Live From The Five Hole
Live From The Five Hole
Second City Hockey
Episode 8 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole
1 seconds Posted Sep 23, 2010 at 8:05 pm.
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Show notes
This one's been long overdue. We kept talking and talking about it since June 9th, but it hasn't materialized until tonight, and boy, what a deflating experience you're in for. We went guestless this go-around (unless you count my roommate milling about), and to say that things got off kilter would be a tremendous understatement. But it's pre-season for us too, so slag off!
Sorry baby, you know I didn't mean that. You're still the only ones for us. Anyway, as always, enjoy it via the link below, or via iTunes searching for Second City Hockey or Live From The Five Hole. Or at least give it the old college try at enjoying it.