Locked On Hornets - Daily Podcast On The Charlotte Hornets
Locked On Hornets - Daily Podcast On The Charlotte Hornets
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Great Content
Just original, simple, entertaining content.
Probably the best Hornets podcast
Good rapport between the hosts. Good commentary with plenty of praise and criticism where appropriate. I appreciate how they talk honestly about Kenny Atkinson and Miles Bridges situations during what has been a really rough offseason.
Love the nicknames and back story depth about players personalities as well as fit for the team. Great basketball knowledge and terminology. Fresh Wes Wednesday’s and any guest appearance! (I.e. David Walker & Nata)
Locked on Hornets
These guys are locked in on the Hornets. I genuinely appreciate the content, as they are spot on expressing what is Hornet fans are thinking. Now can Mitch trade for a 5 already! You guys are awesome.
Joy Haser
Guys that host this show are awesome. Charismatic dudes that know what they’re talking about, funny as heck, while still being critical of the team. Check ‘em out
cmoney stingz
Great content, daily commute listen
I just recently moved to Charlotte and being new to the area and loving the hornets it’s nice to have this podcast to listen to daily to and from work. Listening to this show has made moving away from friends and family easier
Time waster
I have subscribed to this show on and off for a while and I can’t recommend it, except to one subset of people: Hornets fans desperate to hear any words about the Hornets. The two hosts both have their issues, one worse than the other. I know very little about them or their backgrounds so this is based strictly on the show. Nata is cool, but rides the fence too much. Most discussion points end with him saying something to the effect of “I worry about this, but I can see where they’re coming from, maybe it’ll be okay.” Don’t hurt your neck sticking it out that far! Walker has a silky radio voice, but his input basically vacillates from wrong to unsupported opinions. “The east is so strong” he said this week. The east has been the obviously weaker conference since the 98 Bulls were dismantled. There are 3 good teams and the rest might lose a series to the 7-10 seeds in the west. Also disagrees with a national writer about a player’s defense but cites no stats or anecdotes to explain why. If you are a Hornets fan there aren’t a lot of places to hear people talk about your team, especially in the offseason. If you must have some, there are worse ways to spend a commute or something. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but the most desperate fans.
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Not very good.
I just want basketball content but Nata thinks he is some type social justice warrior. Like my guy we get you think everyone is racist but let’s talk some hornets basketball. Tbh they both aren’t very good.
Too many ads, too many agains, too many race remarks
I have listened to this podcast for a few years now- and since Doug left I feel like it has gone down a notch in quality. Ads/bumps take up a third of the show, Nada can’t stop saying the word “again” (please take a public speaking class) and every other show it seems to come up about race somehow. I’ll have to start looking elsewhere for hornets content.
Do you guys even like LaMelo?
I feel like You guys begrudgingly talk about LaMelo.. like let’s do obligatory LaMelo mention and talk about anything and everything else … like the locked on Mavs guys have become Locked on Slovenia and its almost gross how much they talk about Luka (I only say that cause I’m a KP fan) but I get it … Luka is amazing he should be talked about every chance they get … LaMelo is amazing too .. Can we please get more LaMelo content? Like his shoes , is he changing his number , his workouts, is he gaining weight, his haircut… lol idc just more LaMelo please please please … Dont put yourselves in players haters ball 🤷🏾‍♂️
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Enjoyable but...
Great content but too many ads
Gamecock Fan 1
Lamelo haters
Never an overreaction
It’s balanced and measured Hornets talk, thank you!
100 Linden
Great Podcast
Walker does a great job driving the show and Doug brings plenty of personality. Smart takes and entertaining overall
Quite great
Definitely worth the listen
Hornets news and analysis done right (and fun!)
They give you the stats, the news but they also have fun. It’s sports not school. Great job.
Generally have enjoyed the podcast over the past couple of years. David, Doug and now Walker all seem to work well together. Not as sure about other guest hosts.
Great pod!
Go Hornets!
Usually a good podcast
Podcast is usually good i hate how they have started to intertwine all the ad plugs lately though. I would rather them have a commercial segment.
Too much rambling.
Must listen for the die hard Hornets Fan
Great pod, period. Daily listen for me.
Really dig this podcast
These guys know their hornets and know their basketball. I support on Patreon which is not something I’d normally do. Thanks guys and keep up the good work
Dougaholics Unite!
SteveBob heads and Davimaniacs too. Hornets stuff. They talk to Steve Martin and other people.
Let down...
I have been a sports writer for ten years and one of my Editor friends got me into podcasts just recently. The high reviews of this podcast gave me hope but soon revealed just a bunch of fans and amateurs. Fans will listen to anything, even if it lacks credibility, unfortunately. I wish this guy would quit trying so hard, it seems fake and the format is weird. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE GOOD CHARLOTTE PODCASTS???
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Harcore & Casual Fans Welcomed
This is a fantastic avenue to hear about your favorite team & these guys are real professional about the pod. They are light and very informative, opinionated. Everything you could want, you get, here. Thanks, guys
Niccoveli The Poet
Why is Doug afraid of Malik Monk?
Is it because Dwight Howard is shooting three pointers? Is it because Doug is a lifelong Hornet fan and he's accustomed to sadness and depression? That's how you know he's the real deal. Only us lifers know the true pain of a Charlotte NBA fan.
A. S. Chin
Long Time Fan
I have been listening to David and Doug talk about the Hornets for a few seasons now. As most Hornets fans know, sports media does not often turn its attention to our team. That makes this show even more important to hardcore fans like myself. I once had the pleasure of being on the show during a live broadcast at Fitzgerald's here in Charlotte. I still brag to my friends to this day about it. I really can't say enough about this podcast. It remains my main source for Hornets news. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys great Hornets coverage. Keep up the good work guys.
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Tinderized user
Best sports podcast out there!
Must listen
Sam Caucci
Great dive, every day!
Nice and refreshing to hear home grown takes and deep analysis not only of the hornets, but basketball AND BEYOND! Truly worth the listen, you won't be disappointed. Take that for data.
Great Show
This podcast is extremely well produced and has interesting and entertaining content. Highly recommended for Hornets fans. Every guest on the show has been entertaining and insightful (keep them coming). I listened to a few other Locked On team podcasts and I was amazed at the difference. Some of the others are quite bad in sound quality and content. Locked On Hornets must be using professional equipment because it always sounds great. My only complaint is that David sounds like he is calling in on a 1980's cell phone.
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Good listen, great format
Doug, David, and their guests do a nice job analyzing the Hornets and don't get into total homer fan mode like a lot of NBA new media does. It's a format that gets right to the point and doesn't drag episodes out with empty conversations just to fill an hour. It's a good podcast and hope they continue to build a solid following.
Great work
Discovered this a few months ago. Great to listen to during my NYC Subway commute.
A+ Hornets Pod!
Best podcast out there for Hornets fans. Doug and David both know basketball very well. Doug especially understands the nuances of offenses like pin down screens and hedging and such that many basketball guys don't understand. Highly recommended.
A star in the making
Doug Branson is a future star in the NBA podcast world.
Podcast dedicated the Hornets!!!
Love the podcast guys, keep up the good work! I'm a Hornets fan from Alaska. I get my Buzz City fix through these guys, and Steve Martin on game days on the radio through the Hornets app. They even had that Lee Ellis (goofy Australian guy from The Starters) on as a guest the other day. If you're a Hornets fan, this is THE podcast to subscribe! 5 stars all day!
Lots of fun and super informative.
The hosts are great and really know how to run a show. I like the even keeled and realistic approach they bring to the Hornets. Keep up the great work.
The best of the 30!
I listen to 27 of the 30 locked on nba network team podcasts daily, + fantasy with J-Lo. Doug and David are the best out of all of them. These guys are professionals in every sense of the word .
F-ing Great
This podcast is straight cash homie. Great details on the Hornets with stats for proof. Dave and Doug are pretty hilarious (If you aren't sure, just ask them), and they don't mind disagreeing with each other. I feel invested in the Hornets even when it isn't game day after listening to this. Highly recommended if your a fan of basketball, Hornets, or clever segment names. Question: What's the best nickname you have for Clifford? The Big Red Bald?
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Nick Belcher
Great podcat
Best podcast out there
Best Hornets Info. Period
I've been a Hornets fan since 1988 (minus those other years we will not talk about). I started listening to Doug and Dave about a year ago, and now don't know if I can imagine a workday without them. The insight and analysis is top notch. They have put in a lot of effort on overall production value, which makes for an even better listener experience. I appreciate the work, keep it up.
Outstanding coverage
I would advise this podcast to any CLT fan. Enjoy!!
Great work!!
Doug and Dave not only keep the show interesting but they also have excellent insight into the team's dynamic and performance. Two local guys who have been fans since the NBA first came to Charlotte. A must listen!!
I wanted to like this podcast because I have been looking for one on the Hornets but man, it's really bad. It's a daily 20 minute podcast which is just an awful format. Some days after games or big news it needs to be much longer and more in depth and other days with nothing going on there is no need for a podcast at all. The first five minutes of the pod are just plugging the other Locked On podcasts and talking about how great the whole company is. Then the analysis comes and its just disappointing and weak. It comes off more as a talk show where they just want to fill their daily airtime and not a discussion like podcasts have become so revered for.
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Go Hornets, thanks guys
5 Star Hornets Talk
Great for any Charlotte hoops fan!
This podcast is everything.
Different name, same great show.
For love of the Hornets
You can hear that Doug and David have a real love for not only the Hornets and the game of basketball but also the art of podcasting!
Buzz Buzz!
Keep up the great work guys. Always well prepared and presented. Love to hear about my Uconn boys Kemba and J Lamb. ...Would be great to hear about off season training regimens.
Tucka' g
Great show!
Really enjoy their work. Very informed and rational in their discussion.
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