Locked On Giants - Daily Podcast On The New York Giants
Locked On Giants - Daily Podcast On The New York Giants
Locked On Podcast Network, Patricia Traina
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Love the show
Pat has been around a long time and knows her stuff . She is a great host with awesome insight and true dedication to the fans . Months later this review still stands . I love Patti
Great giant insight!!
Pat is a consummate professional who brings keen insight about the Giants. Love listening to her every morning. I trust her and she does it the right way.
Overall review
Enjoy listening to Patricia and her guests regarding the NY Giants. She brings a unique perspective to the podcast. There are no agendas to her reporting. Just the facts ma’am! Her opinions are well thought out and calls them as she see them. Keep up the great work Patty!
My Daily Go To Podcast
For the most reliable information about the New York Football Giants, this is the Podcast to listen to. Patricia brings many years of covering Big Blue and so much knowledge and inside info to every broadcast. I must say that I have learned so much about the game itself by following this Podcast every day. 💙❤️
Clown show
This Patricia might be the worst writer covering the Giants. She has fans on podcast that makes fools of themselves. She waits to what beat writers say and then acts like it’s hers. Podcast is boring with no content and she’s been covering for how long? She still doesn’t know the game. Give it up will you!
Giants Blue
Mid at best
Falcons Fan Jones11
You continue to have “guests” on with no real football experience or knowledge. You allow them to make ridiculously dumb statements and you don’t even challenge them. You don’t say anything. Gene Clemons can come on and make indisputably incorrect statements about Andrew Thomas (called him the worst tackle in his draft and said he should move to guard), Blake Martinez (said cutting him hurt the giants run defense when he was bad and almost immediately cut by Raiders as well) and James Bradberry. The show is unlistenable when you have on people like Clemons and David Turner.
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I just really love the giants and this podcast has so much knowledge on my favorite players and favorite team. And I know you care about Damar Hamlin but his name isn’t hamil.
Stopped listening to this podcast…nothing there
Not hearing any “inside” information from a Patti. Maybe it is due to overall limited access to players, staff, and front office. A lot of “hey this is my opinion “ lately. A lot of “feelings” but not a lot of facts or information. Basically it is like listening to a co worker spout off at work. No idea about her special guest hosts The Entertainer and Dog???!!!! What is that all about.
nyc commuter 500
Not Good
Knows the giant stats but lacks street smartsNow there at least 5 competitors a lot better. Disorganized makes a lot of mistakes don’t waste ur time. Gave her 3 months before unsubscribing sad because she works hard her voice like listening to a chalk on a chalk board
Excellent podcast ! Locked on NYG 5 stars We’re back Trina, Tanish and the Dog. The NY Giants running game as by Saquon Barkleu , ran all over the NFL ‘s worst run defense, Houston in 24-15 win at Metlife . The Giants improved to 7-2 on the season.
eruc solomita
Omg I love this podcast four once I enjoy a podcast.
jj wweerxfc
Please tell David Turner stop calling Barkley “Shaq”🙏🏼. Otherwise great stuff Patty!
Fresh Air
Great to hear Pat as a new voice (to me) on the Giants beat. Especially with people like Valentine as a big voice on the beat perpetuating the whiny old Giants fan stereotype keeping so many fans away from the beat. Good stuff especially considering the expectation of a pod a day!
Excellent show
Always engaging, informative and a great listen. Love her cap knowledge.
Hard to Listen to at Times
Sometimes offers good insight. But Yikes on the player evaluation and film breakdown. Sometimes it’s a difficult listen.
G-Men Go!
Inaccurate Facts
Mark Glowinski signed a 3 year deal not a 2 year. He isn’t a stop gap option.
Louisiana Giants Fan
Great Show!
Outstanding show with David Turner and hearing his insider perspective on what’s wrong and right with the Giants. Really interesting!
Likable, easy to listen to, not much depth
Patty is a real sweetheart who is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the Giants. I really enjoy listening to her podcast. I am usually critical about other podcasts about being too negative and too hard on the team. Patty is pretty much the opposite I wish she was a little bit more critical and harder on the team. But that’s not who she is and I appreciate her for who she is.
50 Years a Giant Fan
Great podcast!
Love this podcast. Best NYG podcast out there. Patty does a great job analyzing the team, warts and all. Can’t wait to listen when the team is actually good.
mikefish flushing
One Stop Spot for Everything Giants
Patricia is a veteran reporter that knows the ins and outs of football.
instagram: willthechill_
Thank you for giving us great NYG content. From your Twitter to your podcast
Great for all things NYG
Followed Pat from her time on bigblueview. Haven’t listened long but really enjoy it. Pat, please get the episode catalogue organized. The episodes are all out of order with some “unknown season” from 2016 or something. Makes it an inconvenience just to find the latest episodes that are relevant today. Keep up the great work!
Terrible Podcast Voice
Sounds congested literally every podcast and it’s paining my ears every time I listen. Also, her insight is not good either. Doesn’t know anything about the prospects she talks about and there’s just too many ads/breaks. Takes a break literally every 3 minutes and then douses us with ads for 2 minutes.
Outstanding Giants coverage
Pat is one of the most football savvy writers on the Giants beat and her guests are first rate
Big Blue Huddle
Amazing but....
Patricia is incredible and the content is as well. Seriously I have no qualms with anything other than the fact it’s about 15 minutes of content and 30 minutes of ads. It’s quite obnoxious.
Debbie downer again
Always let’s start with the negative and hope for the best.
Pat Freiermuth
Jeez PT, enough with the Pat Freiermuth love. Taking a mildly athletic tight end in the second round isn’t a good use of resources if you’re looking for immediate impact players. Giants have Engram and Rudolph. They shouldn’t be drafting any tight end unless Pitts falls to them (he won’t)
Jon, stable genius
Budget 👑
Patricia is one of the Top 10 beat writers that cover the New York Giants. She is one of the few media members that get to personally interview Giants staff & players throughout the offseason and regular season. Always quality questions.
Fast Golliday reaction.
Fast Golliday reaction, by Patricia, before other pods.
No depth from Traina - always toots the company horn
If you worship Eli, Coughlin and DG, you may enjoy this podcast as Traina always toots the company horn. If you want in-depth coverage, you’ll have to look for that elsewhere as her football understanding is limited at best - you won’t hear her talk Xs and Os. Listen to Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pfulm on SB Nation or Dan Schneider on Big Blue chat for much more in depth coverage.
Love Patricia
Great show, daily listener, not usually a huge throwback guy, but diving back into Giants history with her is always a pleasure. She’s great all season long covering all the bases.
Love the content and dedication!
Good pod
Patty does a good job on these. Really enjoy it
Great work Patricia! Keep giving on this great content!
Melly Dope
Great commentary, audio not great
Great for keeping up on the Giants and learning more about the game. However, the audio quality could be improved with a better microphone. I listen to Locked On Bills also and you can tell the difference in quality the microphone makes.
Joe Judge and the missing quarterback
I’m with you on Joe. Now we just need a QB worthy of the coach!
Saquon Barkley listens
If Saquon Barkley listens to this podcast, you should do. Love Patricia’s insight into what’s going on with the G-Men!
Cody Roark
Love this show
Listen almost everyday and love this podcast
Nice pod
Love u Pat but can we just calm down a bit on this joe judge love affair? He sounds great but can we win some games first ?
Ty !!
Thank you for what you do! I absolutely love it! I recently became a Giant season ticket holder (section 126) and now I feel I OFFICIALLY became part of the family. LOVE JAMES YARCHO from the Bucs! Have him on more @popculturehour on Twitter
Johnny Grasso
Good podcast Suggestion - do something about the format layout. When you search for new content, 2018 podcasts appear first and you have to scroll to find the latest podcast.
Rising Alpha
Good analysis = proper research
You lost quite a bit of credibility when your guest comp’d the potential development/path of Matt Peart to the development/path of La’el Collins🤦‍♂️ There’s only one reason why La’el Collins wasn’t drafted top 15 and effectively went undrafted. New writers- don’t just look at an our lads depth chart, dig a bit deeper.
<3 football <3
Ima keep listening
Okay, so I am a huge Giants fan and I love this podcast. It’s honestly just amazing. They talk about all sorts of stuff that is amazing to think about. I just think it needs another host. Pat is good, and she knows her Giants, but her voice is annoying. But overall I like it. Ima keep listining
radical ?
Great show.
Very insightful and great guest. Always part of my day.
Kudos Baat
Solid Content
Patty really cares about her job, and provides meaningful content. She chooses a litany of helpful and insightful guests. She’s very direct with her points and doesn’t speculate outlandishly or get caught up in hyperbole, like most sports analysts and hosts do. I think she does a very good job.
Great Podcast
Her voice is just fine. Weird criticism
New Host
I only listen to episodes that feature a guest at this point. The host has a tough voice to listen to. I enjoy the constant content but would prefer someone else running the podcast.
real hellis
Always professional always interesting
I look forward to the podcast everyday. Even in places where I don’t agree, Patty does a good job of explaining her point of view.
Liking Pat very, very much! Keep up the good work, looking forward to the in season episodes!
Patricia McS
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