Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise
Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise
Lois Koffi
Entrepreneurship is a marathon, NOT a sprint with Livia Jenvey
36 minutes Posted Dec 14, 2020 at 11:00 am.
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Show notes

Do you feel anxious when you don't get where you want to go fast enough in your business?


Has 2020 helped you or hurt your structure with juggling all the new things you've likely had to adapt to? Working from home, home schooling kids AND managing your work/life balance?


Today I interviewed one of my besties


Livia Jenvey is a business coach/speaker/author that has 20 years of experience is "figuring it out" and helping business owners profit with structure and a road map.


Livia comes from 20+ years in the business world, working in both the entrepreneur and corporate arenas.  Her corporate consulting experience includes working for various large US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies, helping each increase organizational

growth and profits.  And coaching entrepreneurs who have created million-dollar businesses.


Her company, Empowered StarBoss™ LLC specializes

in helping women entrepreneurs profit from their dreams by figuring out the right structure and support they need.


She holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology

and a Masters in Business.







Here’s the link to the free gift I mentioned: https://www.empoweredstarboss.com/Guide-To-Growing-A-Business


You can still sign up for my December 19th course at http://loiskoffi.com/action