Ep 256 Against All Odds: Levi's Inspiring Transformation from 435 to 170 Pounds
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Jun 8, 2023 at 10:00 pm.
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Welcome to another powerful episode of the Lynckup podcast. In this eye-opening installment, we sit down with Levi, also known as fluffy2fit85 on Instagram, as he bravely shares his deeply personal journey.

Levi takes us on a rollercoaster ride through his life, discussing the unimaginable challenges he faced, starting with his heart attack and the indescribable pain he endured. We delve into the emotional struggles of weighing 435 pounds and how Levi used food as a source of comfort. He candidly opens up about the heartbreak of having friends who only wanted him around as the funny fat guy but turned away when he started his transformation and got in shape.

But the challenges Levi faced extended far beyond his physical weight. He reveals the heart-wrenching truth about being molested as a child and the horrifying reality of his father selling him to a drug dealer for his addiction. The scars of bullying during his childhood left a lasting impact on Levi's self-esteem, shaping the person he would become.

Levi's journey towards healing and self-discovery led him to seek therapy, an instrumental step that played a crucial role in his transformation. He shares his empowering story of entering a bodybuilding competition, a testament to his remarkable determination and resilience. From a staggering weight of 435 pounds, Levi managed to shed an astonishing 265 pounds, reaching an incredible 170 pounds.

In a profoundly touching moment, Levi reveals that his wake-up call to embark on this life-altering journey came with the arrival of his grandson. The love and responsibility he felt towards his family inspired him to take control of his health and make significant changes.

Join us on this emotionally charged episode of the Lynckup podcast as Levi bares his soul, providing hope, inspiration, and a powerful message of resilience. It's a story that will leave you in awe of the human spirit and remind us all of the incredible strength that lies within us.



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