Live Paranormal
Live Paranormal
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Great Conversations about the Paranormal
Love hearing the guests and hosts interact, diving into fun and interesting topics that you might not expect.
It’s a monologue- not an interview
I listened because they had Steve from The Deaf Files. He barely got to talk. These two talked about themselves nonstop. If that’s your style, don’t call it an interview.
Love this!
Love what they're doing! Interesting and fun :)
Uneven quality on this "network"
There is a lot of meandering babble on many of these shows. Some people load up their friends/ or other show hosts as "guests" with very little new or even interesting ideas on the paranormal. Often the shows plod along with the hosts lacking basic skills to keep the conversation going. They use quite a lot of flashy visuals in promoting themselves on Blogtalk, and on their home website. They seem to be trying to grab various audience niches with shows about vampires, demons, and evp talk. But a lot of these will put you to sleep. There is one show by Barry Taff that does hold my interest, and keeps me coming back. It's the only reason I gave it a 3 out of 5 rating. His has more substance than many of the shows combined, and he comes across very knowledgeable of psychic/ poltergeist studies.
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