Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work Podcast
Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work Podcast
Mark Rosewater
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Love this podcast
Is always great to find the interesting bts that goes into my favorite card game. I love how I can learn more about game design so that I can someday make my own game. (Also codenames for v-z are vault wakeboarding X-country yo-yo and zorb)
Super great mark is epic
How many times can Mark say the exact same thing in a row?
This entire podcast is basically just Maro repeating himself, making the same 3 points over and over again. The podcast would definitely benefit from more structure, because Mark’s ad libbing skills aren’t the best. But if you’re looking to learn about MTG history and game design, this the podcast for you.
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Top rate
Great behind the scenes podcast for mtg with a wonderful host!
Cool podcast thank you for going back to pre-pandemic type episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great podcast but.....
Mark you’re a great podcaster and a poor interviewer. For the love of phyrexia stop the interviews and get back to magic content!!
Not driving to work
I really like your normal content more than the interviews. I like some of the interviews but other interviews I just don’t listen to. I like your old content more and the new black green episode is great. I just wanted to voice my opinion. This show is amazing though and I will always love it no matter where it goes
Used to be a great cast, except for the gendered pronouns
I used to love listening to Mark pontificate about the history of magic. However, the continual use of the “he” pronoun and the “goodbye guys” at the end of the cast threaten to make it almost unlistenable in the present historical context and with our current political and social climate. Please please start using de-gendered references rather than masculine ones!! Also, I find it kind of sad: Though many previous episodes used to focus on the sets and cards that have been released by wizards over the past 25+ years, it seems that type of content has basically vaporized in lieu of interviews with other WotC employees over the past few months. If you love Magic: the Gathering, older episodes of this podcast have tons of historical content and opportunities to learn more about magic trivia, it’s creation, management, design and glimpses into the future of the game. I hope the cast finds its way back to that type of content soon.
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MtG Behind the Scenes
If you’re at all interested in the history and what goes on behind the scenes with the best game on the planet, this podcast is for you! I appreciate Maro’s honesty and candor talking about the game we all love. Keep up the great work!
Why the interviews?
I thoroughly enjoy when this podcast is going over the design of the set because I am big into Magic’s design history. When Mark started doing interviews as opposed to the other kinds of episodes he did, I decided that I didn’t want to here Mark networking his way around during the pandemic. He also needs to acknowledge his job and how the new cards were added. If he can’t, then he is provably avoiding the actual game that he helped design. If he can’t face that and tell us what happened, he should be removed from his position because of his denial.
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Informative, fun, and great for commutes.
I used to listen to this podcast all the time. Problem was, my drive to work was only a few minutes, so I started biking instead. This is great content, there’s rarely an episode I’m just not interested in at all, and learning about the back end of magic is very fun.
L Wilde
Great Magic content from the source, great life lessons
I love his voice and and his amazing energy!
Nails on a chalkboard.
I enjoy magic content but skew more towards limited podcasts. I cannot stand the sound of this man’s voice. When he calms down it’s fine but as soon as he gets excited its just screechy nerd voice that fries my brain and gives me physical pain.
I really like this podcast. It provides insight into the development of magic sets, and is very fun.
the super nerdy science dude👽
Awesome Podcast
I have only been playing for about two years, but listening to this podcast has made me a better, more knowledgeable player. I loved the guild podcasts especially. It’s interesting and helpful. Definitely watch.
I love it
It is an amazing podcast, I listen to it all day
I LOVE Design [blank]
Great insight into the games design cant wait for more, revealing hand effects would be amazing. gitaxian probe
Mark Rosewater is the boss
Our father of the the greatest game ever talks to us about the greatest game ever...
Mark Rosewater is my Mom
Self hating cultural Marxist.
Sad in ohio
MaRo is my HeRo
Imagine how much someone must love their job, that even on their drive to work they’re producing content about their work. MaRo’s passion and genuine enthusiasm are impossible to contain, and he always has something to teach to aspiring designers or fans in general. If you’re into game design or just Magic’s history, this podcast is a must
The TCG Guy
Good magic podcast
Great source of history from someone who was there from the beginning. If you want to know how and why they make magic this is the show for you. Great insight into the bigger picture. While there are some amazing episodes here... the content could come out less frequently with a more interesting podcast.
It’s great
This show is the best show ever. So far
Toshi Kitty
Great Insight
A great and enjoyable look into game design, Magic, and more. My one major issue is that when he goes over cards from old sets, he says the CMC of each card twice, in 2 different ways. This is entirely unnecessary and fairly annoying, as even the newest Magic players understand how to read mana costs, much less people who listen to this podcast.
Sad Planeswalker
Very engaging
Can be difficult to follow. He bounces forward and back in his descriptive narrative about magic. Knows practically everything about the historical development of the best game ever made.
Mark Rosewater is the of (un)official historian of MTG. I love hearing him talk about days past as well as how the design process works. If like Magic: The gathering, you'll love hearing baout it first hand from one of the driving forces of the game.
T 6573
Great, even if you don't like magic
I love the passion, enthusiasm, and huge breadth of knowledge.
This podcast is a must listen for any Magic fan who wants to "see behind the curtain." Fantastic content, thanks MaRo.
Love It!
I have been a listener for a few weeks now and I have enjoyed each and every episode. I've been playing MTG since Beta, but I haven't played an actual game in over 15 years. I really love the history elements of your podcast! I also enjoy all the wisdom and fun stories that only you could share about MTG. I recently listened to your Chris Rush episode. A major loss to the world. I never met Christopher Rush, and now I have a little understanding of how great he was. Thanks for letting me share in the joy of your journey! Please keep them coming!
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Every MTG player should listen
This podcast is quite good. Sure, some times the topics aren't my cup of tea or I'll completely disagree with his ratings on top 10s or showdowns (IE delirium/emerge/madness in Innistrad Showdown... Mark, players like complex mechanics!!) but Mark gives amazings perspective on what it takes to make Magic the amazing game it is today and how far it has come. Like the title says, every player of Magic should listen to this.
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A great podcast for driving to work
This podcast is both incredibly entertaining and full of great info. Maro is a walking mtg encyclopedia and this is your chance to get first hand information about the history and making of your favorite game. If you play magic and enjoy behind the scenes type stuff do yourself a favor and subscribe. This makes my commute to work an enjoyable experience.
So Good
If you enjoy Magic the Gathering in any way, Mark is going to do his best to give you what you want somewhere along the line. This is also a great podcast for anyone interested in game design in general. The sound quality is not the greatest, but the fact that Mark does these all uncut unedited driving in a car while still remaining plenty articulate and audible is astounding and far outweighs and mic quality issues. Mad props to Mark Rosewater. Thank you for taking the time to do this podcast in your obviously very busy life.
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An extensive dive into one of the creative minds at the heart of Magic The Gathering
During his ongoing career with Magic, Mark Rosewater has been considered both an end-bringer and a savior of the beloved collectible card game. Who better than him to offer insight into the creative process as well as the trials and triumphs along the way to keeping the magic alive.
Chad from Hawaii
I have never been more inspired to follow my dream of one day working for wizards of the coast creating the wonderful game I love so so much. Very clear and concise with his speech which is HIGE and on top of that it could be one of the most informative podcasts I've ever listened to. 6/5 stars is that possible? Thank you Mark, if you're reading this get back to making magic!! (Or talking it)
When playing the game just isn’t enough<3
I love this podcast<3 Nice bite sized episodes. Easy to listen to one at a time or as a marathon. Drive to Work is full of intriguing insider information and incredibly fun stories. It has given me even more appreciation for the game and it’s creators. I love that it doesn’t feel like a radio show too, it feels like you’re just hanging out with Mark :)
"Mike" of house "Burns"
Awesome podcast!
Love this podcast! It brings a really good perspective into the world of magic. You Rock Maro! Thank you for taking the time in creating this podcast.
Whether or not you care about Magic: the Gathering, listen to this!
Want to hear a great, extremely successful game designer share fun stories, insights about life, and general theory about how games work? Listen as Mark Rosewater drives to work. If you also care about MtG, it’s even better, because he has a lot of fascinating stories about how the game comes to be. But even if you aren’t big into Magic, you’ll find a lot to appreciate about this podcast.
J. T. E.
Great Insight and Energy
MaRo provides a lot of great info for game designers of any stripe, and does so with gusto. What he may lack in raw "host-ness" charisma, he more than makes up for with enthusiasm and love of the game and his audience.
A very entertaining and interesting podcast on Magic by one of the chief creators of Magic, Maro! Love the show and love to hear all the stories Maro has to tell about the history of the game.
Awesome, but...
Great podcast, but I wish he would say what the cards he is talking about actually do more often. As a longtime player, I know most pf the cards, but there are still gaps in my knowledge and I imagine it would be very frustrating for newer players to hear him go on and on about the design of a card without saying what it does.
Love it!
Just when I thought I couldn't love MTG anymore! I've been playing almost since it's inception; It is so awesome to get an insider look at the making if the game I am so passionate about. Now if I could only convince my wife to let us move from MN to WA to go for my dream job...
Great, but had a comment
The podcast is great! I work at a job where I’m allowed to listen to music; so I listen to podcasts, because honestly, listening to any song 20x will make that song tiresome. Anyway, I listen to the different aspects of the game of Magic, in game, and the development side of things. Although, I do want to say, that even though his insight is great about the cards that he develops, I want to find out what his take is on all the custom cards out there, example chuck norris.
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So, I just started playing Magic: The Gathering, and I absolutely love this podcast. I love getting an in-depth explanation of how these cards and the games mechanics work and how they were designed. I can't recommend this podcast enough.
Thanks Mark!
This is a fun podcast with stories from Magic's history and about the design/development of different expansion sets. Mark also touches on general game design. Drive safe!
Amazing podcast
Whereas so many MTG podcasts are for advanced players looking for winning strategies, this one is a behind the scenes look at the game. I love that it looks at the philosophy and psychology behind the development of the game and celebrates the flavor of Magic. Mark's enthusiasm and passion for magic and gaming in general is welcome and refreshing.
Great work
Very entertaining love listening to it! Nice insight into magic for a new player like myself.
great podcast
I love this podcast
The stories behind the game's evolution
The host, Mark Rosewater, is a creative director for the Magic: The Gathering card game. During the podcast, which takes place during his daily drive to work (hence the title) he talks about different topics such as card types, details of specific expansions, why certain rules came about, personal anecdotes, and other points about the game design. As a fan of the game I find this pretty interesting, and I learn things I had not noticed from simply playing the game with friends. The length of episodes is generally under a half hour, so each discussion is focused and easy to fit into my personal schedule to listen to without losing interest or having to pause and come back like longer 1- or 2-hour podcasts. The podcast is recorded in a single take without significant editing so there are hiccups in his narration (such as trying to remember specific words or names), but this does not occur often and Mark is a very animated speaker who clearly is enthusiastic about his work. If you do enjoy the Magic card game and wish to know more about how it came to be I highly recommend this podcast.
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Last of the Unicorns
It's not for everyone,
It defiantly is for me though! I do love this podcast and Mark does a great job with it. This isn't a podcast about how to play magic or magic strategy, it's about magic's history. Some of his episodes are a little dry when you aren't as interested in the topic, but overall, it's very awesome. Fair warning, he obviously doesn't edit these, he even stated that, so sometimes he gets miss speaks and you here him driving sometimes, but it's kind of cool in a real way. Try it out and see if you like it. Keep up the good work Mark!
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*Annoyed by Haters*
Painful to listen to.
Very interesting
I enjoy these shows. Very nice insight into MTG design and it's history.
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