LNM Radio Network
LNM Radio Network
LNM Radio Network
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One of the Worst!
This is one of the worst paranormal shows out there.
Web bot curiosity brought me to this program, after one episode I've become a loyal listener. I used to listen to Alex Jones, but his show in no way compares to the one. They truly cover everything without a personal agenda!
A very enlightening show
Michael Vera does a great job of having many engaging guests on his show who all come from varied backgrounds and disciplines. It's almost more fun to look online and see what interesting topic and guest will be up next than it is to actually tune in and soak up some very enlightening knowledge. Eye opening, educational, enlightening I can't say enough good words that start with E about LNM.
Very good host and very good topics!
Great show with great topics. One of the best!
Great show!
I enjoyed when he had Ed Chiarini on his show look forward to more great shows!