Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Ashley Leavy
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Crystals To Discover Your Soul Purpose
If you’re a spiritual seeker or a mystical soul, chances are you look for signs from the universe, listen to the whispers of your heart, and pay attention to the messages from your intuition.
Sep 19
23 min
The Autumn Equinox – Mabon & the Wheel of the Year
The Autumn Equinox, sometimes called Mabon, is the third of the quarter days, which marks the second of the fall holidays (the mid-point between Lughnasadh and Samhain).
Sep 12
38 min
Working With Herbs & Crystals (PLUS How to Make Your Own Calendula Salve)
Combining the power of crystal energy with herbal plant allies is an incredible way to make some magic, find balance, and support your spiritual work.
Sep 5
34 min
FREE Crystal Healing Class Series – CCH Prep School 2022 is out now! (BONUS Podcast Episode)
I’m so excited to be sharing my FREE introductory crystal mini series — Certified Crystal Healer Prep School! This training offers 3 (totally free) video classes.
Aug 3
9 min
Lughnasadh & the Wheel of the Year
Lughnasadh marks the first harvest, and is the mid-point between Litha, the Summer Solstice, and Mabon, the Autumn Equinox.
Jul 25
37 min
6 Best Crystals for Connecting with Spirit (Plus A Crystal Meditation for Spirit Connection)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to communicate with the spirit realm? Healing crystals can help create and strengthen your connection to the Spirit.
Jul 18
37 min
How to Make Crystal Moon Water
By preparing this crystal Moon Water essence, you can capture its energy in water to create a sacred essence that you can use for cleansing, ritual, and more!
Jul 11
34 min
Healing Properties of Red Aventurine: A Crystal for Passion & Perseverance
Red Aventurine is a variety of massive quartz with Lepidolite Mica and Hematite inclusions that add a bit of sparkle and magic to this stone.
Jul 3
20 min
Sacred Stone Painting: A DIY Ritual for Inner Peace & Earth Connection
Crafting itself is a way to make magic… to heal, to transform, and to connect with spirit. Some of the oldest art in the world took shape as humans painting on stone. From the cave paintings at Altamira in northern Spain to the figural paintings of Sulawesi, Indonesia, humans have been painting on stone for nearly 36,000 years!
Jun 27
24 min
10 Best Crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
I love to use powerful crystals to enhance my other spiritual work - it makes SUCH a difference in my ability to feel physically connected to what I'm doing. The following stones are the 10 best crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card readings. Crystal oracle cards are one of the quickest and easiest ways to tap into your intuition and call forth just the message you need to get you headed in the right direction. Whether you’re having trouble making a decision, need a little clarity about a situation, or want a little support and encouragement from the universe, oracle cards are a great tool to help you create just the mindset shift you need. You can place these crystals in your sacred space or on your altar, keep them near you, hold them for their energy, or even create a grid or circle of stones around you during the reading. Crystals are such a great support to this work and can really enhance the intuitive process.     The 10 best crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card readings: 1. Angelite  Angelite has the power to invite your guides and angels in to support you during your reading so that they may provide support, wisdom, or clarity. I also find it to be really soothing, so if I'm feeling a little scattered or anxious, i's a great crystal to have on hand to get you calm and centered before you begin. 2. Amethyst Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, helps you tap into your intuition and decipher any messages that are coming through during your reading. Have you ever pulled cards for yourself only to feel stumped when it came to actually interpreting them? Try holding an Amethyst crystal while contemplating the meaning of each card, and then of the reading as a whole for more clarity and to see the bigger picture of what this means in your life at this time. 3. Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline has the ability to keep you safe and protect you from outside energies while you're divining. Because it helps keep you grounded during intense psychic or spiritual work, it makes a great companion stone for any form of divination. 4. Selenite Selenite will ensure that your space is clear and free from stagnant energy or outside energetic clutter, a vital part of any successful reading. When there's too much excess energy, distracted thoughts, etc. focus and interpretation become difficult. But Selenite helps you tune in so that important messages can come through loud and clear. 5. Clear Quartz Clear quartz has the power to amplify your intention of receiving guidance from your cards throughout your reading. I recommend sitting with your stone in your sacred space before beginning your reading, and setting an intention for what you'd most like to receive. Alternatively, you can work with your Clear Quartz stone to help you get more specific about the question you'd like to ask during your reading so that any messages coming through will be focused and on point. 6. Rainbow Fluorite Rainbow fluorite promotes mental clarity so that you can stay focused on what you’re doing and keep your mind from wandering during the reading. It also encourages sharp decision-making, so if you're feeling torn between two different interpretations of a particular card or message, reach for some Rainbow Fluorite to help you feel into which one is most accurate (or if both are needed!). 7. Rose Quartz Gentle but powerful Rose Quartz will remind you to stay heart-centered and compassionate during your reading. Whether you're reading for yourself or for someone else, communicating from a place of compassion is important for seeing the bigger picture and for delivering difficult messages with empathy. 8. Smoky Quartz Smoky quartz will keep you grounded, allowing you to connect to the energy of the earth while you’re tapping into...
Jun 18
30 min
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