Living In Carver County Minnesota
Living In Carver County Minnesota
Greg Anderson
An insider's guide to the people and places that make Carver County Minnesota a fantastic place to live and work and raise a family. We visit with dedicated people who through their jobs, volunteer actives or their businesses, make an important difference in our local communities. The cities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Victoria, Waconia, Cologne, Norwwood Young America, Mayer, Watertown, New Germany and Hamburg as well as in the townships area are places we will be featuring and we'll be talking to behind the scenes people who are stepping up, doing their best every day to make things better.
Bob Roepke- Community outlook and some serious gratitude for responders
Back for another visit is long time Chaska community advocate Bob Roepke to discuss happenings in Chaska and broader Carver County Minnesota. Bob has a great deal to be thankful for and we discuss that in detail and as always, Bob drops a ton of wisdom for anyone wanting to make a difference in their community. We also talk about some important changes happening downtown Chaska with Cooper's Grocery store and Bob graciously acknowledges the decades of contribution the Coopers have made to Chaska and Carver County. Please enjoy this conversation with one of my very favorite people! --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 16
1 hr 3 min
Welcome to Season 6! So what are we trying to do here anyway? Also, where have we been???
Thank you for your interest in Living In Carver County Minnesota and our hyper-local podcast. What started as a bit of a lark is now in season 6 and we've been humbled by your feedback and inspired by your feedback and guest recommendations. Our lofty objectives are to educate listeners about local events, happenings and introduce them to the people who make them happen. We try to do that in an informal and hopefully entertaining way, we are not "60 Minutes" so we don't try and trip people up to make them look bad, but we do try and go beyond a Facebook Meme or a bumper sticker and ask the questions you would ask if you were sitting down for coffee. Lastly, we hope to inspire you to get engaged and maybe even involved in Carver County organizations, activities and for you to make your difference. This season we have some wonderful guests who have already agreed to talk and of course we are always looking for interesting people, stories and causes, so please reach out to me with YOUR ideas. Greg :-) --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 12
13 min
Grecia Lozano, Latino Voices is making a difference locally with people from around the world
Grecia is the Executive Director of Latino Voices, an organization formed in 2019 with a mission to connect and inform the Latino Community in Carver County with resources, news, events, and activities that will improve their livelihoods and give them opportunities to thrive and succeed. Grecia and her team also help people in our local communities and organizations learn about the Hispanic Culture and are committed to recognize the contributions of Latinos to Carver County. VOICES= Voice, Organize, Inspire, Connect, Equip, Serve.   To find out more about Latino Voices, visit or reach out to- Email: Web: --- Send in a voice message:
Dec 13, 2022
47 min
Kris and Rachel Residence, owners of Red's Savoy Pizza along with Matt Udermann
The origin of this business is an incredible story of faith, grace and the impact of someone seeing the value in a person even when they are at their lowest. Kris's personal story is one of trauma, addiction, recovery and ultimately, paying it forward. Kris and Rachel have big goals to give people a chance to be seen, cared for and a chance to break away from a path of generational addiction and poverty. To find out how you can help, visit www. --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 15, 2022
38 min
Kaycee Stanley- Founder of The REEL HOPE Project talks about their group's efforts to help kids find their "Forever Family" and out of Foster Care
I just love this what this organization is doing to help kids who have been permanently removed from their birth parents by protective services and who are currently in Foster Care, waiting to find their "Forever Family". They do this by producing an individual video that showcases these kids with their personalities and interests out front and center.  These REELS are then shared on social media, with church groups and service organizations with the goal of helping make connections for the kids with would be adoptive families. Kaycee Stanley started THE REEL HOPE Project during her time working as a youth pastor in Elk River and now it is a thriving entity with over 300 kids featured.  She also speaks about the foster care system and the societal challenges posed by kids who become adults and don't have family as a life base.  The numbers she shared are staggering about people in the penial system, in abusive relationships and more about how they themselves can end up having kids entering the foster care system. These kids do not have what so many of us take for granted. You can find out more by visiting their web site at or on social @reel_hope --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 7, 2022
33 min
Carver County Commissioner District 1 Candidate Q&A with Gayle Degler & Lisa Anderson
"Elections matter" seems to be plastered all over the media these days.  The elections that have the most direct impact on the day to day lives of voters are arguably the local races such as city council, school board seats and county commissioners.  You get taxed, you get services.  In Eastern Carver County, one of the commissioner seats on this year's ballot is for District 1 between incumbent Gayle Degler and challenger Lisa Anderson.  Both graciously agreed to be on the podcast together in a Q & A format to discuss their respective visions and objectives for running.  We had some challenges with the recording as Gayle was heading to a funeral in South Dakota and did the interview from his car in a gas station parking lot so occasionally the audio falls off.  I appreciated both candidates patience and good nature muddling through and I had some editing help smoothing out the rough edges as best we could.   Please take some time and research the candidates for all the positions on this year's ballot.  Vision, leadership and courage are in short supply and without it, our elected officials will fail us.  Many large organizations continue to profit by sowing the seeds of discontent and we can no longer afford to simply be disengaged or uniformed about our communities.  The stakes are too high.  --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 31, 2022
49 min
Rich Wagner, President Dunwoody College of Technology- The value of an education in the trades
What Minnesota institution of higher learning has the highest ROI (return on investment) on tuition dollars spent relative to earning??? Dunwoody College of Technology has been turning out highly productive workers since 1914 and according to several metrics, has the best return on investment for your educational dollar.  President Rich Wagner talks about the innovations, initiatives and programs their students are having wild success in being a part of for their post high school training.  He also talks about the opportunities and the challenges in providing a robust, well-trained workforce in 2022 as well as touching on some of the things people say about learners that are unproductive. Rich is a smart, committed educator and innovator who has some very talented staff implementing programs to be inclusive of a changing population and Dunwoody is wanting the graduates to be reflective of the community. I invite you to listen to this fast-paced interview with someone committed to making productive graduates. --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 17, 2022
41 min
Bob Roepke- A conversation about community, leadership and the upcoming elections
Bob Roepke is a local legend for his extensive community involvement dating back to the early '80s.  Bob and I visit about the leadership qualities he likes to see in elected officials as we come into 2022 elections next month.  His life is an example of service to the community and he loves to talk about developing future leaders who can inspire while at the same time respecting others that have come before.  We talk about values as guiding principles that outlive election cycles and how important it is that a shared vision gets properly communicated.  I'm proud to call Bob a friend. --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 1, 2022
55 min
Jill Zieroth of the MDI (Minnesota Dairy Initiative) discusses the future of the family dairy farm
Jill Zieroth discusses the future of the family dairy farm in Minnesota.  The MDI comes along side the farmer with a full menu of support and expertise ranging from nutrition to planting cycles, veterinary care to financial management. If you care about where your food comes from regardless of political affiliatiation this is an important role so that these farms don't all end with some faceless corporations. If you come from a firm. Hopefully you will enjoy this sometimes wonky conversation with someone who is committed to keeping farming and the food pipine local. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 17, 2022
51 min
Do you love Llama's? Have we got a show for you! Amanda Bloomgren, founder of "Llama-Rama" talks about service and making a difference.
Amanda Bloomgren loves llamas and promises if you are nice to llamas, llamas will be nice to you. In addition to llamas, Amanda has a soft spot for supporting causes that build support networks for young adults in crisis. She's tying the two together at the Carver County Fairground on October 8th. Join Amanda at Llama Rama, a fall festival where you can not only walk a llama, have a drink, shop and enjoy other activities, but will help raise money for Launch Ministry, a local organization that supports homeless young adults in Carver County.  Be sure and check out  --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 12, 2022
26 min
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