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Lovecast with Rachel Russo – Need to Look Perfect
In today’s episode, Rachel Russo, Dating, Relationship & Image Coach and Marriage Educator, interviews three specialists who work with brides - a nutritionist, a hairstylist, and a makeup artist.  They share their insight to help women deal with their need to look perfect on their wedding day.  The advice provided is not just for brides-to-be, but also for their fiancés, many of whom just don't understand a partner’s strong need for dieting, exercising, grooming, or the endless search for "the" dress.  Both sexes are aware of shows like Say Yes To The Dress, Shedding For The Wedding, and Bridezillas that reinforce the idea of the importance of the wedding day, but do they recognize the pressure around maintaining appearances and how it can put serious strain on a relationship? It does NOT have to be this way! Rachel and her special guests provide empathy and hope for both parties by informing listeners that they aren’t alone with their image-related concerns. You will learn that there are smart solutions to creating and maintaining your image in a healthy way so it does not affect your relationship.  And, sometimes it’s as simple as planning ahead and managing expectations. The guests in this Lovecast show are in order of appearance: Sarah Jenks, nutrition and life coach, helping women prepare emotionally and physically for their weddings. She is the founder of the Breathtaking Bride. Allison Friedman, Creative Director  & Stylist at Schwartz Salon in Red Bank, NJ and the founder of Allison Paige Registry.  She travels everywhere as a hair stylist and makeup artist and has an expertise in doing bridal hair. Julia Dalton, makeup artist and owner of NYC-based Brush Beauty.   Sarah's website Allison's website Julia's websites: JuliaDaltonBrush & Brush Beauty Rachel's website Rachel's blog More with Rachel on the following websites: Your Tango Stage of Life 3six5dates Rachel on Facebook Follow Rachel on Twitter here Subscribe to Rachel's Labels & Love Newsletter here
Oct 24, 2011
29 min
Lovecast with Rachel Russo featuring author Todd Outcalt
Wedding Podcast Network welcomes Rachel Russo, Dating, Relationship & Image Coach and Marriage Educator, as the new host of Lovecast.  Rachel has counseled hundreds of men and women, singles and couples, who value love and marriage as much as she does and are ready to transform their lives to find it and keep it.  Her mission is to parlay beauty and love into the lives of people everywhere by redesigning the ways we date and marry.  Rachel is a contributing editor and advice specialist for Your Tango, Stage of Life, and is Miss New York on 3six5dates, a reality dating blog. In today's episode Rachel interviews Todd Outcalt, author of Before You Say I Do,  Important Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage. This insightful book has over 300 practical questions prospective spouses should ask each other about life-plans, education, careers, values and beliefs, sex, children, past relationships, money, and running a household.  These questions will help a couple start talking about issues that are most important to deepen their relationship for a lifetime of marriage. Todd, a United Methodist pastor, has counseled hundreds of couples before marriage and officiated at nearly an equal number of weddings. He has conducted workshops on marriage and parenting, and has led seminars on the premarital relationship.  He says in his book "it is much more difficult to have a marriage than a wedding.  Anyone can organize a wedding, but not everyone can have a long and happy marriage.  A wedding takes planning.  Marriage requires hard work." Time for some focused listening.  What are the most important topics a couple should discuss before marriage?  How can couples improve their communication skills?  What topics do couples avoid talking about?  How can you initiate uncomfortable conversations?  Can sharing too much backfire?  What are some common issues engaged couples need to work on before they tie the knot?  How can friends and family share their true thoughts and feelings during your engagement?  What is a major threat to creating and maintaining a great marriage in modern society and what can couples do about it?  What are the best marriages made of?  Todd and Rachel address these provocative questions so every bride and groom can learn more about themselves, each other and marriage in order to strengthen the foundation of their relationship. Todd's Between Pages blog here Get Todd's books here Before You Say I Do, Revised: Important Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage Rachel's website Rachel's blog More with Rachel on the following websites: Your Tango Stage of Life 3six5dates Rachel on Facebook Follow Rachel on Twitter here Subscribe to Rachel's Labels & Love Newsletter here
Aug 4, 2011
26 min
Lovecast with Todd Reed The Communication Coach
Communication can be a powerful aphrodisiac.  Coach Todd R. Reed, author of Conversation is Sexy, shares tips and techniques that will help improve your couple communication skills and rediscover the joy and fun of being in a committed relationship. An award-winning Commercial Television and Radio broadcaster, Coach Todd Reed has spent nearly 20 years observing and studying human behavior patterns in friendships, dating, marriage and relationships. His passion is to empower men and women to understand what makes each other tick and use conversation to recreate passion and a love beyond words. In today's episode we crack the gender code to better understand the opposite sex, learn how to listen, open up and tell your significant other what you like and don't like, discuss ways to connect daily and spend time together weekly, how to use verbal and nonverbal communication to convey love and affection, plus we talk about how to fight fair so there is peace and respect in the relationship.  Coach Todd's insight and recommendations will allow you and your partner to work as a team to develop healthy habits that will result in a strong, long lasting and happy marriage.  This Lovecast will help men and women keep the love lines of communication flowing. Coach Todd's website Coach Todd's blog Get Coach Todd's book here
Jan 18, 2011
40 min
Lovecast Show #13 with Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD – Your Successful Marriage
Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD are a happily married husband and wife psychology team, best- selling authors of The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams - Planning Together for Less Stress and More Joyâs , and two of the co...
Jan 15, 2010
Lovecast Show #12 with Karen Salmansohn
Karen Salmansohn is an empowering and inspirational bestselling author with over 1 million books sold and is a recognized expert on happiness in career, love & life. She is best-known for creating How...
Jul 7, 2008
Lovecast Show #11 with Carol Bruess & Anna Kudak – What Happy Couples Do
Want to turn up the laughter and joy in your marriage?  Want to be more connected?  Carol Bruess and Anna Kudak are Ph.Ds dedicated to studying interpersonal communication patterns of happy co...
Apr 24, 2008
Lovecast Show #10 with Laurie Sue Brockway – Marriage Prep 101
This Lovecast episode features Laurie Sue Brockway, author Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress into Wedding Bliss, interfaith minister and wedding officiant. She is a widely ...
Mar 11, 2008
Lovecast Show #9 with Brooke Emery – Attracting the Life and Love You Desire
Are you ready to design the life you want? Brooke Emery, founder of Attraction Boutique, wants to help you live your dreams. As a Certified Strategic Attraction Coach, Brookeâs passion and life purpose is to implement the principles of the Law of Attr...
Jan 11, 2008
Lovecast Show #8 with Lois Barth  – The 4 L’s of Luscious Life Partnership
Do you want to be stressed and anxious or do you a want to savor and live a luscious life?  Lois Barth, life coach, speaker and writer, or what she likes to call herself - a stand-up philosopher - uses life as a classroom to learn and live vitally...
Dec 26, 2007
Lovecast Show #7 with Alison Armstrong – Understanding Men & Women
Do you want to transform your relationships and learn how to communicate with men in their language?  If you want the truth about men then you are in the right place.  Husband-wife team Robert Allen and Holli Ehrlich ta...
Jul 10, 2007
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