work and communities.
Nov 8
1 hr 8 min
Episode 55 - Teodor Gorbunov - Mushrooms, Magic and Russia
Episode 55 - Teodor Gorbunov - Mushrooms, Magic and Russia This episode of the MAPS Podcast features an all new interview with Teodor who shares his story of discovering psychedelics in the coldness of the Russian politcal system, how he left Russia and went on to spread his knowlegde and love of psychedelic healing around the world.  Teodor Gorbunov is natural facilitator of psychedelic transformation. Born in Russia, he lived through the times of chaos and turmoil that followed the fall of Soviet Union, experienced traumatizing, life-altering hardships. After discovering the therapeutic qualities of psilocybin, he used it for personal healing and restructuring his personality, which was followed by a natural desire to share the medicine with humanity and establishing underground psychedelic therapy practice in Siberia. After years of operation, he decided to endorse methods of psychedelic transformation and healing to public, just to discover that Russian society isn’t ready for such advanced technologies and joined Evolution Retreats team. Teodor is an expert in complementary preparation/integration psychedelic practices. He found the narrow road to personal healing and transformation without any guidance, and now he is passionate about providing guidance to others – so that the people can have best experience with psilocybin and life in general. Please visit for more information.
Sep 15
1 hr 4 min
Episode 54 - Victor Cabral, Psychedelics - Inequalities and Hope
Episode 54 - Victor Cabral, Psychedelics - Inequalities and Hope Victor sits down with Zach Leary to discuss psychedelic therapy and the need to address policy and awareness with the BIPOC community. Victor's personal story and expertise in plant medicines, indigenous origin stories and public policy can illuminate us all into how to be better stewards of the psychedelic movement for generations to come.  Victor is a collaborative and strategic leader who is making an impact on historical inequalities in his community and across the United States. Victor is the Founder of Dreamers of the Day LLC. and serves as the Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs for Fluence International Inc., a company that provides evidence-based training in psychedelic therapy and integration services to clinicians across the globe. Before joining Fluence, Victor served as Deputy Director for the Pennsylvania Governor's Office of Advocacy and Reform where he co-led the implementation of the Trauma-Informed PA Plan, helped establish the first Racial Day of Healing in Pennsylvania history, and developed free trauma trainings for Pennsylvanians in collaboration with internationally recognized experts. He has expertise in policy and advocacy, BIPOC mental health, racial and communal trauma, and psychedelic medicine. He is a Licensed Social Worker and practicing psychotherapist in Pennsylvania with training in Internal Family Systems, Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration.
Aug 22
59 min
Episode 53 - Oteil Burbridge - Music, Mystics and Magic
Episode 53 - Oteil Burbridge - Music, Mystics and Magic This all new episode of the MAPS Podcast features an all new wild, magical and deep interview with the great Oteil Burbridge. One of the great bass players of the modern era, Oteil shares lessons on life, the death of his father, finding magic in music and re-introducing psychedelics into his life upon taking initation into the Grateful Dead legacy. This was one of the most exciting interviews for me to do and I hope you get a taste of what makes Oteil such a special human. being.  Two-time Grammy winning bassist Oteil Burbridge has been in the music business touring and recording for over three decades. His first step into the national spotlight came in 1991 when he became a founding member of the Aquarium Rescue Unit featuring Col. Bruce Hampton, a cult classic that has stood the test of time. That led to his membership in the classic rock group The Allman Brothers Band. Since 1997, his work with the band has earned him two Grammy nominations for best rock instrumental, in 2003 and in 2004. Over the years, Oteil has shared the stage with rock and blues legends such as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Levon Helm, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin, Billy Gibbons, Chuck Leavell, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Johnny Winter, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow and Trey Anastasio. In 2012, Oteil received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his 15 year contribution to the Allman Brothers Band as the longest running bassist in the band’s history.
Jul 4
1 hr 14 min
Episode 52 - Juan Pablo Cappello - Rethinking The Future of Psychedelics
Episode 52 - Juan Pablo Cappello - Rethinking The Future of Psychedelics JP from Nue Life stokes the fires in this all new interview to get us thinking about how the future of psychedelics needs adapt in order to serve all populations by not getting stuck in the status quo. JP is as sharp as he is thoughtful, this one is not to be missed. Juan Pablo utilizes his diverse background as a company builder, active tech investor, and lawyer to lead Nue Life’s team building and regulatory efforts. Juan Pablo co-founded The LAB Miami, Miami Angels, and PAG Law PLLC, and as an attorney, he practiced corporate law, focusing on derivatives and futures and mergers and acquisitions.
May 30
1 hr 3 min
Episode 51- Vince Kadlubek, Co-Founder of Meow Wolf
Episode 51 - Vince Kadlubek, Co-Founder of Meow Wolf This episode of the MAPS Podcast features an all new interview with creativity visionary Vince Kadlubek. As a co-founder of Meow Wolf, Vince will push your mind into new ways of thinking about the creative process and the future of story telling. Vince Kadlubek is a Founder of Meow Wolf, an art collective that has transformed into an award winning Art and Entertainment Production Company that specializes in immersive, open-world walk through experiences. Vince acted as leader and CEO for Meow Wolf though its formidable years, having created the business plan for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return and leading the team towards the project's completion in March of 2016    
Apr 7
1 hr 1 min
Episode 50 - Dr. Greg Fonzo, Center for Psychedelic Research and Therapy at Dell Med
Episode 50 - Dr. Greg Fonzo, Center for Psychedelic Research and Therapy at Dell Med This is the first time on the MAPS podcast that we've had an academic centers lead that is studying psycheelic research come on the show the very onset of their research center. Dr. Fonzo shares his visions, curiousity and hopes for what the new Center for Psychedelic Research and Therapy at Dell Med will bring. This interview brings a mind opening perspective into psychedelic research and its implications for mental health. Greg Fonzo, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School.  He is also Co-Director of UT's newly launched Center for Psychedelic Research and Therapy.  He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia Honors Program in 2005 with a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology in 2013 from the San Diego State University/University of California-San Diego Joint Doctoral Program. He completed his postdoctoral research fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine.  Dr. Fonzo’s research focuses broadly on utilizing non-invasive neuroscience tools to understand mechanisms of affective disorder psychopathology and treatment and leveraging this understanding to improve clinical care and patient outcomes with neuromodulatory, psychotherapeutic, and psychedelic approaches.
Feb 10
54 min
Episode 49 - Dr. Carl Hart, Exploring America's Relationship with Drugs
Episode 49 - Dr. Carl Hart, Exploring America's Complicated Relationship with Drugs This espiode of the MAPS Podcast features an all new interview with Dr. Carl Hart, author of the book "Drug Use For Grown Ups - Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear." Forget everything that you think you know about the War on Drugs and open your mind to Dr. Hart's inspiring and provoactive point of view on the drug war, social justice, racism and modern scientific drug research. Dr. Hart's decades long experience and passion will inpire you in so many ways you thought were not possible! Carl L. Hart, PhD, is a neuroscientist and psychologist studying the behavioral and neuropharmacological effects of psychoactive drugs in humans. Specifically, he aims to understand the factors that mediate drug use behaviors to develop more effective treatments for substance-dependent individuals. Hart is the chair of the department of psychology at Columbia University and a Dirk Ziff professor of psychology and psychiatry.
Jan 20
1 hr
Episode 48 - Dr. Dan Engle
Episode 48 - Dr. Dan Engle Hardware and Software: Psychedelics, Wellness and More In this all new episode of the MAPS Podcast, Zach facilitates a discussion with Dr. Dan Engle as he takes us on an amazingly informative, insightful and useful walk through the many conditions that present all of us in this journey of being human. Dan's knowledge of both "hardware and software" in relationship to the human condition rises to the level of a true master in the fields of wellness, psychedelic application, integrative medicine and so much more.  Dan Engle, MD, is a psychiatrist with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, psychedelic research, integrative spirituality, and peak performance.  Dr. Engle is an international consultant to several global healing centers facilitating the use of long-standing indigenous plant medicines for healing and awakening.  He is the Founder and Medical Director of Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine in Austin, Texas; Full Spectrum Medicine, a psychedelic integration and educational platform; and Thank You Life, a non-profit funding stream supporting access to psychedelic therapies.  Dr. Engle is the author of The Concussion Repair Manual: A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries, as well as his new book, A Dose of Hope: A Story of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy.
Nov 10, 2021
1 hr 12 min
Episode 47 - Considerations for the Mainstreaming of Psychedelics
Episode 47 - Considerations for the Mainstreaming of Psychedelics Psychedelic Science Summit: Austin, Texas (November 1-3, 2019) Speakers: Allison Feduccia, Ph.D., George Greer, M.D., Mellody Hayes, M.D., Brent Turnipseed, M.D., Bia Labate, Ph.D. (Moderator) We dig into the vast MAPS archives to bring this panel which explores considerations for the responsible integration of psychedelic medicines into society.  Many of the issues discussed in this panel are essential for all members of the psychedelic community to consider when discussing the evolution of psychedelic research.  Please visit to stay up to date on what MAPS is doing and to make a donation.   
Oct 21, 2021
1 hr 10 min
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