Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron
Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron
Keith Baker, Wayne Chang, and Imogen Gingell
The Eberron podcast that explores the tabletop fantasy RPG setting.
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything
Keith, Wayne and Imogen stare into the witch’s pot to get a glimpse of the next D&D 5th Edition hardcover. Time Markers – Introduction – Character Origins – Origin Feature Swapping – Nationality in Eberron – Alternate Ability Score Increases – Classes and Subclasses – The Armorer – The Barbarian – Path of the Beast – Wild Magic Barbarian – Bard – College of Creation – College of Eloquence – Cleric – Order Domain – Peace Domain – Twilight Domain – Druid – Circle of Spores – Circle of Stars – Circle of Wildfire – Fighter – Psi Warrior – Rune Knight – Way of Mercy – Way of the Astral Self – Oath of Glory – Oath of the Watcher – Ranger – Fey Wanderer – Swarmkeeper – Beastmaster Ranger – Phantom – Soulknife – Sorcerer – Aberrant Mind – Clockwork Soul – Warlock – Fathomless Patron – Genie – Bladesinger – Order of Scribes – The Rest of the Book – Closing Thank you to Joseph Meehan for assisting with identifying the timestamps for the chapter markers.
Nov 10
1 hr 35 min
The Inspired graciously welcome Keith, Wayne and Imogen to the Unity of Riedra. Time Markers * – Introduction* – References* Keith Baker’s Dragonmarks:* Riedra in 5e* Provinces of Riedra* Provinces of Riedra (Patreon Expansion)* Cities of Riedra* Secrets of Sarlona* Escape from Riedra: An Across Eberron Adventure* – What is Riedra?* – Humans as Colonizers* – Kalashtar and Inspired Design History* – Optional Psionics* – Humans as Invaders* – Sarlona as Exotic and Mysterious* – Riedra is not Asia* – IC vs OOC Knowledge* – Rebellion Against Authority* – Old Civilisation and Secrets* – The Dreaming Dark’s Takeover* – The Path of Inspiration* – Wide Psionics* – The Riedran Mindset* – Wide Psionics, Part 2* – Thought Police* – Edgewalkers and Manifest Zones* – How do you use Riedra as a DM?* – Riedra in Khorvaire* – Non-Kalashtar Rebels* – Getting to Riedra* – Legitimate Business* – Escape from Riedra* – PCs from Riedra in Khorvaire* – Loyal Riedran PCs* – Psionics in 5e* – Closing* – Blooper Thank you to Joseph Meehan for assisting with identifying the timestamps for the chapter markers.
Oct 1
1 hr 4 min
The Demon Wastes
Keith, Wayne and Imogen venture beyond the Shadowcrags to explore the ancient and terrible Demon Wastes. Time Markers * – Welcome and References* Rising from the Last War: The Demon Wastes* Keith Baker’s Dragonmarks:* The Demon Wastes vs the Mournland* The Age of Demons and You* Orcs and the Ghaash’kala* – Background Information* – Before the First Release* – Fiends of Khyber* – Mordor* – The Ghaash’kala Twist* – The Overlords* – The Demon Wastes as the Mouth of Khyber* – Why Does This Matter* – High level Play in Eberron* The Wastes* – The Mournland vs The Demon Wastes* – The Labyrinth and the Ghaash’kala* – Demonic invasions* – The Lair of the Keeper* – Ashtakala* – The Lords of Dust* – Demonglass* – Lords of Dust Meetings* – The Source of Fiends* – Rakshasa* – The Carrion Tribes* – Carrion Tribe PCs* – Historical Invasions* – Demon Wastes Artifacts* – Anyone can join the Ghaash’kala* – Settling the Demon Wastes* – Drawing Power from the Demon Wastes* – Closing Thank you to Joseph Meehan for assisting with identifying the timestamps for the chapter markers.
Aug 20
1 hr 3 min
Exploring Eberron
Keith, Wayne and Imogen are joined by special guest Laura Hirsbrunner to discuss the content and process of Keith’s newest Eberron hardcover: Exploring Eberron. Time Markers * – Guest Appearance: Laura Hirsbrunner* Laura Hirsbrunner’s Twitter* – Previews* Sly Flourish’s Stream Preview* KB Presents Twitter* Exploring Eberron on the DM’s Guild* – What is Exploring Eberron?* – Book Content Overview* – Chapter 1: Discover* – Cyre* – The Last War* – Magic in the World* – The Focus on Character Applications* – Chapter 2: Races* – Chapter 3: Faiths* – Blood of Vol and the Silver Flame* – The Sovereign Host* – Cults of the Dragon Below* – Chapter 4: Uncharted Domains* – Wide Monster* – The Thunder Sea* – Evolution from the Original Eberron Draft* – Sea Elves* – Chapter 5: The Planes* – Daanvi* – Xoriat and the Maze of Reality* – The Planes at all Tiers* – Fernia, Risia and Developing Exciting Themes* – Chapters 6-8* – Playable Sahuagin* – Chapter 7: Treasures & Siberys Dragonmarks* – Symbionts* – Chapter 8* – Du’ulora Quori Art* – The Forgotten Prince* – On Being “Done”* – What’s with the bananas?* – The Map of the Planes* – Favorites* – Closing Thank you to Joseph Meehan for assisting with identifying the timestamps for the chapter markers.
Jul 30
1 hr 26 min
The Eldeen Reaches
Keith, Wayne, Kristian, and their new co-host, Imogen Gingell venture into the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches. Time Markers * – Introduction* – New Co-host: Imogen Gingell!* – Readings:* Catching Up and the Eldeen Reaches* Druids in Eberron* – Druidic Magic as an Adopted Cultural Tool* – Who Signed the Treaty of Thronehold on Behalf of Oalian* – Oalian and the Wardens of the Wood* – New Chapter* – Druid-like Communities and Characters* – Leveraging the Wardens of the Wood * – Wardens are the Protective Barrier between the Wild and the People* – The Dangers of the Eldeen Reaches* – Range of Adventures in the Eldeen Reaches* – Fey and the Greensingers* – Manifest Zones and Powerful Threats * – The Conflict with Aundair* – Character’s Views on Aundair* – Opportunities for House Vadalis* – Archetypes of the Eldeen* – How Did the Secession Affect You?* – Characters Touched by the Fey* – Concept: Lost Soldiers Emerging into a Changed World* – Change Happens* – Special Announcement* – Wrap Up
Jun 29
56 min
Dwarves of the Mror Holds
Keith, Wayne, and Kristian delve deep into the Mror Holds to dig into the dwarves. Time Markers * – Introductions* – Readings:* Dwarves of the Mror Holds, Part 1* Dwarves of the Mror Holds, Part 2* Dragonmarks: Dwarves* Dragonmarked* Exploring Eberron (Coming Soon™)* – Dwarves in Eberron vs. Traditional Settings* – Dwarves and Craftsmanship* – Exiles from The Realm Below* – Using Symbionts* – A Concrete Place for the Daelkyr* – Dwarvish Artifacts* – Dwarves in Exploring Eberron* – How Dwarves Tell Stories* – Using Lore to Create Characters* – Symbionts and Darkblood Dwarves* – Dwarf Stories* – Colonizing the Realm Below* – The War Below* – Khyber’s Demiplanes* – New Symbionts as Living Tools* – The Jhorash’tar* – Exploring Eberron for Players* – Wildemount’s Heroic Chronicles* – Dwarf Player Character’s Views and Stories* – Dwarven Aging* – Subraces, Darkblood Dwarves, and Rusty’s ‘Sunglasses’* – Wrap Up Thank you to Joseph Meehan for assisting with identifying the timestamps for the chapter markers.
Jun 3
1 hr 1 min
Keith, Wayne, and Kristian explore the culture and identity of Eberron’s half-elves. Time Markers * – Introductions* – Readings* The Khoravar: Half-elves of Khorvaire* Dragonmarked* Player’s Guide to Eberron* – History of Khoravar as a Distinct Race* – Half-elf Lifespans* – Eberron’s Half-elves vs. D&D’s Half-elves * – Giving Half-elves Their Own Story* – No Nation of Khoravar* – Building a Racial Identity* – The Power of House Lyrandar as a “Nation”* – The Subtlety of House Medani* – Broader Khoravar Community* – Half-elven Districts? * – Bridge between Two Worlds* – Khoravar Cant* – Exception to Nationality over Race* – Playing a Khoravar vs. Newborn Half-elf* – Your Half-elf Character’s Age* – Do You Feel a Tie to a Dragonmarked House?* – Are You Interested in Your Elven Heritage?* – Where’s Your Family/Community Base?* – Newborns Blending into Khoravar Communities* – Khoravar Are Really Just Changelings!* – Wrap up
Apr 20
1 hr 1 min
The Treaty of Thronehold
Keith and Kristian examine the Treaty of Thronehold, how it has shaped the continent of Khorvaire, and what effects it can have in your campaign. * – Introduction* – Readings?* – Two Years before and after the Signing* – New Nations and Shifted Borders* – From Galifar to the Current Map* – Galifar Code of Justice* – Warforged as Citizens* – Adhering to the Code of Galifar* – Sentinel Marshals as Enforcers* – Sidenote: Reinforcing the Treaty of Thronehold* – Difference between Sentinel Marshal and Tharashk Bounty Hunter* – Who Enforces the Treaty?* – The Nations Still Figuring It Out* – The Cold War and Adventuring Risks* – How Much Weight Does It Carry in Your Campaign?* – Warforged Breaking Indentured Servitude* – Losses and Gains from the Treaty* – Wrapping Up
Feb 20
58 min
Orcs and Half-orcs
Keith and Kristian venture to the outer regions of Khorvaire to study the various cultures of orcs and half-orcs. Time Markers * – Introduction* – Readings* Dragonmarks: Orcs and the Gaash’kala* Dragonmark 3/19/14: Orcs, Mean Streets and More* The Dragon Below Trilogy* The Binding Stone* The Grieving Tree* The Killing Song* – What Sets the Orcs of Eberron Apart* – Specific Orc Subcultures* – Shadow Marches Orcs* – Tribes, Clans, and House Tharashk* – Player Motivations* – Half-orc Status* – Cults of the Dragon Below* – The Jhorsh’tar* – Droaam Orcs* – Orcs in the Demon Wastes and the Ghaash’kala* – New Chapter* – Why Orcs are Great* – Meme Reference: Gatekeeper vs. Valenar* – Half-orcs: The Bridge between Worlds* – For Players* – Designing the Orcs of Eberron* – Ghaash’kala and the Prophecy* – Oracles of the Draconic Prophecy* – Alternative Gatekeeper Seals* – Wrap up Special thanks to Joseph Meehan for his assistance with capturing and submitting time markers on this episode.
Jan 20
55 min
Eberron: Rising from the Last War
Keith, Wayne, and Kristian talk about all of the exciting content and accessories to be released for Eberron and explore Eberron: Rising from the Last War.
Nov 14, 2019
1 hr 15 min
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