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Lori & Julia
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My daily dose of happiness 😊
🙋🏼‍♀️I am a new listener, and have quickly become an avid fan. The ladies 💃make you feel like your one of gals. From Hollywood speak, randoms with Julia, to music 🎶 reviews they really give good radio 📻. Try it ~ you won’t be disappointed. 😃
14 paws
Lori and Julia have been even more entertaining during this COVID19 Stay at Home order. I’m so grateful for their company. I adore these two wonderful ladies!!!
Best Show
Love the Drive time Divas they make being stuck in traffic enjoyable!
These people are surface level gossips. At least do your research. Boring.
Love you gals!
I'm from the Midwest (lived in Mpls. 6 years). Love the area! Love your podcast! So glad I found you via Louie Anderson!
Bunco Bea
Argumentative, irrational, can't pronounce anything correctly, nasty to their producer. I've listened to them (selectively) for years, but I'm about done. Julia, the more annoying of the two, just flat out makes stuff up, and is dumb as a box of rocks. Podcast makes it possible to zoom through the annoying stuff. I never listen on the radio any more. They have an occasional good guest, and do a good job with interviews.
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Tired Ears
lori and julia
LOVE to listen!!!
Super fun to listen to!!
Love, love, love this show!
I don't even really care about pop culture, but I love, love, love these two ladies! They crack me up and are a must have for thge 45-minute commute home at night.
Great entertainment
So fun for a drive home to get your mind off real life problems. A great stress reliever
I think the ladies are lovely and funny but overall there is a common thread when speaking about certain people of meanness which does taint my enjoyment o f the show
Love it
I sure miss this station but am so lad I can still listen all the way in Vegas!
Drive time Divas
They make my commute a lot less stressful! They are unintentionally hilarious. :-)
Those horrible voices!
Those horrible old women!
Love, love, love them!
These two are hi-larious! I also discovered them on Stitcher. If you like keeping up with pop culture and enjoy a good laugh, then you should definitely listen to them.
I found this podcast on sticher and I'm addicted. I clean houses and I listen to Lori and Julia every day while i'm working. they make me feel like I'm listening to my fun Aunts!! the other reviewer said they fight but I never hear them fight. they poke good fun at each other and can totally take a joke. I like their segments like sex Monday ( where I always learn something interesting) and Facebook question of the day is always funny. they keep me updated on all things pop-culture but more than anything I love listening about their funny lives and their take on life!! so fun!!
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They argue and talk over each other
Really not fond of the show. They argue too much and constantly talk over each other. Instead of working together it seems the try to out do each other. I really don't think they are funny. I usually quit listening to the station when they come on.
Love the girls
I recently moved from the Twin Cities to Atlanta, and love to stay connected to Minnesota with Lori & Julia. Just the right blend of love, laughter and snap!
Sarah no longer or Plymouth