Luthier on Luthier with Michael Bashkin
Luthier on Luthier with Michael Bashkin
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Every month, luthier Michael Bashkin interviews some of his favorite fellow guitar builders, makers and creatives on the Luthier on Luthier podcast. Acoustic, electric, flattop, archtop and everything in-between... brought to you by the Fretboard Journal
47. Frank Ford
In 1969, Frank Ford and Richard Johnston started the legendary Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, California. On episode 47 of the podcast, Ford tells us what it is like to run one of the world's premiere repair shops for over 50 years. We hear about the early days of Gryphon, the store today, his philosophy on communicating with customers, his favorite repairs, and how, thanks to Dan Erlewine, he got started in teaching.
Oct 20
1 hr 7 min
46. Nicolai Schorr
Nicolai Schorr makes instantly recognizable and remarkable electric guitars mostly with hand tools out of his home shop in Berlin, Germany. For episode 46 of the podcast, Nicolai takes us through the inspiration for and the development of his thoroughly original models. He also discusses his neck construction, artistic background, and his philosophy on enjoying work and the guitar building process.
Sep 23
53 min
45. Michael Greenfield
Michael Greenfield makes spectacular acoustic guitars out of his state-of-the-art shop in Montreal. For episode 45 of the podcast, he takes us through his thought process on designing multi-scale instruments for drop tunings, and the evolution of his models. Michael also discuses his journey into the profession, building for the high end custom market, final guitar voicing, and much more.
Aug 20
1 hr 12 min
44. Mike Baranik
Mike Baranik has been making extraordinary world-class acoustic guitars for decades. On episode 44 of the podcast, Mike recounts the music influences that got him interested in guitars and tells us about his studies at the Roberto-Venn school in the early '90s. Mike also talks to us about his first guitar shows, finding his identity a a luthier, meeting deadlines, re-purposing tools, using CNCs and more.
Jul 20
1 hr 13 min
43. Adam Buchwald
There is not much that Adam Buchwald does not do in the world of guitars. Adam owns Allied Lutherie, builds Circle Strings guitars and is part owner of the Iris Guitar and Mandolin company.  For episode 43 of the podcast, Adam tells us how a once-aspiring musician and music major at the University of Vermont ended up working at Retrofret Vintage Guitars and becoming a full-time luthier with such a diverse business model.
Jun 30
41 min
42. Steve Klein and Steve Kauffman
Steve Klein and Steve Kauffman have been making some of the world's finest and most innovative guitars since their partnership began in the 1970s. For episode 42 of the podcast, I caught up with them at the 2020 NAMM show where they share their origins, give us their thoughts on Kasha designs and tonewoods, and tell us how they have been able to successfully collaborate for over 40 years.
Jun 5
44 min
41. Abe Wechter
Abe Wechter has done it all: From building guitars one-at-a-time, to running guitar factories both domestically and abroad. For Episode 41 of the podcast, Abe and I take a walk to escape the noise at the 2020 NAMM show. His story takes many twists and turns including successes and failures, corrupt business partners, heartbreak and romance.
Apr 29
1 hr
40. Nik Huber
Nik Huber comes from a long line of woodworkers, and he carries on his family trade with his team of eight employees that craft exceptionally fine traditionally influenced electric guitars. For episode 40 of the podcast, I met up with Nik at the 2020 NAMM show where he tells us how he got started under the guidance  of Paul Reed Smith after finishing an apprenticeship in cabinetry. Nik also shares his views on woods, finishes and hardware and more.  This episode is sponsored by Dream Guitars.
Mar 25
53 min
39. Kathy Wingert
Kathy Wingert crafts some of the best and most beautiful acoustic guitars being made today out her shop in Los Angeles. For Episode 39 of the podcast, I sit down with Kathy and talk about photographing and marketing guitars, the development and design of her models and her experience as a female in craft with an abundance of men.
Feb 28
45 min
38. Martin Keith
Martin Keith makes acoustic guitars and electric basses out of his one-man shop in Woodstock, New York. For our 38th episode, Martin tells us about his early careers as a journalist and professional bass player before landing a job with Joe Veillette. There, he made over 1000 guitars before starting his own brand. Martin also discusses guitar design and builders that he draws inspiration from. He also tells us about running the Beacon Banjo Company founded by his father, Bill Keith, in the 1960s.
Feb 2
58 min
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