Mac OS Ken
Mac OS Ken
Ken Ray
This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
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Clear. Concise. Opinionated.
Ken doesn’t just read the headlines and regurgitate them in my podcast feed, he injects his own personality into each story. His own voice. Best way to start each day, if you want to know the latest Mac news.
Long time listener but the ad reads are too long
Love the show. But the ratio of ads to content is just too high. And the ad reads are too long. Recent ones has Ken having to repeat the brand 3 or 4 times its subtle mental programming and its gross. I skip the ads where on other podcasts I don’t because they’re not so in your face or long or repetitive.
Ken’s Great
Love Mac OS Ken. Listen everyday!
The best way to keep tabs on Apple news
Ken keeps you up to date on the happenings in the Apple universe with a concise and witty morning review. Begin the day with a friendly voice...
The podcast to listen to
I look forward to his podcast every day. His delivery and take on Apple news is refreshing and entertaining interspersed with humorous bits. I listened to his previous podcast as well as the new one. As a matter of fact, I like to listen to this one first and then the other, kinda like a sequel.
MAC OS ken we need more show
this show is really awesome and it’s all show was educational purposes who find intriguing about apple and coronavirus update.
Ken “Rocks”
I’ve been listening to macosken for several years now. He is part of my daily routine and my “In” to everything Mac. Love his style and dare I say ...snarkiness in stories he reports. I have to say he is one of the only people I support, via Yes, he is that good! I have followed him on “Mission Log” but alas, something went down between who knows what/who and he left the Mission Log podcast. Their loss for sure. Anyway, you cannot go wrong with MacOsKen...It is a true pleasure to listen to every day.
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Ken Ray is a consummate Professional!
I have been listening to MacOS Ken for several years! He is on top of all the news that concerns and affects Apple and all of its products including Apple released news, industry analysts reports for investing, suppliers, government policies, trade wars and competitors. If you want to know about Apple, and you choose to listen to this podcast Monday through Friday, you will be very well informed!
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MacSurfer on steroids
You know how the fastest way to go through the day’s tech headlines is to skim an RSS feed or MacSurfer? Mac OSKen sifts through the cruft, then presents the story to you. Priceless.
My morning wake up #1 podcast
Ken gives a great overview of Apple news including the business side in a fun and quick show. Perfect shower length show played at 1.5x speed (I listen to all my podcasts and audiobooks this way). Where Ken excess above others podcasts is his professional skills. Speaking ability, great voice, delivery, etc. He’s radio talent doing a podcast, versus a Mac lover/hobbyist who decided to create a podcast. If you are interested in all things Apple then this should be your starting daily dose of news.
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Captain Buzz #4
It Rocks, You Rock, Ken Ray Rocks!
Since Podcasts App has been lacking for me, I’m back to listening to my on time, best Informer-Reporter of Apple related News. Thanks, Ken Ray, for rocking since the first episode!
I Love MacOS Ken
I look forward to listening every day, have been a listener for many years, very happy! I know Ken needs time off, it is very hard on me, Major Void when there is no Daily show! But I understand, Ken thanks for all you do! Sebastian
Great way to stay up-to-date on Apple News!
We have been listening to Mac OS Ken for over a decade. We get great summaries of all Apple News so we know what’s going on with the latest in Apple Tech. Short and sweet, Ken delivers the information and you don’t have to be a techie to understand it at all. Great resource! Love listening on my morning commute!
Rest of the story
Reminds me of Paul Harvey am I dating myself hmmmm...
Quick, great
A quick, well put together dose of apple news. Ken is great. Live long and prosper
Excellent podcast with good information
I like this podcast and look forward to each episode. Facinating host.
Your daily dose of Apple news
If you intereted in Apple but don't have time to live online, this is your podcast. 10-15 minutes a day and you are up to date. Its not in-depth of course, for that you need to go online, but atleast you now know what to look for, and know you are not missing out on something.
Queen of pies
You rock!
This is a great podcast for Apple related news. Thanks Ken!
NYC to Louisville
Listening for more than 5 years every morning
I’ve been a former DJ in college and went to school to avoid the “radio voice” and focus on being yourself. I’ve learned to be ‘natural’ and entertaining is a calling or some call talent. Delivering a personalized Apple podcast everyday, at this level, is unheard of (pun not intended). To the listener who rated this as “Trying to hard”, bless you, for you probably don’t like sunshine or have an embarrassment of riches. If you have found something greater than this podcast on Apple. Please share.
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Trying to hard
Side jokes and sponsor plugs are an annoyance as well as “radio voice”. Content is interesting, but delivery subpar. Sounds like a broadcasting major’s college project.
The Mac News You NEED!
Ken Ray is THE Mac broadcaster emeritus. No Spin. No Fat. Just 15 minutes of the BEST Mac Podcast available.
Great if you love ads
The podcast is about 35% ads mixed with Apple news and relevant commentary. Would recommend if you can deal with ads, which I’m not sure includes me anymore.
Done with this podcast
Tired of the liberal BS, just want the news.
Awesome Daily Show
Great daily Mac news.
Randy Medlin
Great show Ken. Love your dry humor!
Wake up!!!!!
The Best Way To Track All Things Apple
If you have an interest in Apple or need a daily fix of all things Apple, Mac OS Ken is for you! Highly informative... highly entertaining!
12 years!!
Ken Ray is one of the gold standards in podcasting! If you want to follow Apple news. He's your guy! Rock on Ken!
Excellent Podcast
Very good podcast filled with news and snark, delivered with a dry wit that I look forward to each week day. I think Ken Ray is excellent and while I've only been listening for about four years, I have gone to the back catalog and listened to quite a few episodes. Love me some macosken. Thank you!
Makes my morning commute not terrible!
I look forward to listening to his episodes on my way to work or whenever I'm driving. He is very concise, but presents the news with a sprinkling of humor and sarcasm that is very enjoyable. I highly recommend subscribing and supporting him on Patreon!
Just another liberal windbag!
I originally subscribed to this podcast thinking I would get the latest updates on iOS 11 but instead I get a liberal windbag on his soapbox about DACA! Ken, for the love of Mac stay on technology and put politics aside!
Not Just for Nac Geeks
A daily tech news show from Buffalo with the latest about Apple and its associated concerns Ken Ray's very informal conversational style is addictive, even if you're not that interested in the subject. Give it a listen.
Love the show
Great host, awesome show!
I can't get enough
This is the best. I hope Ken keeps digging into meaty and relevant news. Perfect balance of core info, humor, and insight. I love it!
13 minutes a day
Ken has been doing this a long time, and it shows. He brings you the daily Apple news in a concise and witty way. Wonderful podcast!
Fun, informative, fun,  news, AND fun!
I truly can't recall when I found this podcast and started listening to Ken AKA Mac OS Ken, but it has been a gooooood long time! This is the best short form  NEWS podcast out there! The podcast is fun, Ken is funny (with just the right amount of sarcasm), and it is  info for us  junkies! Monday through Friday Ken is the perfect ten to twenty minutes I need to start my work day! Thanks Ken for all you do, all you have DONE, and all that is yet to com!
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Greatly done!!
Your podcast gives just the right amount of Mac news daily. Just what I've been looking for. Great job!! I'm addicted.
First pocast I listen to every morning with breakfast!
Ken's podcasts make tech news fun and informative! I start every morning with listening to Mac OS Ken while having breakfast. Ken makes tech news fun!
Mac OS Sarcasm - Love it
I look forward to this on my daily walk. Thanks Ken
Excellent Apple news with a side of humor
I found this podcast by way of Ken's other podcast, Mission Log. I had been considering purchasing an iPhone for some time and this podcast sealed the deal for me. I'm a new die-hard Apple lover. Ken is informative, fun, and, dedicated. At least I won't have a Galaxy 7 exploding in my pocket.
Thank you, Ken!
Thank you, Ken. Ken Ray puts out this daily news podcast about all things Apple. He takes the time to boil down the previous day's stories into digestible bits and presents them in a straight forward (and a bit snarky) fashion. I have been a subscriber to this podcast for about 6 years now. Ken doesn't disappoint. Live long and prosper, Mr. Ray.
Ainda ótimo!!!
Ainda é o melhor podcast sobre a Apple e seus produtos. Keep up ! Ken! You rock!!!
Great Mac News Podcast
I’ve listened to Ken for several (can’t remember how many) years. I enjoy getting the latest news about Apple with some really good humor. Ken’s humor helps keep things in check when the world seems to just get all whacked out of shape. Ken also has another Mac centric podcast (Eye Chart Radio) which helps wrap up a weeks worth of news. Along with a subscription podcast called Day 6, and another podcast for you Trekkie fans (Sorry I don’t know much about that one). Ken, You Rock!!!
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I love this guy!
As I'm sure is true of a large number of people, Ken is part of my daily morning routine. I love the coverage and the wit! I wish I could give it more stars.
First Apple News of My Day
Ken gives us what we need: a quick, insightful look into the world of Apple news that is timely, succinct, interesting, useful and funny to boot! This is almost always the first thing I listen to when I get up in the morning. Yes, Ken, you even beat out the Audio Digest New York Times summary each morning. Keep up the good work, and Happy MacOSKen Day in a few days. Here’s looking for ten more years of Apple news and views. Greg Smith MD
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Apple news with a good sense of humor
This is a great way to keep up with Apple news. It's a quick listen and Ken keeps it light with his dry sense of humor.
Not my favorite
A bit pretentious and irrational.
Concise and fun, best 15 minutes of the day
At the most reductionist, this is a podcast where a guy quotes Apple-related news stories from news sites for about fifteen minutes every weekday. But he does it with such charm and wit, and his wry sense of humor has me chuckling throughout each episode. I also recommend Ken’s weekly companion podcast Eye Chart Radio, in which he and a cohost talk about the week’s news for about an hour. I hear Luke Skywalker might even be in it.
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I often start my morning commute with this podcast. As an Apple / tech fan, I appreciate Ken's passion, humor, and critique. Thanks for a great show!
If you invest in Apple Stock listen to this no-BS podcast!
If you invest in Apple stock or are thinking about it you must listen to this podcast. It is a no-BS look at all things Apple and some products that compete with them. The real story behind the link-bait headlines. He does all this while entertaining the listener with his humor. It takes a couple of episodes to get used to the funny nicknames he calls some of the other companies, but it is well worth the effort as this podcast is definitely worth it.
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Thank you Ken for the daily Mac and Apple updates done in a great way. The delivery style, the subtle sarcasm, and the excellent content makes this one of the top tech podcasts.
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