Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise
Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise
Lois Koffi
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Informative, rooted and inspiring
Lois does a great job bringing forth articulate guests and interesting and informative conversations to support your life, business, and growth. Love it and I look forward to checking out many more!
Great for entrepreneurs!
Lois has a genuine, heart-felt style that translates into great content delivered in an approachable, very real manner. It feels like you’re in on the conversation as you gain insights and knowledge from Lois and her podcast guests. I appreciate the variety and uniqueness of each episode, and as an entrepreneur myself, find the content useful and directly applicable to my business. Thanks for creating this podcast!
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Lisa Philyaw
Thoughtful and challenging
Lois has a knack for having some great guests on her show. She's not afraid to talk about the hard knocks she's gotten in her life and freely offers suggestions on how to improve your life, mind and health wise. Highly recommended!
Juana Poareo
Great Podcast!
Awesome 100th podcast and great guest speakers! Lois featured 10 guests sharing value packed content and practical tips on a variety of topics. Congratulations on your 100th episode!
Diverse topics with focus!
Every podcast has a fresh take on the core topics of health, wealth, and wisdom. Don’t expect wealth to only be about money, or health to be about diets and exercise! Lois explores, with her guests, more expansive definitions of relationship wealth, mindset health, and much more.
Lois Koffi ROCKS!
I have the privilege of personally knowing this entrepreneurial powerhouse. Lois Koffi has big, bold and vibrant energy. I appreciate what she presents in her podcasts. They always have amazing and helpful insights while also aiming to empower the viewers. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The Entrepreneur One-Stop Shop
Lois gives supreme value with each and every espisode. Very positive and informative. If you're looking to grow your business, look no further!
Brian Kelly - Reach Your Peak
Content Rich
Lois Koffi brings value packed content through great interviewing. She delivers from the heart and clearly cares about her community.
Healthy wealthy wise
Lois is positive, articulate, & provides insightful interviews. Great podcast for those looking to grow their business.
Lois is amazing ..
This put a huge smile on my face!!! Love this energy that Lois shares with us. She always does an amazing job..
Great Show for Entrepreneurs!
Lois has some amazing guests who share amazing insights.
What a lot of amazing energy and wisdom dispensed by Lois and her guests! I've found a new way to learn new perspectives. Many thanks, Lois.
Perfect Timing
This is perfect timing for Lois Koffi to launch her podcast! It’s a time when we need to hear from experts. The episodes are motivating and educational and easy to listen to and I can binge listen to them one right after another. Thanks Lois for sharing your voice and contacts with us!
Intellectually Stimulating
As a life-long learner I always enjoy finding great content to listen to that’s intellectually stimulating, entertaining and purposeful. Lois does a great job combining all three elements with interesting topics, engaging guests and insight that’s useful and pertinent for entrepreneurs at all levels.
Consistent uplift and inspiration
Just listened to 5 of Lois' podcasts in a row. Energy blitz! The people she brings in are consistently insightful... sharing real usable ideas and tools for acheive your goals. Just pumpbs me up. Put on the player and let 'em rip!
The Fortune is in the Follow Up
Lois Koffi is one of the most amazing, talented & successful women I am honored to have in my circle of colleagues. I was at a conference a few years ago. The speaker told us to write down 25 people we knew who could significantly impact our businesses. Lois was on that list. I had no idea how I was going to get time with her, but I’d set my intention. Within 2 weeks we connected at an event & she has been my coach & mentor since. Her talents & professionalism are nothing less than awe inspiring.
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Karen L Ullmann
Valuable and Worth Listening
Lois has to experienced a lot and from these experiences she shares her wisdom. She adds a lot of value in the content she shares from her own life stories. She also is a talented interviewer and brings on experts that provide great info. Her podcasts are worth listening to and I highly recommend.
Casey C. S.
A must listen!!!
I've known Lois for several years and she has always been such a positive influence in my life and in everyone she meets! These podcasts are amazing and I can get my dose of Lois whenever I need one!!! She has valuable experience and expertise!! Topics are pertinent and I always gain a couple pearls from each podcast!
Balance is KEY
I think for a successful and fulfilling life, you need to have balance. Lois nails it on all parts with interviewing experts on all fronts and aspects of being healthy wealthy and wise. Stoked she started this podcast! A lot of people focus on one aspect, but she has a very unique approach in balancing all these things. Amazing woman!
Adds Exceptional Value
What a remarkable podcast! Lois Koffi does an exceptional job engaging her guest speakers and applying her own life experiences to add such value to her audience. I’ve listened several episodes and received applicable nuggets for my health, business and personal development!! I can’t get enough and highly recommend everyone to subscribe!
amazing woman
Lois has overcome so much in her life. It is a pleasure to join her on her journey for salespeople and coaches to strive for more from your life.
Definitely inspirational
Love Lois' straightforward personality and strategies she provides during her episodes as well as the knowledge shared by the guests. Thank you for creating such an impactful show. ~ Pam
Fantastic show
I've been enjoying these episodes for a few weeks now. Lois is ebullient about sharing her expertise, and it's a real delight to share her nuggets.
Jonathan AS 2020
Awesome informaton!
Such a great podcast with awesome information and interviews!
I love Lois!
Lois is everything I would want in a best friend: intelligent, witty, caring, positive, and interesting. I highly recommend her podcast, you will learn and grow from and with her.
Abundant Health Beth
Amazing content and wisdom
I look forward to all the new guest speakers every week! So amazing content and wisdom that actually transforms your life.
Mel Krüg
Act 1: Healthy!
I already feel much healthier after listening to Benjamin's interview.The current new normal has changed everything and hearing pivoting ideas to adapt one's fitness routine is super inspiring and right on point. Single best tip? Sorry you'll have to listen I don't want to spoil it. Merci Lois! Now let's talk wealth 🤑...
Great topics and guest speaker
Lois has ability to share her experience , strengths and hope on being an entrepreneur The topics are just what the entrepreneurs need . Whether they are just starting out or seasoned She is a natural in her interviewing her guest and keep the audience interested . Her genuine authenticity is apparent . Brings so much support for us all !
Rambln Rose
Energetic, Educational and Engaging!
Lois' energy is like a shot of espresso, the content and guest appearances are educational, engaging and encouraging. I'm looking forward to getting my shot of Koffi whenever available:) Keeping me inspired!
Shai L.
Change & transformation is the only constant
Lois has taken time to reflect on her experiences and attract others to her podcast to shine light on things that matter.... the three pillars that need to be balanced in order for us to transform our bodies, our bank and our minds.  Like George Eliot says "It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  and I think this podcast gives you the nuggets to help transform your life.......as change and transformation is constant.
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Artem Kuz
High Energy
Uplifting sales and entrepreneurial content from industry leaders. Coach Koffi is a skilled interviewer who holds your attention and gives great content.
Total Package
Lois is the total package! Whether you are looking to grow your business or grow yourself, she has the tools to get you motivated and moving forward fast.
Mr. D 87
Real life advice
Lois gets great practitioners on her podcasts. They are fun and engaging but better yet the advice offered is practical. I love the wide variety of guests and wide range of expertise. Every episode has special energy along with the message.
Worth every minute!
Lois is authentic, passionate, and motivational. And that comes through in every word of her podcast. Give it a listen - you’ll be glad you did!
Get it gurl!
Lois is amazing. I love her positive mindset. I love her energy. She has so much to offer and I can’t wait to hear her future podcasts. You rock! Keep it up.
Sachiko's mom
Mrs Lois Koffi
Lois is genuinely a fantastic person who wants nothing less than success, health and overall well-being for not only the people she surrounds herself with, but for the people who are just getting to know her as well! She is a family person and loved by many! Once you start listening to her, you will find out why!
Lois offers real life tips for business and life. Her podcast features amazing guests who really offer sound advice. Definitely one I will continue to listen to!
sassy healthy fit
Extremely knowledgeable and asks powerful questions!
Lois is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Love the podcast about women need to ask for help more. This is definitely a struggle for me as well as other women!
Michelle de Alba
Great nuggets of wisdom
When you want to infuse your day with some inspiration and positivity, I highly recommend this podcast. With an easy to listen 10 minute time frame, I can juggle my mom life and still learn some business techniques. I greatly enjoyed Lynda Sunshine’s story about overcoming her daily fears as a practice.
Smart informative and actionable
Lois and guests provide excellent insight and information that is not only useful in theory but also actionable! The ability to put this info into action makes this podcast not only a great listen but it can also help you move the needle forward in your business and life!
Great podcast!
This podcast is life changing with such amazing information to transform your life! And Lois is such an energetic and engaging speaker.
Love Lois’s Personality
I’m so excited to listen to this show. Lois has such a calming demeanor that is comforting and inviting!
Nice showcase of short small business interviews.
This is nice showcase of short (10-15min) interviews and business tips. I especially like the interviews with the smaller businesses, since I'm a very small business. The best parts are the real stories of overcoming challenges, including Lois's own.
On Point
Lois business acumen totally shines through in her podcasts. She helps you shift your mindset to “conquer” mode. If you want to position yourself for success, you’ve landed on the right series. - Marcus S.
MD Sharp
Lois Koffi’ Podcast
Lois takes her life long learnings/personal experiences and helps others. So genuine and caring you can’t but love her and what she shares.
Well Verse
Lois is well verse and well connected to great resources that brings interesting perspectives to her interviews. Love the diversity and knowledge of guests. Definitely will recommend her podcasts to others that are looking to become Healthy or Wealthy or Even Both❣️
How amazing the game is
Purposeful success
Success that is not in line with the core purpose of an individual, is no success at all. Lois helps you differentiate between life and work and what to prioritize to maximize joy and prevent burnout.
Energy Food for the Brain
Lois Koffi’s relaunch of her podcast became my afternoon energy boost of dopamine. From Linda West’s report on facing her fears to Andrew Lowen’s cart of web development skills which increases business profits, Koffi serves a cross section of content from entepreneural to personal development to wealth. It revved me up to believe I’ll become healthyn’wealthyn’wise with continued listening. And...I will.
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Val Byrd
Something for everyone!
I love how Lois Koffi brings valuable education in every episode of her podcast. Whether you are interested in getting healthy, OR you’re an entrepreneur, OR you have a curious mind to learn and grow, you will find something that will catch your attention. Her guests are experts in their field and have great freebies to go more in depth with the topics. Check them all out. You’ll be glad you did. Can’t wait to hear the next episode... Thanks, Lois!
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Always great nuggets in these podcasts!
I love listening to Lois. She is connected to very interesting people in many different walks of life all over the world. Each one offers wonderful nuggets. I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Thank you Lois!
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