Locked On Jazz - Daily Podcast On The Utah Jazz
Locked On Jazz - Daily Podcast On The Utah Jazz
Locked On Podcast Network, David Locke
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Part of my routine
I’ve listened to Locked on Jazz just about every day for 8 years now. It’s informative about my favorite team, helps me get excited about the team, I’ve learned a ton about the basketball and so it has helped me see things when I’m watching that I don’t think I’d have noticed otherwise, and strangely enough has made me a better husband I think (I am quick to clean the kitchen, do dishes, fold laundry, etc... and throw an AirPod in one ear while I work). I’m a fan and I’m grateful for Locke’s efforts to help us feel connected to the team and to interact with us.
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The OG
Never give this up, Locke, never!
100 Linden
David is the best in the business!
Love this show!
Locke is Locked On!
When you need daily Jazz coverage, who better to get it from then the voice of the Jazz himself. David does a phenomenal job providing fans with daily exclusive content on the Utah Jazz!
Cody Roark
Locked on arrogance
Just tried listening again, but I find David too arrogant.
Locked on Jazz
Awesome podcast! I have listened to Locked on Jazz since it’s beginning. I listened to every podcast! I love the insight and excitement that David provides to his listeners. HUGE fan!
Just Great!
I’ve listened to the podcast ever since David started from YouTube. The insight, detail, and all around information you get is second to none. Great Pod and even the most modest fan can understand more about the teams the love because of this network! Keep up the great stuff!
Jazz fever!!
Listen every day. Been here since the commercial free ,coffee siping days. 🙌🏼
Locke is the best in the business. No comparison
Great podcast
13 years old
David the GOAT
How can you not love the “budum bum bum bum bum bum POW!!!”?
Filipino Ice
Jazz Offseason
This is a great podcast. Love it. But we need to have some changes to the jazz. Trade Mike Conley for Otto Porter Jr, Kevin Love, or Blake Griffin. We need a power forward that can shoot besides Bojan. Imagine a lineup of Donovan Mitchell, Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic, (OPJr, Blake Griffin, or Kevin Love), and Rudy Gobert. If possible, get Chris Paul. Trade Mike Conley who everyone thinks is awesome for Chris Paul. Trade Ed Davis for a second round pick. Get some quality bench players that have played an NBA game. Get people that have done good and are proven NBA players. Draft players who are super athletic, have good size, and are determined. Resign Jordan Clarkson. Resign Juwan Morgan and Miye Oni. Get rid of Niang. Get Derrick Favors. Perfect backup center for jazz. Have Tony Bradley get smaller legs. He has heavy legs and slow footwork. Can’t jump much. Get Rudy Gobert on a 25-30 million instead of a freaking 50 mill. Keep Donovan. He’s a killa. And he should be recognized for his greatness. Breaking records of Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, and Allen Iverson in a single game is superstar. And might I mention the game Jordan got 63 points, yeah, he lost too. But nobody talks about that. Donovan’s going to leave if he’s not given the respect he deserves. He worked his butt off, coming from a 13th pick. Starting Lineup: Donovan Mitchell, Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic, (OPJr, Blake Griffin, or Kevin Love), and 2 time DPOY Rudy Gobert (we all know he was the 3 time champ, he got robbed, COVID stuff) Bench: Joe Ingles, Derrick Favors, Tony Bradley, Royce O’Neale, Miye Oni, Juwan Morgan, Georges Niang, Emmanuel Mudiay, A few other players like Korver, JR Smith, or Carmelo Anthony. Not those players, players like them. Championship lineup. Done. Do that. Big trades. Mike Conley players are not big trades. Harden players are big trades. Mike Conley for Blake Griffin. Mike for Kevin Love. Those are big trades.
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Best podcast out there! GO JAZZ!
Just finished your podcast that addressed the NBA boycott. Thank you for bringing awareness. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being honest, open, and vulnerable. Thank you for being you and having those difficult conversations. Your podcast is always always amazing, but this one it different. It was super impactful.
everybody said the shooting was unsustainable, we’ve been doing it for three games how long is it going to last
Enough cannot be said about Locke
What a great guy. If for no other reason come here for something different. You may not always agree with his analysis but it's not the vague "takes" you'll hear elsewhere. And to the negative commenters complainging about David aligning himself with the Millers, the Jazz players and the rest of the NBA on societal issues: you are in the minority. How dos that make you feel?
The whole network is garbage. Every channel is a victim of something or another but nobody takes responsibility for their own baggage. Lol. It’s all well but..... The well but network.
Raider Beyond
Great daily podcast
I love this podcast. I also listen to a few of his other daily podcasts that are focused on other teams. David gives a unique take on basketball and I look forward to listening everyday. Keep adding shows. Started listening to the Oregon Duck locked on podcast. Really great podcast.
13 year old jazz fan, love it!
So good
Must follow if your a Jazz fan
Been a listener since the early days (eight years ago); Locke is a passionate Jazz fan who brings analytics and insight. As an old school Jazz fan I despised the three point shot until Locke converted me with his analytical analysis. Living overseas this podcast allows me to stay up-to-date on all things Jazz. Love it!!!
Really makes it better
Dave seems like just a genuine guy and the stats are awesome for a nerd like me
Not worth it
The ads are overwhelming and he can’t keep his political bias out of it.
Numbers, numbers, and more numbers!
If having a spreadsheet read to you at Coffee Level 10 doesn’t force you to ask about your Jazz commitment level then perhaps the unwavering passion Locke brings will.
Powder Yeti
The master
No one does it better than Locke. I’ve been listening for years and the guy is real. He cares about basketball and the Jazz and he puts his heart and soul into it. Lucky for us he’s also talented so all that effort translates into a great podcast.
Locked On Jazz
Excellent Podcast. Has enriched my fandom by peeling back the layers of what goes on with the Jazz both on and off the Court. Listen to it every weekday as I hike and bike the trails of Southern Utah. Some day I will get up north and eat a mudslide Cookie. And I can’t get the Hyundai brand out of my head.
Neon Canyon
An embarrassment to ever Jazz fan on a daily basis.
A egomaniac that has access to our team (which should be removed ASAP) uses that not primarily to inform us in an honest open way, but rather to milk it for every dollar he can. Our team the JAZZ pay david and let him in on what is going on and then he flips that access making another paycheck and shoveling commercials at us to tell us what he should ethically be reporting on without an extra paycheck. That is what every other team employee does but one pay check isn’t enough for a narcissist like David. I know he would argue other team employees don’t put in as much time as he does putting out a daily podcast (which is not daily, the weekends are days, but hey who cares about the truth). David could honestly and efficiently present what he knows in 30 min a week instead of manufacturing an empire who’s primary goal is commercials the content is an after thought.
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Jesus Thong
Idaho jazz fan
I started listening to David last season. Love his show and comments. Always insightful and educational. Notwithstanding the comments from Colorado jazz fan I am entertained by David’s yikes about turning 50 and other personal vignettes. Keep it up.
idaho jazz fan
D. Locke is number one!
The very best basketball play-by-play announcer I’ve listened to over 50+ years. I learn something new with every podcast, and NEVER miss an episode. Thanks!
Post Post-Truth
David is great, needs to stop slurping drinks during his podcast
Love D Locke, however, the slurping of drinks in the microphone is gross
David knows what numbers really matter
I’ve been listening to David through his radio days in the 90’s, through the years in Seattle, and is great announcing and great insight on the Jazz and the NBA. I am still in Washington but never miss any Locked on Jazz podcast. His analysis of all the numbers available these days for the NBA is phenomenal and I am giddy with excitement for the Jazz this year. Still waiting for the NBA to return to Seattle so I can see a couple more live Jazz games. Keep it up!
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Great podcast, poor production quality
I enjoy David Locke’s point of view. The audio is mostly panned to the left side and is often very quiet compared to other media. Sometimes I cannot finish an episode because the poor audio is such a distraction. Fix this!
Love it!!!
Thanks David! I grew up listening to Hot Rod and I get the same feelings listening to your call that I got as a ten year old kid listening to the 1997 finals.
Mack Taft
Thanks for all of the thoughts on the Jazz it has really helped me understand them better
Mack Taft
Thank you David for your awesome geeky numbers!
Perfect for commutes
If you’re a jazz fan this podcast is 100% for you. I have to take the front runner to school everyday and I often get tired of listening to my music everyday so this podcast has been perfect for me. David really knows basketball and goes in depth about nearly everything he talks about. He spends a lot of time with the team so he knows what he’s talking about. It makes watching the jazz more enjoyable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who can’t get enough of the jazz!
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Carson Hilton
Everything Jazz
David’s analytics are fantastic. I look forward to the geeky numbers every day. Never miss an episode.
Too many ads
I think this would be a great podcast but I can’t ignore the fact that the amount of ads for the content in this pod makes it come across as a shameless cash grab. Despite some good insights from John, he seems more interested in making money than a quality podcast.
Thank you David
Ran into David at Cubby’s in Draper today, he was super friendly. (Sorry to interrupt your lunch, I was a little star struck and had to say hi) After our meeting, I realized I need to finally post a review. I rarely miss an episode of Locked On Jazz as I drive for work each day. I want to say thank you again David for your hard work and preparation each game and for all the great content you produce all year round. Don’t tell Boler but sometimes I turn down the volume on the television and turn on the radio because I love hearing your thoughts and analysis. Thank you! Let Boone talk more on play-by-play. Mudslides are the bomb! You’re a big part of the reason Jazz fans are the best in the league, keep it up!
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Crom 80x
Sound is too quiet but good content
Locke - love the podcast! Daily listener and subscriber to other locked on podcasts. However... any chance you can fix the audio? We have to have it almost full blast to hear you... then a commercial hits and we are deaf after it makes us jump with how loud the commercial is. Other than that, great!!
Take Note
Great podcast that keeps me going through my workday. Go Jazz!
Locke has pod-ability!
If your goal is to learn more about basketball, learn to appreciate all that goes into the game, and enjoy insights you can’t get anywhere else this is it! David’s enthusiasm and passion for the game is so contagious my 14 year old daughter has started to listen and now we have basketball discussions all the time. That alone is enough for me to recommend the Locked on Jazz and the entire Locked on NBA coverage. Thanks Me Locke, it’s amazing. Go Jazz!
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LOJ made me an NBA fan...
I followed Donovan from Louisville to the Jazz. I was an avid NCAA fan (Go Cards!) and didn’t really follow the NBA game. Now, the NCAA is almost unwatchable! David has literally helped this 35 year college only fan turn into a nightly NBA viewer. Love the Jazz, the NBA and this podcast!! Thanks for breaking down the details of the NBA game!
Love Locked on Jazz
I really appreciate the thought David puts into producing this podcast. I listen everyday to keep up with the team. Thanks David for all the work you do.
Makes it more enjoyable to be a Jazz fan
I love driving around and listening to the great insight and analysis David provides. I'm just 21 years old and plan to listen to this podcast for years to come!
Can I give 6/5 stars?
As a life long Jazz fan who moved to Texas three years ago, this has been the best place for me to feel connected to the team we all love. I look forward to my commutes from work now! I hope I can one day try the mudslide cookie...is it really that good? Go Jazz and let’s bring home a championship! Thanks Locke for your passion, you fuel mine too! (Also thanks for buying the new mic, and more interviews with Boller would be cool!!)
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Have some hype for dessert!
Locke's podcasts were an entertaining hype-rich bridge between the 2018 and 2019 seasons...before the crushing reality of tha Jazz having too many defensive liabilities fully curbs all optimism.
Helps me connect in Texas
Lived in Utah for the first 12 years of my life and been a jazz fan my whole life. David Locke puts on an incredible show that allows me to feel more connected to the jazz family. Keep the numbers coming.
Locke is a lock
This guy has analytical abilities others dream about. Thanks for the incredible analysis! THE place to listen for true Jazz fans.
Nerdy Stats Show 100%
Love the stats and in-depth dive David does on this show! I have become a huge Jazz fan since moving here and am loving all that I can get about them! So pumped for this upcoming year and getting a chance to watch and listen to David on here and on the radio! His enthusiasm is contagious and I appreciate his willingness to temper expectations or to just acknowledge something that he thinks is wrong with the team and help us feel like we are a part of the team! Keep it rolling David!
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I love the passion and information that you give. Keep it up
Great Podcast
I love listening to this podcast. Very insightful and always backs up his points with numbers. Great work!
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