Living Skin by Dermalogica
Living Skin by Dermalogica
As professional skin care experts for over 30 years, Dermalogica's #1 focus is on empowering people to achieve their healthiest skin ever. Education is at the heart of everything we do, so our podcast brings advice from top skin health experts directly to you. Join us as we discuss skin technologies and business strategies to help you get real results in and out of the treatment room.
George Gougoulis, Therapist Thursday: Clients and Connections
When professional products meet the power of touch from a skin therapist’s hands we know magic happens. In this episode we continue with our Therapist Thursday series featuring Director and Skin Therapist, George Gougoulis from Melbourne, Australia. George, or GG as he is often referred to, is known as The Facial Maestro which is also the name of his business. George shares with us how by using the power of connection and excellent customer service he has maintained his business during the pandemic. We dive into his unique experiences of working before and after lockdown and how change has been his greatest teacher. George also gets very real and honest about his passionate work ethic and how retail is a must in order to get results. He also shares his best advice on raising yourself up, upskilling during down time and creating long lasting client committed relationships.
Nov 26
39 min
Jesse Antin, Greater Good Science Center: Creating Meaningful Connections
Have you ever had a client arrive for their appointment and immediately start sharing about their lives, their experiences, and their concerns? In this special episode, we are joined by Jesse Antin, Development Director at the Greater Good Science Center. Jesse shares with us how to use interpersonal strategies to understand this experience and how to strengthen your emotional intelligence so you can support every client. We discuss key principles of empathy, compassion, and active listening and how a daily dose of gratitude helps you physically, mentally and emotionally. Addressing the inherent need for human touch is in Dermalogica’s DNA and has served as the inspiration for our online Meaningful Connections Certification course.  Resources for this course come from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California Berkley. The online course provides helpful tools and expert techniques to navigate emotional moments with our 8 guiding principles for counseling clients –so you can give more empathy, gratitude, and compassion to others and to yourself. Learn more here-Meaningful Connections
Nov 17
36 min
Dr. Angela Murphy & Louis Chabert: BioLumin C Pro Serum
Attention professional Skin Therapists! A new professional product has joined the Dermalogica PRO family –BioLumin C Pro Serum!  This episode first features Dr. Angela Murphy, VP Research, Development and Global Education who shares all the behind the bottle science of this professional only formula. She dishes out the details on it’s amazing Vitamin C technology and why it’s a must have in your treatment room. Next, Louis Chabert, Sr. Director Service Innovation takes us through the result-driven ProBright skin treatment. This dual podcast is an exciting and informative combination of how science meets service that you don’t want to miss!
Oct 26
19 min
Lesley Corridan, Skin Expert Series: The Power of Pro Masques
Step into the treatment room with us in this episode where we uncover the power of professional masques! Join Lesley Corridan, Education Manager for Dermalogica UK and Ireland, as she shares the importance of the using professional grade masques in a service. With her highly acclaimed knowledge of skin care, Lesley dives into ingredients and highlights how Dermalogica professional masques can help you elevate your treatments. She gives us her expert pro tips on application and more with the Cooling Contour Masque and Purifying Masque Exfoliant –both powerhouses in the DermalogicaPRO line up. This podcast will have you ready to take your masques and your business to the next level of customization for every client. About Lesley: As an Education Manager for Dermalogica UK and Ireland, Lesley Corridan shares her highly advanced therapy skills and twenty years’ industry experience in a fast-paced training environment. Lesley oversees implementation of education to Dermalogica trade accounts, Dermalogica Flagship and Retail stores, Educator staff and brand immersion training for all Dermalogica employees.
Sep 7
42 min
Dr. Angela Murphy, Science & Skin Technology: Hydro Masque Exfoliant
Raise your hand if you love new products that are multi-functional and deliver results! This episode has us so excited about exfoliation and hydration –all which are packed into the newest Dermalogica product Hydro Masque Exfoliant. Dr. Angela Murphy, VP of Research and Development, is back to discuss the science on this amazing innovation. Hydro Masque Exfoliant is a 5 minute masque that functions by hydrating and exfoliating to smooth and renew the skin. Dr. Angela shares impressive insights into clinical studies, details on the active ingredients and how this formula brings about luminous, healthy looking skin. Learn more about Hydro Masque Exfoliant on our widget Feel the Spheres!
Aug 24
10 min
David Suzuki, Industry Expert Series: Devices by Design
Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and this includes devices and modalities in the skin care industry. In this episode we are joined by David Suzuki, President of Bio-Therapeutic where we discuss the science behind professional skin care technology. David shares his expertise around requirements and certifications like CE, 510k, ISO and what you really should know about your equipment supplier. Confused about what to choose? We also cover what is legit vs a trend in the market and why training, education and customer service are at the top of the list for must-haves. He also provides a valuable checklist to boost your knowledge on choosing the right device for your business including efficacy, clinical results and intended use statements. This podcast will leave you inspired and empowered to bring technology to your professional services! About David Suzuki: As President of the Bio-Therapeutic, David has been an active and licensed member of the medical and esthetic industry for over 29 years. He is a leading authority and expert on medical and esthetic device manufacturing and regulatory issues including FDA and ISO 13485.
Aug 10
39 min
Erin Nichols-Barnhill: Therapist Thursdays
In this episode of Therapist Thursdays we sit down with the amazing Erin Nichols-Barnhill, skin therapist, owner and master instructor. From corporate therapist to entrepreneur, Erin shares her journey and experiences on building a foundation for a successful career. She shares how even during challenges you can find new and sometimes unexpected opportunities that bring out your true strength. This podcast is filled with Erin’s positive words of inspiration, passion, perseverance and motivation – exactly what we all need during these uncertain times.   About Erin: Erin earned her Master Esthetics license in 2004 and has worked for several types of businesses throughout her career from a Medical Spa to a 5 star Day Spa. Erin was also an esthetic educator for the largest beauty retailer in the United States. She is now a licensed Master Esthetics Instructor at her local esthetics institute Chrysm Institute of Esthetics and she is the owner of Skin Theory by Erin located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Erin is also a Dermalogica Expert and was chosen to be a Dermalogica Brand Ambassador in 2019. She attributes her passion for her career to those who helped guide her and believed in her mission to help build others in the industry she loves.
Aug 6
50 min
Dr. Angela Murphy, Science & Skin Technology: Retinol Clearing Oil
In this episode we are excited to welcome back to the podcast Dr. Angela Murphy talking all about our newest addition to the Active Clearing Line --Retinol Clearing Oil.   Dr. Angela shares with us the science behind this high performance formula along with its key actives designed to address both the breakouts themselves and the signs of aging associated with having and treating breakouts.  Join us to learn more about  this new powerhouse formula and discover how it can deliver clearer, more vibrant skin overnight.   Check it out here at Why My Breakout
Aug 3
11 min
Jane Wurwand: Part 3 Living, Learning and Leaning into Business-Discovering the New Next in the Skin Care Industry
Episode 50 Part 3 Leaning: This final episode in our 3 part series is all about how are we leaning into the future. We see new work patterns have evolved, clients’ needs have changed, expectations and customer service are at new high. Are you ready to embrace change? Jane Wurwand, Founder and Chief Visionary of Dermalogica, is back for another amazing podcast to share her best advice on how you can redefine what it means to have a new level of human connection in life and in your work. We discuss how to counter balance the shift and know when to “lean-in” and when to “lean-out”.  Jane also shares her thoughts on being an expert, having empathy and creating excellence in your business. Clean Touch Certified Course!
Jul 20
21 min
Jane Wurwand: Part 2 Living, Learning and Leaning into Business-Discovering the New Next in the Skin Care Industry
Episode 49 Part 2 Learning: In part 2 we step into Learning as we move forward and head back to business. How are we taking what we’ve learned during these times and making our business better than ever? Jane Wurwand, Founder and Chief Visionary of Dermalogica, joins us again to discuss new skills, the world of virtual appointments and how to find your flow. We tap into the treatment and explore ways we can bring our elevated expertise to our clients. She shares with us three key points that we will need to learn around timing, pricing and distance with your services. This is yet another podcast that will leave you inspired and ready take your business to the next level. Clean Touch Certified Here!
Jul 13
29 min
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