Living Free in Tennessee - Nicole Sauce
Living Free in Tennessee - Nicole Sauce
Nicole Sauce
Helping you live the live you life you choose on your terms. Living Free in Tennessee chronicles how we build our homestead, develop independence, plan and manage time and grow and preserve food sustainably - from a woman's point of view.
Episode 367 - Life Plan Q & A
Today, we have a hybrid show both live on Youtube and recorded for the audio podcast. The last few Mondays, we have discussed the process of developing your life’s vision and purpose. Some folks have had questions as they dive in, so I will take these questions today.
Nov 23
35 min
Episode 366 - Build Your Personal Happiness with Dennis Alan
Today, I am joined by Dennis Alan to share his journey from rags to riches to off-grid living. He shares what it took for him to decide to take ownership of his life journey and build a life grounded in happiness.
Nov 20
1 hr 6 min
Episode 362: Getting Started with Crypto Currency
BTC is above 17k today. Great time to buy, right? Well maybe not, but it is a great time to get to know how to use cryptocurrency at a very basic level. So many people are confused about it that I thought I would do the 101 --- scratch that 00 level of using it.
Nov 18
48 min
Episode 364: Develop Personal/Family Vision
Today we are going to focus on making the rubber meet the road in our life strategic plan by developing a vision statement.
Nov 16
1 hr 5 min
Today we replay an episode 2019. This was before “all this mess” came to land. On this episode, I talk to you about what to do when your time isn’t yours. When you are in a job, relationship, volunteer organization or other situation where you have agreed to do a thing and it was a trap where people now depend upon you and you can’t get away. This happens to all of us from time to time and navigating gracefully back to a freedom mindset is the solution to this problem.
Nov 11
50 min
Today is repeat of a TOTW day where was have a shorter episode about just one random thought I have had. And Nashville is threatening to (and probably will) retroactively enforce a 33% property tax increase on its people. I am one of those people and it made me think of taxes, thuggery and the company store.
Nov 10
21 min
Episode 363: TOTW on Land Ownership
Today we have a thought of the walk on land ownership.
Nov 6
25 min
Episode 361: Ask Nicole (2)
Today is a show where you get to ask me questions and I will answer them. Find out my take on libertarian politics,  how to integrate a new goat on the homestead, rabbits, cheap website options, and more.
Nov 4
52 min
Episode 362: Move Forward Into 2021
Stop wasting time on an election and join me today on a journey. A weekly journey to create the life you want to live. Where the environment in which you find yourself is just that -- an environment, not your master -- you the slave. This will be a four part series, each Monday until we are done.
Nov 2
1 hr 3 min
Episode 360: Ask Nicole
Today is a show where you get to ask me questions and I will answer them. Find out where I get the closing songs for Monday’s show, why you should boil your pressure-canned foods before you eat them, how to integrate a new goat on the homestead and more.
Oct 30
47 min
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