Jenny Eliscu
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Music lovers start listening!
I’ve been following Jenny from Rolling Stone, Sirius XM and her podcast. Love the podcast!
Let’s go
Let’s get this money
I love everything about this podcast.
Bland Mike
I’ve been searching for a good indie music podcaster to come along. Jenny is good on satellite radio, but better on this podcast. Thanks!
Vincent Von vanderhosen
If you love music, this is for you
Jenny is a helluva podcaster. She knows artists and more importantly knows how to talk to them. She gets to the core of why they create. It’s great to listen to and you might even discover new artists through these entertaining podcasts.
Been listening to XMU since it was Left of Center. Jenny is a wonderful interviewer and jibes with everyone on some honest, ‘Hey we’re all just regular people’ level which, in turn, brings out the good stories and some really great commentary and insight. So natural and easy, not forced. You’re listening to two friends hanging out. No one better on radio in my opinion. If you like this, check out SiriusXMU and their Sessions, Interviews, and Old School stuff on demand. To paraphrase Amelia Meath, who was fantastic, “Folk girl hero in a with a podcast.” I saw Jeff Mangum in concert at the Moody Theater in Austin, TX once after he’d hidden himself away from the public eye for so long, and after every single song, the guy next to me would yell, “THANK YOU” so sincerely. I think that’s apropos here. Nice work!
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the queen bey 👑🐝 really great podcast :)
narry af
Best ear in music
More like lsd (for your ears)