Locked On Jazz - Daily Podcast On The Utah Jazz
Locked On Jazz - Daily Podcast On The Utah Jazz
Locked On Podcast Network, David Locke
LOCKED ON JAZZ - Sit down with Ed Davis and Summer interview with Andy Larsen on shooting and clutch play
40 minutes Posted Jul 31, 2019 at 8:37 am.
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Show notes

David Locke's summer interview series continues with Salt Lake Tribunes Andy Larsen.  Today they touch on the Jazz new and improved shooting and the big question is did the Jazz get open looks because teams let them or because of Quin's offense.  The two geek out on the numbers to find out how much the shooting could improve.   Then they dig into the Jazz late game issues and how much will Mike Conley help the Jazz clutch performance.

Before all of that David Locke sits down with Ed Davis to talk about his career path, his first DNP, how he uses analytics to offensive rebound and why he is a member of the Utah Jazz. 

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