Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast
Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast
Mark and Erik
Listener Lore 18
1 hour 39 minutes Posted May 5, 2021 at 11:16 am.
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Show notes

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Well... listen to us read... ok fine listen to us ATTEMPT to read...

For this Listener Lore we exploited - uh I mean we read Andrew's 7th Elysian Drop Troop Regiment "The Magnificent Seventh", Betus' 144th Korellian "Curb Stompers", and Jeremy's Ghost Wolves Space Marine Chapter!

If you have a written backstory for your army and want us to share it, send an email to lorehammerpodcast@gmail.com.

Joining us on this episode is Dylan, a special guest from our sister podcast, Let's Talk Lorehammer. You can find them on Spotify here https://spoti.fi/3tjPXaI

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