Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson
Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson
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Simply The Best
Luke English Podcast is simply sensational, there is no other word for it. Is the reason I get up in the morning. 1000% recomended!
Marco Barboza
Mrs mcgonagall’s sister
11-9th-2020. America is very giddy this week. We are looking forward to Jan . 20th when Donald (The Loser) will be out of our White House forever. Covid is attacking 2 out of every 11 people and hospitals are in war time stress Your news is most appreciated, especially family conversations. Books, home and gardening are normality, & language is so energetic & valued. Keep safe & know how much your needed
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mrs mc gonagall's sister
British English and Much More!
I discovered this podcast only few months ago, and I regret not finding it earlier! If you love British accent like me, you will never be able to stop listening to teacher Luke! Beyond British English you will learn about all aspects of British culture. In each episode there is something new that is worth listening to, over and over again!! Also, Luke and his friendly guests, will keep you in good company at these difficult times of lockdown. So basically you get the language, the culture and the entertainment....To say the least! Luke is a highly skilled English teacher, a very patient and very humble personality! I can’t find enough words to thank him and congratulate him on his brilliant work!
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The best English learning podcast!
I’m from China. I have listened to this podcast for more than one year. I love the contents of the podcast, they’re amazing and fascinating! Hey, Luke! You’re the best English teacher I’ve ever met. I have no idea if you will read this comment. I wanna say thank you and love you❤️
Rick Thompson
Best episodes: the ones with Luke’s dad, he’s the best!
I do use your podcast for learning english, and i started from the very beginning of your podcast in 2009, until now it’s going very well and useful to me, i hope it will be like that till the day that i can catch up with you .. teacher luke💙
Rebar Atta
Going downhill
It used to be a great podcast, but... now the podcast is, at best, boring. Luke has ran out of steam, topic’s range narrowed down to music and comedy, mostly. Occasionally he revives one of the old topics, but nothing fresh there too. If you’re not learning English to become a comedian, and you’re not obsessed with music, you probably won’t be particularly interested.
Been listening since 3 years now. Love this guy very humble and down from earth just by hearing his voice you can realize. It’s like an old friend now. Keep sharing with us the good vibes.
Cheers luie
Luke, thank you!
Excellent! راااااائع
Thank you , Luke ✨
best english learning podcast ever!
thank you so much luke!
Hi This podcast highly recommended to IELTS exam practicer. I appreciate Luke for crating this. Many Thanks
I can’t stop listening!
It’s entertaining, funny and diverse. I was search a podcast to learn english and this one is like listening to a long time friend. I really enjoy it!
Lost episodes
This podcast is awesome l, but I can’t find some episodes 🙄
4 year ninja from Vietnam
Hi Luke, I’m your ninja listener from Vietnam. I have listened for 4 years so yeah, your long term ninja hahaha. Thank you very much Luke, for everything!
Vivian Vũ
Best English Podcast
Hi Luke, I have only started listening to your podcast since last 3 weeks but I have got hooked to it. Barely managed to finish few episodes so far, but I reckon you are the best. Everything about your show - your voice, English language, clarity, content, people who you bring on the show, everything is just perfect. I particularly enjoy your episodes which has something to do with comedy, either having comedians on the show or talking about your experience doing comedy or explaining the comedy done by other comedians. Thank you for your effort and please continue the show with the same passion that you do. P.S - This is my first ever review (just shows how impressed I am with your show)
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S Vidhi
The greatest English learning podcast ever!
I’ve been listening to this podcast to around 280th episodes from the first for 2 months. This podcast is the best listening English material I’ve ever met. And Luke is really adorable, humorous and dedicated English teacher. It’s really amazing that he’s sustained this podcast for free except depending on voluntarily donation. I’m really grateful for his devotion. I strongly recommend this podcast to you English learners. I think If you’re over B1 level, you’re enough to try this. Just live with this podcast. I bet your ears will be open with this podcast. Of course it will take much of your time and effort. But If you’re enthusiastic to English, you can surely overcome it. I’ll try to catch up all the other over 200 episodes as soon as possible. And I’ll update this review again at that moment. I hope you all the best.
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Quality time
This is one of the best podcast I am following so far. I really enjoyed the conversation with Luke’s Mum along with others. And want to listen more from her on various topics.
raahat bhero
Best English Podcast in the Universe
Hey Luke, I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome job with this podcast. I’ve been listening to this for years but recently I’m hearing it every day due to IELTS exame. I got a really nice score on my listening (7,5) in my first attempt. So right now I’m studying even more to get the test again and than immigrate to Canada next year. I’m pretty sure that without this podcast it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for your dedication!!
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Lucas Mariano
Luke is your Uncle
Hi Luke, Your podcast is an open window to the wonderful world of English! Please do not stop this entertaining and engaging show! However, We do hope that you will not forget about us, People who used to listening to your stories without spending a penny, after releasing subscription service! Much appreciate!
Great works teacher Luke
As you know we Chinese people don’t have Podcast app on iPhone, weird but true, I listened Luke’s podcasts on local podcast kind app (totally pirated and illegal, forgive me Luke), I found it so brilliant, so much fun, I realized I need to get me a US Apple account and find a way to get across the national internet wall to come here and give my most loved English teacher Luke a 5 Star rating!
More than five stars
Simply the best
Thank U Teacher Luke
A great podcast
So what! Listen to him.
Best podcast for English learners
Great content , really enjoyable.
Strongly recommended
The most amazing podcast that I've ever listened to! It is not like the other english podcasts which are so much filled with superfically educative stuffs; talking about boring phrases or expressions from starts to ends. Instead, you can learn 'real' vivid english through this incredibly awesome Luke's podcast! It's so fun and so naturally level your english up that you cannot even noticing it
It's a really great podcast I have ever listened.
Guoguo lei
Hi Luke, your podcast is amazing!!! I always listen to it, in the bus, walking, sometimes eating or traveling. I believe that you helped me a lot. I found you on the google plus, and I’ve never seen the owner voice. One day, I decided to see you and I looked for you page. You are so different from you voice, hahaha. Your podcast helps a lot and I love when you try to explain some things or when you delay saying the main information of the podcast. It is hilarious. I talk to you, did you know? I always ask you something or imitate how you say some words. I know that you live in Paris, and that you went to the USA in your honeymoon. I like when your friends participate, it is awesome. Today I heard when you ask a photo about the place I was listening to you. I almost took it, hahaha. Thank you so much!!!!!
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Well done…and fun to listen to as well!
I discovered Luke on Periscope…and enjoy his style. As a fellow podcaster I appreciate not only the information Luke is sharing here but also his style as a podcaster. Great work…well worth listening and gathering lots of information!
Absolutely wonderful!!
Are u trying to improve your English? U've come to the right place! LEP is interesting, trendy, educational, inspiring! It's just gorgeous!!!
Best podcast ever!!
I've been listening to teacher luke for almost 5 years now and i have listen to bunch of other english podcasts but he still the best! I listen to him before sleeping & when i'm driving , he's funny & awesome! He makes learning enjoyable I highly recommend it!
Teacher Luke has a very good and clear English pronunciation without any accents or dialects. His teaching methods are various. His materials contain a wide range of topics. Teacher Luke is extremely entertaining , helpful, friendly , patient and wise. All his talks are spontaneous ,genuine , informative, natural , fun and open. The read-along transcripts are available with excellent as well as detailed explanations. Overall , Luke's English Podcast is absolutely interactive and brilliant. I definitely give my thumb up ! It is the best English Learning Podcast of the world !!!
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# 1 in the world
You can not find any better podcasts than this to learn U K English I love it
The very best podcast
What i can i say about this podcast???????????? Nothing The best english learning series i've ever Heard(British accent)
The best podcast ever!
I'm so happy I found this podcast. It's so funny, useful and just awesome every time. Luke, please keep recording this podcast.
Pavel from Russia
This podcast is simply awesome! Luke can be very caustic sometimes, and his comments are very smart and funny. English is not my native language, but I can speak it with a very good American accent; and what I want now is to develop a bit of British accent so I could understand British better and could switch from one accent to another depending on the environment I'm in and on the people I'm talking to. And this podcast is helping me a lot. Thanks a lot, keep it up! Looking forward to hear more!
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Kyle Coleman
Amazing! You should subscribe now!
One of my favorite podcasts on the iTunes store even though English is my first language! I love learning more about British English in particular though since I'm from the US. I look forward to each episode. Great job Luke and thank you so much!!
Amazing podcast
Love your podcasts!!!!!!!Keep up the good work!!!!!
Love it!
That must be the greatest podcast for those seeking to enhance their English skills and have a great time! I'm really proud of Luke's effort to make a nice podcast - by the way, free of charges - which people from all ages can enjoy. Smooth, funny, clever, outstanding...pick your word!!! Nice work, mate!!!! Cheers!
The American Accent Episode
Luke is correct. As an American I was thinking to myself "their accents are all over the country!" It was very funny to me. I know my British accents are just as bad. I found the podcast because I was hoping to improve my Scottish impression. This is a gem. Thank you for making it. I will defiantly share this episode with friends.
Ry Fo
Pretty cool
Thanks for what you doing .. Keep it up
I love listening too you when I am on my way to school. Most of the episodes keep me interested. However, sometimes it is so hard to hear, by this, i mean sometimes your voice or the guests' voices are too sofe. But anyway, it is a great podcast and everyone should download it!! Thanks teacher Luke!!
Honestly, the best podcast!
Believe, here is the best podcast if you are looking for learning the real spoken English. Download it now!!!
Great content and awesome teacher!
I really enjoy this podcast and all efforts made by Luke to bring us a good quality material, even with his busy schedule, he finds time to help the world to learn english. Admirable! Easy listening, very interesting dynamic and themes, no boring slow-speaking. Since I've started to listen this podcast, my comprehension of British accent improved a lot. Thanks so much, I hope Luke can find motivation enough to keep doing this amazing Podcast. I highly recommend. Cheers!
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This podcast is awesome.
The topic of each episode is well enough to grab your interest. Luke's accent is typical posh British accent which is ideal one for those who want to learn proper British English. However, it's been so long since the last episode, and I hope he will be back soon. :] By the way, hey, Luke teacher, I do have difficulty listening to "normal British English such as London dialect or accent of labour class " which is commonly shown in Tele show.(Should I call it "British Soap opera"?) I do know others have the same difficulty. Thus, I suppose, if you have a show for the issue, it would be great. :]
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banana fishbones
The most amazing English podcast I've ever heard
Yeah, it's just brilliant. This podcast combines humor, many educational aspects, general information about life in Great Britain (mostly), humor again, and more, and more. I strongly recommend to listen to this podcast from the very first episode, though it's not nesessary, and the episodes are independent and aren't linked with each other (with few exceptions). Also it's a great podcast to practice your listening and pronunciation skills. Very good!
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