Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise
Misty Magdalena’s Healthy N Wealthy N Wise
Lois Koffi
Traveling WELL during the holidays and prepping for 2021 wellness
33 minutes Posted Dec 12, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Are you traveling now?


Or wondering how to take care of yourself during the holiday season?


Today I am talking with Edyta Satchell who has helped people to travel and look and feel their very best 20 years in travel industry

Edyta is a master at connecting beauty and travel as a certified health coach and certified in oncology aesthetics (working with cancer survivors in travel and every day wellness)


Today she dropped constant nuggets on travel safety, what to keep in your medicine cabinet and how to really take care of yourself during stressful times (even if not traveling right now!)


She also has a free offer: Free discovery call with Edyta to identify strategies and how to get travel ready during this holiday season (value of $250)



For women, she also has an amazing free resource in her website: finelle.com